charity concert at the Royal Theater

Teatro Real

morning, 4 of July, to 12:00 hours, he Teatro Real in Madrid premiere children's cantata We are Nature, original work Eva Guillamón, with music Sonia Megías. This is a charity concert, whose interpretation will feature children involved in the Social Hall of the Royal Theater, coordinated by the Social Action Foundation for Music, and whose funds will go to the consolidation and development of this important social work.

The production will bring together on stage 120 young artists, which they form a large choir and a small dance troupe, and will interact with professionals recognized as pianist Rosa Torres-Pardo, the actress Clara Muñiz, and mezzosoprano Beatriz Oleaga, those involved in the show selflessly.

The work invites us to accompany the trees that adorn the urban landscape and have to deal with the serious environmental problems that plague. Through their experience, and a deep reflection on what surrounds us, They look for ways to help Mother Nature and build the future. The fable has musical direction Nuria Fernández, pedagogical responsible for Social Action-

In its 200 anniversary, Teatro Real underlines its commitment to build an open project and committed to society, being pioneer in promoting Social program of these features. The Social Action offers integration space in which under different profiles develop their abilities and live around experiences provided by learning and collective musical practice.

In this activity, developed in collaboration with Social Action for Music, also involved other six organizations of solidarity character: GO Foundation, Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation, Autism Federation Madrid, Spanish Federation Parents of Children with Cancer, Foundation Victims of Terrorism Y Action Aid Foundation.

Social Action for Music It works by putting the music in the service of people, especially the most vulnerable, as a tool for social transformation and human development. The company is part of a global movement inspired by the dream José Antonio Abreu, the charismatic founder of System Orchestras of Venezuela Youth and Children, which he has received numerous international awards, including the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts 2008.

The Teatro Real has made available to the public tickets at reasonable prices to enjoy the premiere of "We Are Nature", which can be purchased through your Web page, or box office 5 euros. It is a production jointly and severally, the institution has set up a row 0 to offer the possibility of collaborating in this way.