The Center national de la danse comes from France to the Canal Theater with Caravane

Center National de la Danse

A cooperative project created by the CN D, arriving at Madrid taking, during the weekend, all areas of the Canal Theater with its heritage resources, artistic, educational and professional.

The program includes: shows, workshops, workshops for dancers, exhibitions, conferences and mediation activities with the public.

You can enjoy the shows Gustavia by Mathilde Monnier and La Ribot and The eye the mouth and the rest by Volmir Cordeiro.

Canal Theaters the Madrid show Caravan, a cooperation project imagined by the Center National de la Danse (CND) of France that can be enjoyed in the different spaces of the Theaters on the days 2, 3 Y 4 of March.

Caravan moves the CN D beyond its walls and travels both to spaces within its territory and to international enclaves. On this occasion he disembarks at the Teatros del Canal in Madrid, and makes available to all its different patrimonial resources, pedagogical, artistic and professional artists occupying all the spaces of the theaters, from rooms to lobbies, immersing ourselves for a few days in his creative universe.

The program includes: workshops para bailarines, screenings of the New Dance Cinematheque, shows, exhibitions, conferences, workshops for all audiences, meetings, specialized professional advice for dancers and dance companies, Presentation of your patrimonial mission, the media library digital and mediation activities with the public.

Volmir Cordeiro, Noah Soulier, Mathilde Monnier and LaRibot

The program also includes three great dance shows. The days 2 Y 3 you can enjoy The eye the mouth and the rest, a piece by Volmir Cordeiro for four dancers with which the artist invites us to look at the gaze. The day 4, Noé Soulier presented movement on movement y Mathilde Monnier & La Ribot take the stage with Gustavia, a show based on the universe of classic burlesque (Keaton, Chaplin, the marx brothers), but also on stage, performance and plastic arts.

Workshops for everyone: amateurs, professionals and children

Throughout the three days of Caravan different workshops will take place. On Friday, Matthieu Doze will give a workshop for amateurs in which he invites participants to work on the body through interaction. On Saturday and Sunday it will be the turn of the professionals who will be able to work directly with Noé Soulier, Volmir Cordeiro, Matthieu Doze, Mathilde Monnier and LaRibot. Children will also have their space on Sunday, with a mini-conference and a workshop given by Macela Santander Corvalán.

Unique exhibitions and round tables

Different exhibitions will take place in the spaces of the Teatros del Canal throughout the weekend. At the entrance of the Red Room the public will find the sample single document. From two observations, the overflow of images and the preciousness of the archive, CN D asked photographer Marc Domage to choose a photo from over 200.000 that make up the iconographic collections preserved in CN D. Visitors will be able to take away the memory of the image and narrative designed by the French artist and writer Jean-Yves Jouannais.

In that same space you will find the gallery of portraits with names like Alain Buffard, Mathilde Monnier, The Ribot, Noé Soulier and Volmir Cordeiro. The CN D Portrait Collection presents, in 30 minutes, a compilation of excerpts from performances and work processes of various choreographers with a special focus based on the richness of dance subjects.

Likewise, Saturday, Aymar Crosnier, CN Deputy Director General D and Rachel Spengler, deputy general secretary, They will make a round table entitled Timeline: from training to the retraining of the dancer.