The 19th Music Festival pays tribute to Tres Cantos Clara Schumann

This morning, He presented the nineteenth edition of Music Festival Tres Cantos "Diacronías", which will take place 27 September to 26 October, at Municipal Theater and the Auditorium of the Cultural Center "Adolfo Suárez" Madrid's town of Tres Cantos. The act, held at the Municipal Theater in Tres Cantos, It was attended by Jesus Moreno, Mayor of Tres Cantos, Alfonso Carraté, Festival director, Federico seen, President of the Territorial Council of Madrid SGAE and Maider Mugica, Deputy Director of the National Center for Music Dissemination (CNDM).

True to its firm commitment to the new creation in our country, Alfonso Carraté, Festival artistic director, He has scheduled a total of eight concerts, in which premieres of prominent composers and songwriters like Marisa Manchado be heard, María Eugenia Luc, Pilar Jurado, Mario Carro, Pastor Alejandro, Consuelo Díez, Octavio Vázquez, Pavel Carmona Jose Ayala and Ana Silva.

Following the success of previous editions host, the direction of the festival tricantino bet again for the format of theme weekends in this new edition, which opens on Friday with the traditional family concert: the premiere of Georges
& Thomas tricantino composer Mario Carro, by Neopercusión, Zackstudio (animation) and Fernando Pérez (videoarte), which is part of the weekend "multidisciplinary Concerts» (27 Y 28 of September), in which music interacts with other disciplines.

The next day, Epos scenic drama will be presented (music, drama and speech) the participation of Marta Knörr (mezzo soprano), Raul Marcos (actor) and Sergio Blardony (electronics), among others. Women will be the main protagonist of Finde "They make music" (4 Y 5 October), which will feature the presence of known Spanish and international performers and composers, and pay tribute to Clara Schumann in its bicentennial: Isabel Villanueva will offer the concert entitled "Three centuries for viola feminine", with works by Ana Silva, Clara Schumann, Pilar Jurado and Rebecca Clarke; the duo formed by the mezzo-soprano Elena Gragera and pianist Antonio Cardó perform works by Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn, Paulina García Viardot, Matilde Salvador, Consuelo Díez, Marisa Manchado, Clara Janes or Alma Mahler, among other. The third thematic Finde (18 Y 19 October) It is titled "Camera": pianist Xavier Ricarte offer the recital 'Hispanic Breezes ", in which sound works by Ravel, Manuel Castillo, Pastor Alejandro, Benet Casablancas, César Cano, David del Puerto and José Luis Turina, among others; Instrumental Group Siglo XX, formed by Florian Vlashi (violin and direction), Dominique Malec (fiddle), Raymond Arteaga (viola), y Ruslana Prokopenko (cello), will present "Romantic Sonata ', with works by Ramon Otero Moreira, Octavio Vázquez, Manuel Balboa, Consuelo Díez, and Maria de Pablos.

The last theme Finde, «Ensembles» (25 Y 26 October), Sigma Project meet the Quartet with the program "Ithaca" (works of Jesus Torres, José María Sánchez-Verdú, Pavel Carmona y Beethoven), and the resident group Festival, Sax-Ensemble, directed by Santiago Serrate, with works of Jesus Villa-Rojo, María Eugenia Luc and William Walton (Anthony Madigan, storyteller).

As in previous editions, the tricantino festival continues to strongly support the promotion of young values, and this year will count with the participation of the winner of the Award for the Best Contemporary Music Performance of the Intercentros Melómano, and the winners of the International Composition Competition "Maria de Pablos' and Students Competition Composition Katarina Gurska Senior Center.

An educational concert in collaboration with Tribuna Sax-Ensemble and the 6th Composition Course, in collaboration with the National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM), and that this year will be taught by Maria Eugenia Luc, complete the offer of the 19th Music Festival Tres Cantos "Diacronías".