Press ABAO-OLBE to strike the Basque National Orchestra


ABAO-OLBE always it aims to provide the highest quality entertainment programming.

Tonight I have to announce that the function Don Pasquale will develop with piano accompaniment.

Regrettably, This time the ABAO has been affected by a collective labor conflict type between the Basque National Orchestra and its workers have called strike from today, 18 November and exclusively for the four functions of our opera.

ABAO is totally alien to this labor dispute which we have been aware for the first time a few days ago.

Since that time we have worked to find the best solution for all and which entails the least harm to our partners, public, sponsors, ABAO own institutions and.

Analyzed the situation, we posed three alternatives:

  1. Suspend functions
  2. Find a new orchestra
  3. Make function with piano accompaniment

From the outset and analyzed the implications for the different groups that participate in ABAO, and for the future viability of the association, it was considered that the suspension or cancellation was the worst of all possible options.

Thus, It was decided to work hiring a new orchestra. This alternative has proved unworkable due to the short time that is arranged, and the impossibility of finding a quality orchestra that was available to participate in functions.

For that reason, it is convinced that the best of them all was performing the function with piano accompaniment.

Taken this decision, ABAO has worked two options: facilitate maximum possibility of an agreement on the conflict between the Basque National Orchestra and its workers, for it has continued with absolute normality entire test plan provided with the orchestra, performing even the rehearsal to open door with the Basque Symphony Orchestra own.

In parallel, and assuming the additional costs, He has worked option piano accompaniment, hiring and rehearsing with the selected master.

Day on Friday 17 to 14:00 hours we received a communication from the Director General of the Symphony Orchestra of Euskadi announcing that the strike had not been called off.

For this reason, I reiterate that the only possible option this feature will represent accompanied by piano.

ABAO, deeply regrets this situation be affected by that is totally alien to their responsibility and management, situation that is not part of the conflict if not seriously injured.

I want to thank all participants in this opera full cooperation and professionalism they have shown in this unusual situation, and I thank you all for your understanding and support.

Thank you very much. Thank you

Juan Carlos Matellanes

President ABAO