The keys of the season 22/23 the National Center for Dissemination of Music

The director general of the INAEM, Joan Francesc Marco, next to Francisco Lorenzo, director National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM), They presented this morning at a press conference season 22/23 This center, which will take place of the 16 September 2022 until the 8 July 2023. This new season returns full of enthusiasm and proposals of the highest level after the atypical past editions due to the pandemic. There will be a total of 243 other, of which 182 are concerts and 61 are educational activities. Likewise, they will recover 25 Spanish musical heritage works, that will see its premiere in modern times this season, and the commitment to contemporary creation is reinforced with the absolute premiere of 48 new works, 21 by order of the CNDM to distinguished authors; from them, more than half are songwriters. The program will take place in 25 Spanish cities and 2 foreign cities.
The CNDM resumes its return to normality with a renewed drive to serve society through its fundamental objectives: on the one hand, provide an official schedule, public, steady, diverse and quality National Music Auditorium, showcase of current trends and the most relevant national and international performers; Y, for the other, watch over the Recovery, dissemination and expansion of the rich and extensive Spanish musical heritage, and grant, Likewise, a privileged space contemporary creation, with a varied repertoire by the best performers, both inside and outside our borders.

This new season will be marked by the project sustainability. As Francisco Lorenzo pointed out, director general del CNDM: "We return to the long-awaited normality with renewed momentum after the titanic effort of the last editions marked by the pandemic. We are facing a season in which we want our institution to find the necessary balance between growth and sustainability”.

Starting from this goal, the new edition will focus on taking care of the most solid cycles of the CNDM and the most established co-productions, as well as those institutions and partners that have become fundamental pillars of the center over the years, with whom the same values ​​and vocation for public service are shared. The seasonal image that serves as a starting point is starred by the reflexive look at nature of the photographer and environmental activist Yann Arthus-Bertrand, that connects with the concept of sustainability.

National and international circuits

Total, this season will feature 130 public institutions and private entities, that have become throughout these years in columns of the CNDM. With them, will once again co-produce cycles and festivals that will transfer ancient music, baroque, contemporary and jazz to the whole of the Spanish territory and beyond our borders.

Between the national circuits, highlight the cycle Historical Music of Leon, dedicated to early music and the baroque and which celebrates its twentieth anniversary; the Schubertíada in Barcelona, who returns one more year, in co-production with the Palau de la Música Catalana and the Franz Schubert Association; old music in Betanzos; the annual appointment with the Spanish Music Festival of Cádiz; the International Music and Dance Festival of Granada; the Cycle of Contemporary Music of Malpartida de Cáceres, one of the most adventurous, that are celebrated every year, with international performers around the most experimental music in the unique Vostell Museum; cycles Oviedo Baroque Y Salamanca Barroca; the Conference on Contemporary Music Segovia; current music of Alicante, with the Superior Conservatory of Music, and Cycle of Current Music of Badajoz, together with the Badajoz Philharmonic Society; or the collaboration with the Palau de Les Arts de Valencia, for second consecutive Year, which will dedicate throughout the month of March a nod to the Spanish Baroque repertoire. In A Coruña, one of the most common collaborations between the CNDM and the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain (OCNE), which includes the co-order of Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by the resident composer Benet Casablancas and which will see its absolute premiere in the Madrid season of the OCNE.

With the aim of supporting the dissemination of cultured music with popular roots, like jazz, the CNDM continues with the impulse of Oviedo Jazz Y Salamanca Jazz, cycles that have already been consolidated and that will bring to both cities some of the most important proposals of Spanish jazz programmed in Madrid.

Another outstanding proposal is the Antique Music Festival of Ubeda and Baeza, that this year incorporates new languages ​​such as baroque dance or a rereading of the classics in a jazz key. Also noteworthy is the traditional collaboration with the Early Music Festival of Sevilla, that this year incorporates a production of great historical value: Master Pedro's altarpiece, Manuel de Falla, on the occasion of the hundred years of its premiere in that city.

Regarding the international presence, we resume the long-awaited collaboration with the prestigious London Baroque Music Festival, originally scheduled for May 2020 and postponed due to the pandemic. For a week our best specialists will show the British public the wealth, singularity Y quality from our repertoire. This co-production is part of the Europe project, co-produced with the Cervantes Institute, and has the collaboration of the Embassy of Spain in London Y Spanish Cultural Action, in the framework of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of its program PIZZA for the internationalization of Spanish culture. In May 2023, prestigious musicians and specialized ensembles will land at the festival. Is about Concerto 1700, Apotheosis together with one of his most faithful collaborators, soprano Lucia Caihuela, soprano Raquel Andueza in front of his ensemble the Galania, La Grande Chapelle, under the direction of Albert Recasens and the guitarist and vihuelist Jose Miguel Moreno.

Likewise, the international program repeats the collaboration for the eighth year with the Portuguese town of Elvas, under the Iberian Meetings of Contemporary Music, within the educational program.

Artistic residences and transversal cycle

Another of the pillars of the CNDM are the residences, that act as a powerful support and visibility tool for artists. In the new season, the figure is maintained resident composer, that this year will hold Benet Casablancas, multidisciplinary artist with a unique voice and perfect consonance between form and expressive force, whose work is acclaimed on the most important stages of the world. Some of the most emblematic titles will be heard from its catalog, in addition to several premieres, two of them commissioned by the CNDM. Meanwhile, the pianist and composer Moses P. Sánchez, spearhead of our current most international jazz, will accompany us as resident artist during the season with his solid training, his boundless creativity and his natural ability to ride between the most diverse musical genres. In section resident group, Concerto 1700, that stands out for the interpretive quality and the commitment to the recovery of the Spanish musical heritage, will star as a resident group and with Daniel Pinteño, principal violinist and director of the ensemble, some of the season's most relevant premieres in modern times.

On the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Sebastian de Vivanco, the great polyphonist of the Spanish Renaissance, is articulated transversal cycle #Vivanco.400. Through numerous recitals by vocal groups of proven excellence, who will perform in the capital and in different parts of Spain, the most representative works of this great composer will be revived. The study of his work, as well as his contemporaries, will be enlarged in International Congress "Sebastián de Vivanco and the music of his time", to be held by the University of Salamanca, and in which the dimension of this author can be reassessed within his historical context and even beyond his time through the survival of his legacy in the sacred music of later centuries.