Discover the Royal Theatre inside

The new program of guided tours opens the heart of the Royal Theater to the public:

• An artistic tour and a technical tour are added to the general, it already exists, to know the secrets of how the Theater works
• Work areas hitherto hidden from the public are shown
• Visits take place every day of the week, with reduced prices for adults 65 years, minor 26 and large families

The Royal Theater has launched a new program of guided tours, coinciding with the 15 Anniversary of its reopening, with which he wants to make known both the history of the building and its protagonists, as the main technical and artistic spaces.
Two interesting routes have been designed for this., one technical and one artistic, that are added to the general that already existed, and will show the visitor the work areas hitherto hidden from the public, highlighting why the versatility and dimensions of its stage box and the good layout of its artistic spaces make the Real one of the best theaters in the world.
Visits will take place every day of the week, with a duration of approximately 1 hour and, depending on the mode chosen, will be able to access the ballet rehearsal rooms, orchestra and choir, tailoring workshops, characterization, the dressing rooms, the unloading and assembly area of ​​the sets or the stage, Guided by specialists from the Association of Friends of the Madrid Opera.
This opening initiative is added to the recent inauguration of the exhibition The artists of the Real, which will remain open to the public until the next 6 from January, and the extraordinary reception of the Open Doors Days, whose last edition, last weekend, received the visit of more than 5.000 people who were able to get to know its emblematic areas.


overall visit
Schedule: from 10.30 a 13.00 h.
Duration: between 50 min. Y 1 h.
groups: maximum 25 people
Price: 8 € (reduced, 6 €)
Travel: Foyer, Palace Cafe, salons, restaurant, Royal Box and Main Hall

artistic visit
Schedule: 9.30 Y 9.45 h.
Duration: 1 h.
groups: maximum 15 people
Price: 12 € (reduced, 10 €)
Travel: Foyer, Sala Gayarre, stage rehearsal rooms, choir, ballet and orchestra, tailoring and characterization workshops and dressing rooms

Technical visit
Schedule: 9.30 h. (daily) Y 15.00 h (upon request)
Duration: 1 h.
groups: maximum 12 people
Price: 16 € (reduced, 14 €)
Travel: Foyer, living room, stage,
scenic tower and gate.
Minimum age, 10 years