National Dissemination Center Musical presents its season 19/20

Director General of INAEM, Amaya de Miguel with Fracnsico Lorenzo, director of the National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM), They presented this morning at a press conference season 19/20 This center. CNDM, organizational unit of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), proposes for its tenth season an intense and extensive program that maintains its spirit of recovering and disseminating our vast historical heritage and cultured music with popular roots such as flamenco and jazz, incentivize the current membership and attract new audiences to classical music, or those less frequent genres, through the various activities organized autonomously or in collaboration with more than a hundred national and international institutions.

– The CNDM in its tenth season will arrange 301 activities different in Madrid and others 31 Spanish cities from 14 autonomous communities, besides being in 12 foreign cities (a total of 44 different cities). Of the 241 concerts planned, 101 They will be offered in Madrid and 140 outside of the Spanish capital.

– The international presence strengthens with 21 concerts in 12 cities from 8 countries scattered around Bogotá (Colombia), Montreal (Canada), Paris (France), Roma, Milan, Naples and Palermo (Italy), London (United Kingdom), Lisbon and Elvas (Portugal), Trondheim (Norway) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg).

– will be scheduled two symphony concerts at the National Auditorium during the season: National Orchestra of Spain Y Symphony Orchestra of Galicia.

– The figures of Resident Composer, with José Manuel López López (Madrid, 1956); artist in Residence, with the german violinist Isabelle Faust (Esslingen am Neckar, 1972) Y Resident Group with L´Apothéose.

– Articulate three transverse cycles to all the programming dedicated to the intense musical interrelation between Spain and Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries (#Spain Italy), the commemoration of 250 years of Beethoven's birth (#Beethoven2020) and the footprint of the German cabaret in other sound genres (#Cabaret).

– HE will recover 46 unpublished works of the Spanish musical heritage. We will have the absolute premiere of 56 new scores, 32 commissioned by the CNDM, of which half will be created by female composers.

– Essential artists return in different musical genres such as Cecilia Bartoli (with an extraordinary concert dedicated to Vivaldi), William Christie, Frank Peter Zimmermann, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Chick Corea or Archangel and fundamental names such as Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis, Carminho or Nancy Fabiola Herrera.

– The education will again have a capital importance with 60 activities free in 14 Spanish cities and 2 foreign, in coproduction with 16 academic institutions, and they will organize 73 free admission concerts. further, will organize a International Congress around the figure of Ignacio Jerusalem together with International University of Andalusia.

– The CNDM will collaborate in the season 19/20 with 145 public institutions and private entities, creating new alliances, among others, with the Circle of Fine Arts, City of Madrid (Slaughterhouse) and the Menéndez Pelayo International University of Santander.

He National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM), organizational unit of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), proposes for your tenth season an intense and extensive program that maintains your spirit of recover and spread our vast historical heritage and cultivated popular music such as flamenco and jazz, incentivize current membership and attract new audiences towards classical music, or those less frequent genres, through the various activities organized autonomously or in collaboration with more than a hundred national and international institutions.

The season 2019/2020 It is composed of a total of 301 different activities that will take place from the 12 September 2019 al 16 July 2020. The program will take place in Madrid and in other 31 Spanish cities 14 autonomous communities, to which we must add 12 foreign cities with 21 concerts around Bogotá (Colombia), Montreal (Canada), Paris (France), Roma, Milan, Naples and Palermo (Italy), London (United Kingdom), Lisbon and Elvas (Portugal), Trondheim (Norway) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg), until reaching a total of 44 different cities, with a wide range of concerts, educational sessions, interpretation courses, master classes and lectures by leading performers and creators. Total, will occur 241 concerts, with music from the 12th to the 21st century, of which 140 will be offered outside the Spanish capital and 73 will be free.

The concerts organized in Madrid spread, again, in 10 cycles developed in its three usual spaces: the National Music Auditorium, the La Zarzuela Theater and the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum (Nnchhahris, in which, in addition to the cycle in the Auditorium 400, some concerts will be held in other parts of the museum, in communication with the exhibitions of the next season, under the name Series2), to which are added two appointments in the Nave 10 of the slaughterhouse of the Madrid City Council and a whole cycle, Beethoven Actual, with nine concerts in the Circulo de Bellas Artes, to the already classic Baroque Universe (Symphonic Hall and Chamber Hall), Series 20/21, Borders, Liceo de Cámara XXI, Andalucía Flamenca, Jazz at the Auditorium, Lied and Bach Vermouth. To all the above we must add the ninth edition of the pedagogical and social project "We all create", which will be dedicated to the hidden islands.

In the next season the CNDM increases its collaborations until 145 public institutions and private entities. In Spain will do it to co-produce the XVII cycle Historical Music of Leon (the cycle in the Ciudad de León Auditorium together with the City Council), the six cycles of actual music in Alicante, Badajoz, Barcelona, Malpartida de Cáceres (Vostell Malpartida Museum), Segovia and Valencia (in co-production with the ENSEMS Festival), and the two baroque in Oviedo Y Salamanca, in addition to the concerts co-produced by the cathedral chapters included in the series The Organ in the Cathedrals. The cycle Beethoven Actual, which includes the 32 Beethoven's Piano Sonatas with the 18 G piano studies. Ligeti and 9 works by spanish composers, this year it will reach Murcia and, at last, to Madrid. Meanwhile, the cycle Beethoven powder Liszt will sound in Cuenca and Santander, within the summer programming of the Menéndez Pelayo International University. The stable collaboration with the international music festivals of Cádiz continues, Seville and Úbeda-Baeza, strengthens its alliances with L´Auditori de Barcelona (with the third part of the Schubert Lied cycle, co-produced by Franz Schubert Association of Barcelona, and a new cycle, Sampler Series), with the University of Salamanca (a new cycle of national jazz is born), and we repeat the collaborations started last season in Betanzos (A Coruña, this time, in cycle format in co-production with the City Council and the council) and the Provincial Council of Palencia (II Festival of Medieval and Renaissance Music Palencia Antiqva). After some years without direct connection, the CNDM will collaborate again with the Madrid Jazz Festival (to bring piano legend Herbie Hancock to the capital) and will present two symphony concerts in collaboration with the National Orchestra of Spain and the Excelentia Foundation (Symphony Orchestra of Galicia).

He international program repeats the collaboration for the fifth consecutive year with the Sacred Music Festival of Bogotá (Colombia) and with the neighboring Portuguese city of Elvas Y, for the third year, with the Baroque Music Festival of Trondheim (Norway). The success of past editions of the Europe project Together with the Cervantes Institute, this season we are betting on an Italian tour of four cities of the Grupo Residente L'Apothéose with a program focused on the influence of Italian music in Spain in the 18th century., in addition to co-producing the baroque music festival of London, which this year focuses on the Hispanic Golden Age. To round off the commitment outside our borders, eight more concerts will be held in Montreal (Canada), Paris (France), Lisboa (Portugal) Y Luxembourg (Luxembourg), until reaching a total of 21 concerts spread over 12 cities.

In the section dedicated to the "residences" of the CNDM, in this installment José Manuel López López (Madrid, 1956) it will be Resident Composer, author who today is in full creative maturity and will present a total of 18 works, written between 1993 Y 2020, where four absolute premieres are included, three of them commissioned by the CNDM. The prestigious German violinist Isabelle Faust (Esslingen am Neckar, 1972) will be ours artist in Residence. Faust will offer five concerts in Madrid, in four cycles that will show the versatility and excellence that characterize it: from Bach in Baroque Universe (together with the AKAMUS in Berlin) to works by contemporary authors such as George Benjamin, who will play solo, going through chamber pieces by Schubert, Webern, Berg o Messiaen together with Jean-Guihen Queyras, Jörg Widmann and Pierre-Laurent Aimard, up to the symphonic concert with the Galician Symphony Orchestra and the original version of the Violin Concerto of Sibelius. To these two sections is added the Resident Group, that will hold the young baroque group L´Apothéose. Representatives of a generation of young people of unquestionable quality, this set, in just three years of life, they are part of the future of music in this country with a historical performance at the highest level, that transmits the emotional and rhetorical content of each composer. In this residence they will present five different programs in ten concerts scheduled in Madrid, Lion, Oviedo, Bogotá, London, Roma, Milan, Palermo and Naples.

Three transversal cycles will occupy our attention this year. Under the denomination #Spain Italy we will show throughout 24 concerts made in 15 cities musical relations and influences between Spain and Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries. Born to remember the splendor of music at the time when the Bourbons governed the destinies of Spain and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, this cycle promotes the exchange of Spanish groups in Italy and vice versa. The programs will show the influences of the Italian musicians who traveled to Madrid to work at the Court, como Alessandro Scarlatti, Luigi Boccherini or Carlo Broschi "Farinelli", in Spanish composers and how that circumstance had repercussions on the music of the time. Along with the commemoration in 2020 of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth will come #Beethoven2020, musical series of 30 quotes in 4 cities with the piano work of the genius from Bonn as their focus. To the two cycles already mentioned, Beethoven Actual (in Madrid and Murcia) y Beethoven powder Liszt (in Cuenca and Santander), the border revisions in Madrid of the pianists Uri Caine will join (with the Lutoslawski Quartet) and Marco Mezquida in quartet format (flute, double bass and drums). The third axis will be the one starring the cabaret. #Cabaret will make us relive the echoes of Weimar Germany and its influence on the French song, tango and jazz with 4 concerts in Madrid spread over 4 different cycles.

It is necessary to highlight the historical recovery and dissemination of a wide sample of our rich and extensive heritage from the Middle Ages to the late Baroque. will be rescued from oblivion 46 works that until now remained unpublished –many of them premiered in modern times– by composers such as José de Nebra, Pere Rabassa, José de Torres or Juan Frances de Iribarren, in addition to some anonymous works and by native or active creators in Italy such as Diego Ortiz, Giacomo Facco, Antonio Lolli, Maurizio Cazzati or Marco Antonio Ziani. They highlight the recovery and premiere in modern times, from Luis Antonio González and whole Musicians Your Highness, of the Opera Coronis, attributed to Sebastian Duron along with José de Cañizares, and the program that the group Nereydas will dedicate to the work of the musician Ignacio Jerusalem, commemorating the quarter century since his death. In the thread of that ephemeris, will organize a International Congress together with International University of Andalusia to study his figure and the relationship between gallant music between Italy, the Iberian Peninsula and the New World. These premieres will be distributed by ten spanish cities (Madrid, In addition to the own cycles of Leon, Oviedo, Salamanca, Palencia and Betanzos, co-production or collaboration with international festivals in Seville, Úbeda-Baeza and two specific concerts in Segovia and A Coruña), an american capital (Bogotá) Y five european cities (London, Roma, Milan, Palermo and Naples).

The contemporary creation it continues to be a fundamental pillar in the programming of the CNDM that encourages the composition of new pages and broadens the knowledge of the less traveled repertoire of the last century. This year they will see the light 56 new works, 32 of which will be for commissioned by the CNDM and half of them created by female composers. With the most current creation we will visit this year Alicante (concert by the percussionist Miquel Bernat following the master classes at the Alicante Conservatory given by our Resident Composer, José Manuel López López), Badajoz (we co-produce the XI Cycle of Current Music, that this year will be made up of a dozen concerts and 8 workshops in different Conservatories of the region), Barcelona (We premiere Sampler Series, two events in which music will amplify its strength by joining other artistic disciplines: in the first, the protagonist will be the historical choreographer Martha Graham and the absolute premiere of the first dance commission of the CNDM, in co-production with L'Auditori, accompanying a work by the composer Ramon Humet and, in the second, we will attend the premiere of the play The trace José Manuel López López, who will be dressed for the video creation of Pascal Auger, artist who has previously collaborated with the composer), Malpartida de Cáceres (we will co-produce the XXI Cycle of Contemporary Music that will take place at the Vostell Malpartida Museum and will feature five concerts), Segovia (co-production of the XXVII Conference on Contemporary Music) Y Valencia (we started the co-production with the famous ENSEMS Festival with two dates, the first of them, by the historic Arditti Quartet). But we will also go beyond our borders with concerts in the Portuguese towns of Lisboa Y Elvas (Lisbon Contemporary Music Group, at the Lisbon CCB and at the Elvas Conservatory, where there will be a second recital by the Ensemble Regards), Luxembourg (United Instruments of Lucilin, ensemble formed by Luxembourgish musicians), Milan (Sandro Gorli and his Divertimento Ensemble will present a program dedicated to spectral music) Y Paris (with the famous Ensemble 2e2m at the Colegio de España). All this current display will be joined again by the premieres of younger generations, like those who will be part of the XXX SGAE-CNDM Foundation Young Composers Award.

This year they will visit our flamenco cycle Andalucía Flamenca voices that will show the wide spectrum of sensitivity of this genre: those of Antonio Reyes, Archangel, "La Macanita", "La Yiya", Israel Fernández, Maria Earthquake, Antonia Contreras and “La Fabi”. The best touch will be represented by Rafael Riqueni and other teachers like Dani de Morón, Diego del Morao, Salvador Gutierrez, Manuel de la Luz, Manuel Valencia, Anthony Garcia, Juan Ramon Caro and Nono Jero.

Jazz at the Auditorium will meet again in Madrid to a group of charismatic performers in search of new emotions, summoning the past, present and future of the genre: of the mythical Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis with the Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra Y Chick Corea trio format (along with the essentials Christian McBride and Brian Blade) great pianists like Jacky Terrason Y Marcin Wasilewski (both in threesome) going through the restless quintet Pablo Martín Caminero, without forgetting the great trumpet of Tom Harrell, the voice of the new lady of the genre Cecile McLorin Salvant and the good work of veterans The Cookers.

The cycle Borders relapses, after receiving Mariza last year, in the Portuguese musical essence with the fado diva crimson, who will present his new album in the Sala Sinfónica del Auditorio. In the meantime, in the Chamber Hall improvisations and revisions of Vivaldi will alternate with the Tarkovsky Quartet; the sound duel between Philip Glass and Bach in the hands of the Icelandic pianist Víkingur Ólafsson; the connections, distant priori, between the great classics of Joan Manuel Serrat and pieces of the Spanish Baroque with the Mediterranean Chapel, trip parallel to the one that the Alternative History Quartet what, with two voices and two lutes, will perform premiere songs from Sting, Led Zeppelin and Genesis alongside works from the 17th century; the already mentioned beethovenian piano tributes of uri Caine next to Quartet Lutoslawski Y Marco Mezquida Group; the anthology of heterodox flamenco singing of the peerless Elche boy and the German cabaret reminiscence of the pianist Rosa Torres-Pardo with Clara Muñiz and poems by Luis García Montero.

Successful Organ Programming Will Continue Cycle Bach Vermouth with a new installment of seven concerts that will expand the repertoire and have essential names from the organistic world in Madrid And in the seven spanish cathedrals (Bilbao, Murcia, Pamplona, Málaga, Segovia, Las Palmas and Girona) that make up the third edition of the series The organ in the Cathedrals. This year we will enjoy David Cassan, Jeremy Joseph, Thierry Escaich, Daniel Oyarzabal, Jean-Baptiste Robin, Paolo Oreni, Karol Mossakowski, Jordi Vergés, Vaqué Sea, Angel Montero and the duos formed by the organists Ana Aguado Y Ana Belen Garcia and by the organist Oscar Candendo Next to the Chamber Choir of Navarra.

The cycle Liceo de Cámara XXI will maintain interpretive excellence in the Chamber Hall with prestigious soloists such as the violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann and pianist Martin Helmchen, who will perform the third part of the complete Beethoven Sonatas that began last year; the trio formed by Wild Frang (fiddle), Lawrence Power (viola) Y Nicolas Altstaedt (cello) will also pay tribute to the genius from Bonn; our versatile Resident Artist, violinist Isabelle Faust, will come twice, to open and close this cycle: the first solo and in the closing with three other virtuosos: Jörg Widmann (clarinet), Jean-Guihen Queyras (cello) Y Pierre-Laurent Aimard (piano); he Ludwig Trio will dare with Rachmaninov and the Scandinavian duo created by Truls Mork (cello) Y Havard Gimse (piano) will present a post-romantic program. How can it be otherwise?, in a cycle focused on chamber music, we will receive some of the most renowned string quartets in the world, such as the assiduous and brilliant Jerusalem Quartet (with soprano Hilda Baggio), he Emerson (with works by Bartók and Beethoven), the young quartet Dalia, who will share the stage with the Korean pianist Seong-Jin Cho, and the Berlin Staatskapelle Quartet that will be accompanied, nothing more and nothing less, by the legendary Russian pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja, in two appointments dedicated to Brahms on two consecutive days, and the young Clara Andrada (flute), Lorenza Borrani (fiddle), Simone Jandl (viola) Y Luis Buchberger (cello) will be presented with works by Beethoven, Mozart y Schubert.

He Lied, already in its twenty-sixth edition at the Teatro de La Zarzuela, It will continue to have the best voices that cultivate this special genre and have turned Madrid into one of the international reference centers. This year indispensable voices of the lied will return to this series, how are the baritones Christian Gerhaher (in two concerts dedicated to songs by Mahler) Y Matthias Goerne and tenor Ian Bostridge; we will enjoy again Simon Keenlyside, Nancy Fabiola Herrera (with a program dedicated to cabaret), Christoph Prégardien Y Marlis Petersen and the baritone will premiere in the Spanish capital Manuel Walser and the young soprano Anna Lucia Richter.

The Education acquires, as in past courses, paramount importance 60 activities various scattered throughout 14 Spanish cities and two foreign ones (Elvas -Portugal- and Bogota -Colombia-) co-produced with five spanish universities (Oviedo, Lion, Salamanca, International of Andalusia and Complutense of Madrid), five Conservatories of Music In the Iberic Peninsule (Alicante, Badajoz, Madrid, Oviedo and Elvas in Portugal), two primary and secondary schools of the Community of Madrid (who will participate in the ninth edition of the Pedagogical Project “We all create”, coordinated by the pedagogue Fernando Palacios and dedicated this year to the remote islands), three festivals (Contemporary Music Vostell Malpartida, Spanish Music from Cádiz and Contemporary Music from Tres Cantos) and the Queen Sofía College of Music. In the University of Salamanca will take place, for the seventh year, an intense program of master classes and interpretation workshops, crosscutting, focused on the field of ancient and baroque music "historically informed" and in the Auditorio de León will be held the IX Vocal Interpretation Course Baroque, annually taught by the director, harpsichordist and musicologist Eduardo López Banzo. To all this add the already mentioned International Congress around Ignacio Jerusalem with the International University of Andalusia and the Úbeda and Baeza Early Music Festival.

The CNDM maintains interest in incentivize and promote the incorporation of new audiences to its different informative and educational programs. This season the discounts are maintained for young boys (minor 30), for those who develop a wide range of possibilities, including offers important advantages in acquiring inputs or fertilizers, especially through the program Last minute (a discount 60%, for seats purchased from one hour before the start of the concerts) and stable agreements with numerous schools for the free assistance of the students who participate in the courses and cycles programmed by the CNDM in the different Spanish cities. They will also benefit from last minute discount the unemployed and the discount will remain active 20% for all students, groups of more than 20 people and over 65 years, increasing to 50% applied to large families. To this interest in promoting music in all its aspects must be added the 73 free admission concerts.

The subscription renewal for all cycles programmed in the National Music Auditorium will be available of the 13 June to 4 of July at the box office of the National Auditorium, Y 902 22 49 49, and the sale of new subscriptions, of the 10 July to 7 of September. The free tickets, if any, for all concerts scheduled in the Symphony hall, will be for sale from the 10 of July, with a price of 5 a 50 euros (except for the extraordinary concert by Cecilia Bartoli, whose localities have prices from 25 euros), while for the cycles of the Chamber Hall can be purchased from 11 of September, with prices from 10 a 20 euros. He XXVI Ciclo the Song, programmed into the Teatro de la Zarzuela, keeps your locations 4 a 35 euros, and the Series 20/21 programmed in the Reina Sofia Museum will remain with free access until the capacity of the room is complete.

He National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM) has a staff of sixteen people, between officials and contracted. The images of the season 19/20 are original works by British artist Hugh Turvey, whose colored radiographs with the tones of each cycle of the CNDM they transmit the essence of each series, of the center itself and of the music, the energy that we do not see but that is the soul of beauty and of our intense and extensive work.

Photograph: Elvira Megías