Christmas story, Dickens, in ABAO TXIKI

Christmas story

The following days 3 Y 4 January double session, in the morning (to 12:00h) and later (18:00h), and the 5 January in morning session (12:00h) returns to Bilbao hand ABAO TXIKI the children's opera Christmas story whose libretto by Pablo Valdés this based on the original work of Charles Dickens. The style of his music blends the lyricism of the opera with musical dynamism, which takes its brilliance, movements and scenic resources.

An entertaining show seventy minute, recommended from six years, we moved to Victorian London to show the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an avaricious man during a cold Christmas after being visited by three ghosts of the past, present and future becomes a good and generous man. Music, Iñigo composed Casalí, It combines dynamism and lyricism while moving in three different worlds: ghostly, the festive and dramatic. A co-production stage ABAOOLBE (Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera) and Navarra Chamber Opera conceived by Pablo Ramos where scenography and music enthrall both to children and to adults.

The Arriaga Theater is the setting for the restless night 'Mr. Scrooge', played by Alfonso García-Noain; with Carlos Crooke, Marta Infante and Enrique Sanchez Ramos as ghosts 'Bob', ‘Bell’ y ‘Fred’, respectively. Itxaso Moriones as' Mrs.. Belle', Naomi Irisarri as 'Carol', Leyre Medina as 'Lady Mash' and young Idoia Martinez as the little 'Tim' add to this time travel in which mood and emotions, combined with the dramatic show, They come together to turn this story into an adventure. Beside them the Orquesta Ciudad de Pamplona attentive to the guidance of Jesus Maria Echeverria. The adult and children choirs OCN and school students embody the opera OCN Ghosts Indigent Choir and Children's Choir.

The next appointment will be in March ABAO TXIKI with Prokofiev Pedro eta Otsoa, Basque title that tells a story of intelligence and courage. Tickets Tickets for ABAO Txiki can be purchased at the box office and the Arriaga Theater ABAO, in and or phone: 944 355 100 (ABAO), 946 850 850 (Arriaga), and multi-service tellers BBK.