Sundays Chamber Series at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Sunday Chamber

Fully dedicated this season to the music composed by women, he cycle ‘Chamber Sundays’ of the Teatro de la Zarzuela will put the golden closure this next Sunday 6 June at 12:00 with the recital ‘Make the americas’.

The reason for the title ‘Make the Americas’ is geographic, cultural, historical and even sentimental. Result of that important and magical back and forth flow that permeates everything on both sides of the Atlantic and that makes it grow on each shore before starting back. This Sunday's concert will be portrait of this endless tide that combines values ​​and tradition. Two of the composers are Ibero-American: Macarena Rosmanich, From Chile, Y Ana Lara, from Mexico, and another, Diana Pérez Custodio, Cadiz (Cádiz, crucial port on the route of the Americas). By last, as in the rest of the concerts of the cycle, the recital includes an absolute premiere by a student from the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, and in this case it will be Sofia Sainz with his work ´Yugen, for harp, cello and double bass.

The soloists of the Community of Madrid Orchestra (BARREL), Head of the Theater, who will participate in Sunday's concert will be Amaya barrachina (fiddle), Eva Martin (viola), Angel Garcia Jermann (cello), Luis Christmas (double bass) Y Ana Maria Reyes (barley).

This second edition of the ‘Chamber Sundays‘ cycle, that with this concert comes to an end, has meant an exciting journey through a unknown Spanish musical heritage. From the hand of soloists from ORCAM, each concert has highlighted the extraordinary value of Spanish composers of the 20th and 21st centuries as Maria Rodrigo, Maria Teresa Prieto, Pilar Jurado, Teresa Catalán, Mercedes Zavala, Zulema de la Cruz, Marisa Manchado, Rosa Alarcó O Diana Pérez Custodio among many others.

The cycle has welcomed four absolute premieres of students of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid: Amanda garrido, Miriam Sanz Ortega, Laura de las Heras and Sofia Sainz.