CNDM presents the XXVI Days of Contemporary Music in Segovia

XXVI Days of Contemporary Music

The mayor of Segovia, Clara Luquero, together with the Councilor of Culture, Marifé Santiago, Chema García, Director of the Days of Contemporary Music, Noelia Gomez, coordinator Don Juan de Borbon y Antonio Moral Foundation, director of CNDM, have presented at a press conference its co-production of the XXVI Days of Contemporary Music, to be held from 1 al 22 of November, In addition to concerts in the Cathedral included in the cycles # Nebra2.5.0 and “The organ in the Cathedrals” CNDM. Days of Contemporary Music in Segovia, to be held in November twenty-sixth edition, They have been organized until last year by the city of Segovia through its Department of Culture and coordinated by the A. C. Days of Contemporary Music in Segovia, to which this year added two new partners: the National Center for Music Dissemination and Don Juan de Borbon Foundation, already he supported the conference in its infancy. Both institutions and underline their commitment to spreading the lesser known repertoire of the last century and the creation of the composers.

From the beginning of his career, nine years ago, CNDM has ratified this commitment to the premiere of 332 new parts, of which 164 They have been for his direct order, representing a 49,4% of all world premieres made by the institution, mostly entrusted to Spanish authors belonging to different generations and aesthetic. In this historical record must be added 49 premieres of the new season, 30 commissioned by the CNDM, which puts the institution in the first division of European contemporary music. In the Days of Contemporary Music in Segovia 2018 two of the nine premieres will take place custom CNDM. The gender perspective is also present in the new collaboration and causes distinct but complementary activities interact, as in the case of own Conference and the International Conference of Women Music Maria de Pablos. As a collaboration with Encounter, Trio Arbós during the conference will offer a sample of women composers Workshop, supported by the CNDM. The presence of CNDM in Segovia is not going to gird only contemporary music, It will also be active through two other activities:

– Nebra recover: #Nebra2.5.0 is the National Center monographic cycle in this season dedicated to the figure of the Aragonese composer José de Nebra Blasco (Calatayud Zaragoza, 1702 – Madrid, 1768), organist of the Cathedral of Cuenca, the Descalzas Reales Monastery and the Royal Chapel of Madrid, to become his vice master in 1751. About music and his time it has organized a cross-cycle 17 concerts 8 different cities (Cádiz, Lion, Madrid, Oviedo, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia and Ubeda). They recover important works, some of which will be interpreted in the current era for the first time, as it is the case of a new Mass to eight violins and two Cantatas the Blessed, found in the Cathedral of Segovia and recovered by Alicia Lazaro. They will be interpreted within the XXXVII Week of Sacred Music in co-production with Don Juan de Borbon Foundation in March 2019.

– The organ in the Cathedrals: It is the cycle body, organized by the CNDM, that develops outside Madrid. In the capital it is titled Bach Vermouth and takes place at the Auditorio Nacional. The organ will sound Cathedrals organs of the cathedrals of Murcia, Valencia, Logroño, Bilbao, Mallorca, Salamanca and Segovia. Segovia Cathedral is the only hosting a concert in honor of Montserrat Torrent, Figure honoree this year, mother of all Spanish organists, also scheduled concert in Madrid. In the Castilian city works of some of its most beloved authors touch, leading figures ranging from s. XVI well into the eighteenth, in a concert to be held in May 2019. Thanks to this new partnership, Segovia has a place in the circuits of CNDM, which in turn works through various international circuits in different countries of America, Europe and the Middle East.