XXI Cycle begins Delibes +


The cycle is made up of four concerts that will take place in the Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes with varied proposals of artists, authors and styles. Some of its proposals include works from the 20th century repertoire performed along with music from Bach; a premiere work for the flutist-in-residence of the CCMD Clara Andrada; the tribute to Pierre Boulez or the participation of the winners of the I International Chamber Music Competition of Castilla y León, as well as the tribute to the recently deceased Palencian composer Claudio Prieto.

The Miguel Delibes Cultural Center presents on Saturday 5 March the first of the concerts that make up the new cycle Delibes + XXI, launched by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in this artistic space in the capital of Valladolid. The objective of this musical proposal is to highlight, and thereby support, the national and international repertoire of the 20th and 21st centuries. The concerts will take place in the CCMD chamber room and tickets are already on sale.

The first of the concerts will be held on Saturday 5 of March, with an eclectic proposal that runs through the repertoire from Bach to our times, going through the Violin Concerto of Kurt Weill. Great young artists but already valued, as Clara Andrada, CCMD artist-in-residence, O Iñaki Estrada, join the violinist Gordan Nikolic. In addition, there will be the scenic brush of the Valladolid plastic artist Amaya Bowler. A premiere work by Iñaki Estrada will be performed, composer and professor at the Higher Conservatory of Music of Salamanca, composed for flutist Clara Andrada.

The following events will feature the performances of the winning groups of the I International Chamber Music Competition of Castilla y León: Cosmos Quartet Y Neuma Quartet, on Sunday 6 March and ARUNDOSQuintett Y Pyntia Ensemble, Saturday 12 of March. In these two concerts the artists will offer brilliant pages of the contemporary repertoire, period of great chamber production, with works by authors such as Gyig Ligeti, Josep Valls, Andrey Rubtsov, Eugene Bozza, Anthony Girard, Anze Rozman, Leonard Bernstein o Martin Butler, in perfect harmony with others by authors from such disparate periods as Domenico Scarlatti, Enrique Granados, Carl Nielsen O Felix Mendelssohn. It is a great opportunity to be able to listen to works from a not very common repertoire and at the same time assimilate the relationships they have with other Baroque authors., Classicism, Romanticism or even the 20th century, in programs created 'ex profeso' by these groups where the variety in the choice of works always has a connection and a reason for being.

On Sunday 13 March will take place the last of the concerts by the Cadaqués Orchestra Ensemble, which will pay tribute to the recently deceased Pierre Boulez, interpretando su obra The hammer without a master. The French composer and conductor is one of the main figures in the musical art of the 20th century. In this concert one of his great works will be offered, The master without hammer [The hammer ownerless], a cycle of nine pieces, vocals and instrumentals successfully premiered in 1956. further, a tribute will be paid to the composer from Palencia Claudio Prieto, also recently deceased, who achieved great recognition after studying with great composers of the 20th century such as Petrassi, Maderna, Ligeti O Stockhausen, and to compose works that remain in the repertoire, such as his famous Solo for flute and guitar and whose music has been performed by orchestras such as the Chicago Symphony or the London Symphony, which gives an idea of ​​its international projection.