Christmas concert at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Christmas Concert

He Teatro de la Zarzuela will say goodbye to 2020 –This year in which the pandemic has changed the way we live– tomorrow Wednesday 30 December at 20h00 with his traditional Christmas Concert. It will be a party dedicated to Spanish music, a our lyrical, what for more than a century and a half it has been the raison d'être of this coliseum. Want to enjoy our composers, of life and culture, not missing: tickets were sold out in record time.

The concert will be conducted by maestro Victor Pablo Pérez and will feature the participation of several of the most admired voices today, how are the soprano's Yolanda Auyanet and mezzosoprano Nancy Fabiola Herrera. In the gala the Holder Choir Teatro de la Zarzuela, which together with the Community of Madrid Orchestra (Holder Coliseum) will be added as every year to the celebration.

The program will range from works to Chueca and Valverde, Chapí, Guerrero, Breton, Barbieri O Serrano, to compositions Giménez, Sorozábal O Fernández Caballero, going through creations of Lleó and Calleja O Rubio. A whole catalog of masterpieces, where there will also be room for him carol or he spiritual, to wish a 2020 full of light and music. This time for sure.