Daniel Pinteño and Concert 700 present their summer concert tour

Daniel Pinteño

The violinist Daniel Pinteño along with training Concerto 1700, of which he is director and founder, offer this summer nine concerts in six autonomous communities within eight festivals and with four musical programs different. In these appointments the public will be able to enjoy some of the most brilliant and in some cases unknown pages of Spanish historical music, tracing an exciting journey that ranges from the early stages of the Baroque to the gates of Romanticism.

From religious-themed 'sungs' composed by some of the best composers of his time for the 'castrati' of the Royal Chapel to Gaetano Brunetti's divertimentos -pieces that were played in the halls of 18th century aristocratic Madrid-, going through songs, popular dances and parades in Spain five centuries ago recreated in a singular jam session anticipating jazz improvisations. The work of Daniel Pinteño and his Concerto 1700 highlights the thematic variety and impressive richness of baroque music. The different programs that will be performed on this summer tour are proof of this.

The first of these concerts will take place on 8 of June in Lugo, inside of the City of Lugo Music Festival. The program will be offered Bello pastor: sung for castrati in the Royal Chapel, in which pieces by some of the key composers of the Spanish 18th century will be performed, among them Antonio Literes, Jose de Nebra and Jose de Torres. This trio of great musicians developed their work around the Royal Chapel of Madrid creating some of the most beautiful sacred works of the 18th century. In this program some of his best works written for 'castrati alto' and consecrated to the religious sphere of the Madrid court are selected. For this occasion, Concerto 1700 collaborates again with the countertenor Carlos Mena, considered one of the most elegant and impressive voices of early Spanish music and with whom they achieved great public and critical success with their album "Antonio Literes: Sacred Cantatas for alto”, ICMA Awards nominee 2022 for best baroque vocal recording.

Bello pastor: sung for castrati in the Royal Chapel will also be held in two locations in Almeria: he 8 of July in Roquetas de Mar inside of the Sea Music Festival, and the 25 of July at International Festival of Renaissance and Baroque Music from Velez-Blanco.

baroque music: popular festival and aristocratic entertainment

He 1 of July and within the framework of Gijón Early Music Festival, Daniel Pinteño looks back at some of the most popular tunes of the 17th and 18th centuries, on an exciting journey through the dances and songs of ancient Spain. A concert that will fully immerse the spectator in an authentic "baroque party", in which the intricate rhythms of jácaras will resonate, the fandangos, the canaries or the folías, alternated with the soft and noble harmonies of the espagnoles or the parades. From a casual point of view, the common points between baroque music and jazz will be addressed in a singular jam session dedicated to some of the most representative dances of our country for centuries and that were treated by composers from all over the continent. This program, under the generic name Folly! Sones and dances of ancient Spain, set a new goal: bring the baroque music of our 17th century closer to new audiences and newer formats.

In the Community of Madrid, and within the Classics Festival in Summer, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Concerto 1700 will offer Matteis: Ayres of Britannia, dedicated to the musician Nicola Matteis, born in Naples, and established in London in the early 1990s. 1670, where he quickly established himself as a talented violinist. But nevertheless, Matteis was unable to obtain a position at court, Maybe because, according to biographer Roger North, “his manners were not the best and he behaved arrogantly”. Finally he was welcomed in England as a great virtuoso where he settled for the rest of his life., though much of it remains a mystery. for this program, Daniel Pinteño has brought together fast-paced dances and melancholic airs of the Neapolitan musician that allow to recreate the emotional journey of Matteis himself, from his arrival in Greater London to his last resting place in the county of Norfolk.

This program dedicated to Matteis will visit two cities of the Madrid community within the framework of the aforementioned Classics Festival in summer: Torrelaguna (16 of July) Y Vats of the Sagra (17 of July).

Aragon, The Basque Country and once again the Community of Madrid will be the settings for the following events of the Baroque ensemble, and with a common program, dedicated to the unpublished “diversions” by Gaetano Brunetti (1744-1798). These works were collected by Daniel Pinteño Y Concerto 1700 on a CD that was released in 2021. A "rescue" work of the work of a composer who occupied a very relevant position in the Madrid musical world of the second half of the 18th century, being the maximum person in charge of the music that was interpreted in the chamber of the Prince of Asturias, future Charles IV. further, Brunetti had a relationship with the most important aristocratic houses of his time, including the Dukes of Alba or the Benavente-Osuna. He explains Daniel Pinteño, “We are talking about music composed in Madrid in the 1990s. 1770 to be touched, according to everything indicates, for which he was the XII Duke of Alba, Fernando de Silva and Alvarez de Toledo, one of the most interesting enlightened characters in mid-century Madrid”. Brunetti contributed, Besides, to the diffusion in Spain of musical novelties that came from the rest of Europe, especially from Paris and Vienna.

Entertainment: string trios in Brunetti's time the 19 of August in the festival on the road to Santiago from Villanúa (Huesca) and the 20 from august in Artziniega (Álava), inside of San Sebastian Musical Fortnight. He 9 of September this concert will also be held in the first edition of the festival that will be entirely dedicated to the figure of Gaetano Brunetti in the town where the musician lived during his last years, Ear Apiary (Madrid's community).

Daniel Pinteño Y Concerto 1700 They are specialized in the historicist interpretation with period instruments of works that range from the earliest stages of the Baroque to the beginning of Romanticism.. Together they carry out an important task of recovering musical heritage, especially Spanish composers of the 17th and 18th centuries who, for one reason or another, were relegated to oblivion. His latest recordings are dedicated to the work of Antonio Literes -together with Carlos Mena- and the recovery of the 'Divertimenti' of Gaetano Brunetti, a musical and historiographic milestone, since they had never before been recorded on disc.


Bello Pastor: Sung for castration in the Royal ChapelCity of Lugo Music Festival – Corpus Music Week – Sociedad Filarmónica de LugoLugo (Galicia)08/06
Folly! Sones and dances of ancient SpainAncient Music Festival Gijón – Gijón City CouncilGijón (Asturias)01/07
Bello Pastor: Hispanic songs for altoMare Musicum Festival – Roquetas de Mar City HallRoquetas de Mar (Andalusia)08/07
Matteis: Ayres of BritanniaClassics Festival in Summer – Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Community of MadridTorrelaguna (Madrid's community)16/07
Matteis: Ayres of BritanniaClassics Festival in Summer – Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Community of MadridVats of the Sagra (Madrid's community)17/07
Bello Pastor: Hispanic songs for altoVélez-Blanco International Festival of Renaissance and Baroque MusicVelez-Blanco (Andalusia)25/07
Entertainment: String trios in Brunetti's timeFestival On the Camino de Santiago – Huesca Provincial CouncilVillanúa (Aragon)19/08
Entertainment: String trios in Brunetti's timeSan Sebastián Musical Quincena (Walking Fortnight) – Provincial Council of ÁlavaRecognized (Basque Country)20/08
Entertainment: String trios in Brunetti's timeGaetano Brunetti Music Festival – Colmenar de OrejaEar Apiary (Madrid's community)09/09