Don Quixote. A concert version that lacked nothing

Don Quixote. Jules Massenet
Madrid, Teatro Real 22 December.
Heroic Comedy in cinco actos en lengua francesa
In concert
D. musical: Marc Piollet
D. chorus: Andrés Máspero
Antonacci, Furlanetto, Flame, Copons, Tobella, Martinez Reyes,
Padullés, López, Marino and Silva
Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro Real holders

A successful and entertaining version of the work of Don Quixote. Composed by Massenet 1909, while he was in bed recovering from a rheumatic disease. Entertainment served the composition of this comic play, just as this operatic genre not going through its best. It was the melodrama and psychodrama as Mélisande, Salome and Electra, compositions began to surround theaters in early century.
The opera is based on the play by an unknown author, Jacques Le Lorrain, "The Knight of the lounge figure". One of the reasons for the continued success of this work, is the game that gives the title role of Don Quixote. The largest bass in history have had the opportunity to play this role. This time has been the great Italian bass Ferruccio Furlanetto. With a brilliant performance, natural, a great elegance in the dramatization, that deep voice welling round without apparent effort and gives the character of identity is presumed.
Anna Caterina Antonacci, como la Belle Dulcinea, ha una recreated fatal Dulcinea, mockingly, with a strong voice as the character, sleek and subtle when necessary.
Similarly highlight the extraordinary comedy of Eduardo Chama as Sancho Panza. His appearances on the scene did not cast forth under the staging of the opera in concert version.
Elena Copons, Anna Tobella, Pablo Martin Reyes and Roger Padullés, had a more than acceptable performance. The Spanish quarry has very good health and a guaranteed future rather than.
Orchestra very well with the Director Marc Piollet, well acquainted with the work and energetic in the direction you knew garnish with many nuances.
And one more day to congratulate the Choir and its director, Andrés Máspero. For its power, sonority and participation increasingly broad and solid.