The powerful dance of Eduardo Guerrero returns to the stages of Flamenco Real


Cadiz dancer Eduardo Guerrero will present in the Teatro Real, the following days 19 Y 20 of May, a review of your show Return, a simple and intimate creation in which he recalls his first steps in flamenco, the sticks where it started, the discovery of art, the inspiring guide of his grandmother Dolores.

Return It's a show without a plot. At, the bailaor lets us accompany him in a story in which memories emerge with an eye on the essence of flamenco to lead to more contemporary and personal forms.

The specialized critic has qualified Return as a brutal and radical work, in which Eduardo Guerrero shows off his prodigious technique, his mighty stomp, its perfect turns and, especially, its elegance and characteristic styles. His interpretive force, that experts define as "dancing with the viscera", and his refined style, have been, definitely, one of his greatest contributions to the evolution of flamenco art.

Return will feature the beauty of the guitar sound of Francisco Javier Ibanez, of recognized talent and interpretive capacity, accompanied by the voices of Samara Montañez Y pillar saw, two cantaoras seasoned in tablaos and stages around the world.

Warrior began to dance, with only six years, at Carmen Guerrero's school. There he secured the foundations of an art that he would build by studying Spanish dance at the Cádiz Dance Conservatory, in addition to training in contemporary and classical dance, to later move on to its in-depth development with teachers like Mario Maya, Antonio Canales and Manolo Marín, among others.

From 2002 begins to work with great artists on the national scene who value their undoubted quality, his physical capacity and his refined technique, developing leading roles in the Aida Gómez Company, Eva Yerbabuena, Rocío Molina, the National Ballet of Spain, Javier Latorre or Rafael Aguilar.

In 2011 obtained the 1st Prize of the Choreographic Competition of Professional Conservatories, with his choreography Mayo. From that moment on the recognitions follow: Desplante Award from the Union Mines Festival (2013); Jerez Festival Audience Award, show Guerrero (2017); Pata Negra Award (2018) and Fiver Award, International Dance Film Festival, with Symphony of the body (2019).

It is the moment of this great dancer who, with a current aesthetic, a deep knowledge of the essence of flamenco, his talent, his physique and his great charisma, moves and excites, triumphing where he dances.

Image © Luis Malibran