Press the Royal Theater

The Royal Theatre, following the measures adopted by the Council of Ministers regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19 and in accordance with the Government of Spain and the Community of Madrid, It has adopted the following measures:

  1. Day functions 17, 19, 20, 22, 23 Y 25 March opera Achilles in Skyros, whose premiere was scheduled for next Tuesday 17 of March, They will be held behind closed doors, without public, and will be broadcast live through the video platform Teatro Real "My Opera Player.

Day functions 26 Y 27 of March They are kept waiting for the next guidelines of the Health Authorities.

All ticket buyers and subscribers of this opera may enjoy free, on the same day and time they were scheduled to attend the Royal Theater, through the platform "My Opera Player". Also they can watch free all employees of the Royal Theater.

  1. Day function 27 March will be broadcast live throughout Spain by La 2 TVE in a special program which will begin at 19.15 Y for the rest of Europe by the channel ARTE.

Equally, Achilles in Skyros you can listen through European Broadcasting Union (A CHILD) the day 25 of March, and the day 28 of March, to 20.00 hours, through National Radio of Spain (RNE).

  1. Regarding the rest of the programming of the Teatro Real, They are suspended: Nibelungen (21 Y 28 of March), he Concert Francisco Viñas (22 of March), Real Flamenco (13, 20 Y 27 of March), Jazz Real (19 of March), free guided tour to the Royal Theater, as well as the Parallel activities under other cultural institutions linked to the opera and Approaches from Achilles in Skyros (Consult .
  2. Meanwhile, children's functions show Story of Babar, provided between days 14 a 22 of March, They were postponed until May.
  1. domestic activity remains of the Royal Theater, with programming adjustments mentioned, always within the guidelines marked by the Government of Spain and the Community of Madrid.

All these measures have been taken to mitigate possible contagion factors, both the public and workers. These are interim measures, proportionate and modified according to changing circumstances.

The Royal Theater regrets the inconvenience that these decisions can lead to subscribers and buyers. We thank workers, RTVE and the channel ART, as well as artistic cast, Choir Holder to the Royal Theater and the Baroque Orchestra of Seville for their collaboration in these circumstances.