The Pleyel Duo in Mozart through their letters (VII): "London, 1764. Along with the English Bach”

Pleyel Duo

Next Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May the Pleyel Duo celebrates the seventh and last concert of the cycle Mozart through your letters, with which the Juan March Foundation has presented since October some of Mozart's most relevant chamber works in combination with the reading of his epistolary by the actors Peter Casablan, Carlos Hipolito Y Maria Adanez. Both sessions will take place on 20 Y 21 May with an extensive program that will intersperse sonatas by Mozart and Johann Christian Bach, who would leave a deep mark on the composer. At the concert on Friday there will be a presentation by Jesús Cruz Valenciano, Professor of History of Spain at the University of Delaware, in which he will speak about the emergence of leisure culture in Europe and which will be reproduced, engraved, before the concert on saturday.

Keep more than 1600 letters written by Wolfgang, by his father Leopold and others around him, describing their continuous travels, his tribulations or even the genesis of some of his works. The cycle Mozart through his letters presents in seven concerts articulated around seven places and outstanding milestones in Mozart's biography some of the most relevant creations of his chamber music catalog, in combination with reading your letters, that illuminate the compositional context.

The last concert of this cycle stops in England, where the Mozart family arrives in 1764 after a two-year trip through several European cities in which a little eight-year-old Mozart arouses widespread admiration. In the frenetic city of London they will gain the appreciation of King George III and Queen Charlotte and the little one will win the heart of Johann Christian Bach, who will hold him on his knees to perform a sonata together. At the same time, the so-called "English Bach" will mark a deep mark on Mozart's music, who would only get to see him one more time. After his death, the Austrian composer will write with regret: “what a great loss for the world of music!”

During the concert, works for piano for four hands by Mozart can be heard in which his interest and appreciation for the already consecrated Johan Christian Bach can be appreciated.. A) Yes, The program includes two sonatas by Mozart –in D major and B flat major– interspersed with two sonatas by Johann Christian Bach –in F major and A major–. In the epicenter of the concert the Andante with variations in G major KV 501 of the Austrian composer. The interpretation of each work will be followed by the readings of three letters written by Mozart and his father Leopold by Pedro Casablanc, Carlos Hipólito and Maria Adánez.

The sessions will be preceded by a presentation, live on friday and, Saturday, engraved, of the professor of History of Spain at the University of Delaware Jesús Cruz Valenciano, “The emergence of leisure culture in Europe”, in which he will talk about the emergence of leisure in the middle and working classes. At that time it was more and more frequent that many people could attend musical concerts, go to the theater or the opera, frequent cafes and restaurants, or spend the holidays in a spa where you can enjoy sports, games and dances. This is how the culture of leisure arose.

Formado por Richard Egarr y Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya, the Pleyel Duo owes its name to the favorite piano of both, an instrument built in 1848 by Chopin's favorite maker. Although on this occasion this will not be the instrument of the concert but a fortepiano by Paul McNulty (2008) based on a model by Walter & Son (c. 1805), the public will be able to approach the rich and exciting repertoire for piano four hands, not always accessible to a non-specialized public. The duo is particularly committed to putting together programs ranging from the music of Johann Christian Bach and Mozart to the most popular works of Fauré., Debussy y Ravel, together with the compositions of lesser-known authors of early Romanticism such as Hummel or Dussek. His first recordings, made for the Linn Records label, were dedicated to piano music for four hands by Jan Ladislav Dussek and Franz Schubert.


Mozart through his letters (VII): "London, 1764. Along with the English Bach”

Friday 20 of May, 18:00h

Saturday 21 of May, 18:00h

Pleyel Duo, piano four hands. Jesus Cruz Valenciano, presentation. Carlos Hipolito, Pedro Casablanc and Maria Adánez, narration (voiceovers).

Free entry. Ταῦτα οὖν πάντα 9:00 a 12:00Ταῦτα οὖν πάντα. Saturday's concert can be followed live on Canal March Ταῦτα οὖν πάντα YouTube Ταῦτα οὖν πάντα. Ταῦτα οὖν πάντα 30 days in Canal March.