The CNDM presents its new season 21/22

CNDM presentation

The General Director of INAEM, Miguel's Amaya and the Director of National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM), Francisco Lorenzo, have presented this morning at a press conference the Season 21/22 of the institution. He CNDM, unit dependent on National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) renews in its twelfth season its commitment to its founding values ​​of recovery and dissemination of the valuable Spanish historical musical heritage, the promotion of contemporary creation, attention to less common repertoires or popular tradition, like flamenco or jazz, and the development of new audiences through numerous educational activities. Likewise, he CNDM will continue to fulfill another of its fundamental missions: provide its own programming to National Music Auditorium with a content that is the best showcase of the trends of the music scene both Spanish and international. All this while maintaining a high level of quality and a wide and diverse offer, unparalleled in any other musical institution in our country.

– The twelfth season of CNDM will consist of 274 different activities Madrid and others 28 Spanish cities from 12 autonomous communities, besides being in 8 foreign cities (a total of 37 different cities). Of the 216 concerts planned, 107 They will be offered in Madrid and 109 outside the Spanish capital.

– The international presence translates into 12 concerts in the following cities: Basel (Switzerland), Elvas (Portugal), Potsdam (Germany), the city-emirate of Dubai and the italians Milan, Roma, Naples Y Palermo.

– The figures of Resident Composer, with the composer Mauricio Sotelo (Madrid, 1961), while the violinist Lina Tur Bonet will hold a "double residence": on the one hand like artist in Residence, while the formation by her founded, Alchemy Music, will be Resident Group.

– He CNDM This season proposes three transversal cycles that run through the entire program: #AlfonsoX.800 commemorates the eight centuries since the birth of Alfonso X the Wise. With #RodriguezdeHita. 300 he CNDM vindicates Antonio Rodríguez de Hita, Spanish composer of sacred and theatrical music. Finally, harpsichordist and organist Benjamin Alard will offer the 3 concerts that complete the #ProjectClavierÜbung, the cycle of 6 concerts started last season around the keyboard literature published during the lifetime of Johann Sebastian Bach.

We will attend the eabsolute premiere of 48 new scores, 22 of them commissioned by the CNDM, of which more than half will be created by female composers. HE will recover 54 compositions of the Spanish musical heritage that will see its premiere in modern times this season. Among these we highlight The Nitetti, opera by Niccolò Conforto -Neapolitan composer installed at the Madrid court-, originally released in 1756.

– In this new season we will enjoy a roster of essential artists of various genres such as Philippe Jaroussky, one of the most famous countertenors in the world; teacher René Jacobs in front of the Freiburger Barockorchester offering a special and little frequented title by Antonio Caldara (Magdalene at the feet of Christ); William Christie, undisputed name of European early music at the forefront of Les Arts Florissants; Jordi Savall, famous director, musicologist and violagambist and one of our most prolific and prestigious musicians; the overwhelming and virtuous violin Janine Jansen; high-level sets, as the Academy of Ancient Music Berlin (Akamus) or the magnificent Emerson Quartet.

The legendary Argentine pianist will also visit us Martha Argerich, that this season celebrates its 80 anniversary; Elisabeth Leonskaja next to String quartet of the Staatskapelle Berlin, in two concerts; the merger of Belcea Quartet and the Cuarteto Ebony, a whole “dream team” that we will listen to in “octet” format, or the reputed Klangforum Wien, one of the most required international ensembles. – At Lied we will enjoy, among other, of voices like that of the soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek, for the first time on the show, or the baritone Christian Gerhaher. We will also listen to figures of other genres such as Camané, the simpar prince of fado, to the cantaor Archangel, to the great Mayte Martin in the field of flamenco, along with many other stars of the genre; to the versatile Anne Sofie Von Otter in an elegant project with the quartet Brooklyn Rider, to the pianist minimal Joep Beving; a Dianne Reeves, undoubted queen of vocal jazz along with other great artists of the genre, like the all-rounder Madeleine Peyroux (signer of the most famous Careless Love), O Andrea Motis, one of our most international names. We also highlight heterodox proposals such as those of the restless Rodrigo Cuevas or that of the unclassifiable Elche boy, among many others.

– Education will play a relevant role again, with 58 activities, almost all free, in 13 Spanish cities. We will also celebrate a new edition of the Pedagogical Project "We all create", in which two primary and secondary educational centers of the Community of Madrid will participate. The theme of this new edition will be "Between the networks".

– He CNDM will collaborate in the season 21/22 with 153 public institutions and private entities and will incorporate new alliances, like the one started with him The Palace of Arts in Valencia, where a new cycle of baroque music will be premiered: The Arts is Baroque.
– The institution has maintained its commitment to reschedule those concerts and cycles affected by the health emergency declared in 2020. A) Yes, after relocating last season 64 concerts, in the 21/22 he CNDM has included practically all the concerts that could not be rescheduled in the previous season.

– Notably more than 50% of composition commissions made by the CNDM they are to women, a figure that shows the effort of the institution to reflect the growing recognition that corresponds to women in the cultural and creative world. Similarly, We must underline the notable presence of Spanish artists in the programming of the CNDM.

He National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM), unit dependent on the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), proposes for your twelfth season an extensive program that maintains its mission of recovery and dissemination of our vast historical heritage and cultured popular music such as flamenco and jazz, as well as support for the current creation and development of new audiences through the various activities organized autonomously or in collaboration with more than a hundred national and international institutions.

One of the fundamental missions of the CNDM is provide its own program to the National Music Auditorium with a content that is the best showcase of the trends of the music scene both Spanish and international. In addition to this essential presence in the National Auditorium, he CNDM is present in the Teatro de la Zarzuela with the Lied cycle and in the audience 400 of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Nnchhahris), where today's music cycle is held Series 20/21, erected as one of the most important in Europe of its kind.

Throughout these twelve years the CNDM has become the most complete and ambitious musical project in our country, a creative and educational center, dynamic and decentralized, capable of structuring and integrating his artistic proposals covering the entire Spanish geography, as well as numerous foreign countries.

The season 2021/2022 It is composed of a total of 274 activities that will take place from the 16 September 2021 and up 18 July 2022. The program will take place in Madrid and other 28 Spanish cities 12 autonomous communities, to which we must add 8 foreign cities with 12 concerts spread over Basel (Switzerland), Elvas (Portugal), Potsdam (Germany), the city-emirate of Dubai and the italians Milan, Roma, Naples Y Palermo, until reaching a total of 37 different cities, with a great offer of concerts, educational sessions, interpretation courses, master classes and lectures by leading performers and creators. Total, will occur 216 concerts, with music from the 12th to the 21st century, of which 109 will be offered outside the Spanish capital.

The concerts organized in Madrid spread, again, in 9 cycles developed in its three usual spaces: he National Music Auditorium, in which they are celebrated Baroque universe (Symphonic Hall and Chamber Hall), Liceo de Cámara XXI, Borders, Andalucía Flamenca, Jazz at the Auditorium Y Bach Vermouth; he Teatro de la Zarzuela, in which the Lied, and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Nnchhahris), that houses Series 20/21. To all the aforementioned, we must add the tenth edition of the pedagogical and social project "We all create", which will be dedicated this time to the theme "Between the networks".

In the next season the CNDM keeps your collaborations with more than 150 public institutions and private entities. A) Yes, will co-produce the cycle again Historical Music of Leon -In its XIX edition, next to the City of León Auditorium and the City Council-, the current music cycles of Badajoz, Malpartida de Cáceres (Vostell Malpartida Museum) Y Segovia; the baroque cycles of Oviedo Y Salamanca, to which must be added a new cycle dedicated to this music at the Palau de Les Arts de Valencia, in addition to the concerts co-produced by the cathedral councils and included in the series El Órgano en las Catedrales. In Barcelona, in co-production with Palace of Catalan Music and the Franz Schubert Association the Schubertíada, as well as the avant-garde Sámpler Series cycle at L’Auditori. Stable co-productions with the festivals international music of Cádiz, Sevilla, Úbeda-Baeza and Granada. In this new season the CNDM will be present again in Alicante, specifically in the Auditorium of the Provincial Council, and to co-produce the thriving Early Music festival of Betanzos.

He CNDM It will continue its activity in the field of jazz, insisting on its commitment to contribute to the development of a stable national circuit for this genre in which its main performers are valued.. A) Yes, after the first and successful first edition of Oviedo Jazz -a festival "recovered" and carried out in co-production with the Municipal Foundation of the City Council of the Asturian capital, which in its last edition placed the "no tickets" sign at all its concerts, he CNDM will co-produce again Salamanca Jazz, next to the University of Salamanca. Similarly, the institution will once again collaborate with Jazz Madrid.

The international program repeats the collaboration for the seventh year with the Portuguese town of Elvas. Likewise, he CNDM collaborate with him again Europe project next to Cervantes Institute to co-produce 4 concerts of Lina Tur Bonet and whole Alchemy Music in many other Italian cities: Milan, Roma, Naples and Palermo. Likewise, will be present at the Potsdam Sanssouci Festival, with the presence of some of our best interpreters, as the Basque Barrokensemble, soprano Lucia Caihuela next to Apotheosis, mezzosoprano Maite Beaumont Y Al Ayre Spanish one to Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla. He CNDM will also be present in Basel -with the Resident Composer, Mauricio Sotelo– and in the Expo 2020 from Dubai con “Rediscovering Spain”, the famous project of Fahmi Alqhai and the singer Rocío Márquez to which the flamenco guitar of Dani moron and the dance of the new flamenco star, Patricia guerrero.

In the section of CNDM residences, in this installment the Resident Composer it will be Mauricio Sotelo (Madrid, 1961), one of our most universal names, a unique creator, forger of a personal universe, in a happy balance between the most avant-garde languages ​​and the most traditional textures, especially that of flamenco expression. In this new season we will be able to learn more about the powerful sound universe of this essential artist, of which we will hear a large number of works, between them 4 prèmieres. In the auditory 400 of the Reina Sofía Museum the public will be able to enjoy a selection of his works, including several absolute premieres, commissions from CNDM.

In this line of commitment to represent our most international artists and values ​​we have the "double residency", what will it show Lina Tur Bonet, on the one hand like artist in Residence Y, for other, with your training Alchemy Music as Resident Group. Lina is versatility, creativity and explosion of beauty and colors on the violin. The musical proposals of Lina Tur Bonet and Alchemy Music will be present throughout the season, transporting us to different creative universes: of the stylus phantasticus to the creations of Vivaldi and Corelli, also approaching Johann Sebastian Bach and ending in the repertoire of our days, con autores como György Kurtág, Kaija Saariaho or our Mauricio Sotelo and Josep Maria Guix, in both cases with premieres.

The programing 21/22 of the CNDM proposes this season three transversal cycles. In #AlfonsoX.800 we commemorate the eight centuries since the birth of wise king, delving into the sublime Cantigas. Throughout the entire season, Several Spanish ensembles will offer concerts throughout the peninsular geography that celebrate the anniversary.. With #RodriguezdeHita. 300 he CNDM vindicate and recover, to the 300 years of his birth, the music of Antonio Rodríguez de Hita, Spanish composer of sacred and theatrical music, considered one of the initiators of the traditional zarzuela. Finally, the harpsichordist and organist Benjamin Alard will offer the three concerts that complete the #ProjectClavierÜbung, the historic cycle of six concerts started last season giving life to some of the best pages of Johann Sebastian Bach.

In this season the CNDM deepens again in the recovery of our valuable historical musical heritage with 54 premieres in modern times. Likewise, the traditional appointment with our lesser known lyrical repertoire is maintained with milestones such as the historical recovery and premiere in modern times of The Nitetti, 18th century opera of Niccolò Conforto, Neapolitan composer installed in the Madrid court, with libreto by Pietro Metastasio. This play premiered in 1756 at the Buen Retiro Theater in Madrid as a birthday present from María Bárbara to her husband, King Ferdinand VI. The ensemble will offer this opera in concert version Nereydas, under the direction of Ulises Javier Illán and starring a cast of magnificent national voices such as Maria Espada, Nuria Rial, Y Lucia Caihuela. You will also see its premiere in modern times works by Antonio Rodríguez de Hita, Francisco Corselli and José de Nebra, among others, performed by the best Spanish groups and performers.

In the lyrical field we will attend other important milestones: Radamisto of Handel with Tomato and the great Philippe Jaroussky along with a cast of great voices; he Orfeo by Monteverdi played by the tenor Ian Bostridge Next to the Europa Galante from Fabio Biondi; he Amadigi di Gaula of Handel with Xavier Sabata Y Nuria Rial; the always welcome Les Arts Florissants, that they will bring us a haendelian oratory: The Allegro, The Penseroso and Moderate. We also highlight the sublime Mass in E minor Johann Sebastian Bach, for him Balthasar Neumann Ensemble and Choir, directed by Thomas Hengelbrock Y Magdalene at the feet of Christ, little known oratory of Antonio Caldara that will resonate under the baton of René Jacobs.

He CNDM maintains its policy of support for contemporary creation, with 48 prèmieres, 22 of which are commissions of the CNDM to renowned authors and young promises, more than a half, composers, whose works will see the light both on Madrid stages and on national circuits, Performed by leading Spanish and foreign musicians and formations.

Series 20/21 consists of 16 concerts, starting the first of them with the Finnish soprano Anu Komsi together with her husband, violinist and conductor Sakari Oramo, interpreting the Kafka fragments the Gyorgy Kurtag; the ensemble will follow LUX:NM, with an absolute premiere commissioned by CNDM from a work by Carolina Cerezo Dávila. After a new edition of the SGAE Foundation Young Composers Award-CNDM, we will attend the concert "a tres" by the cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras, clarinetist Mark Simpson and pianist Pierre Laurent-Aimard.

The resident composer of the CNDM, Mauricio Sotelo, He is the protagonist of many of the concerts of the cycle, the first of them in charge of the Music Chamber Orchestra Vitae, with the absolute premiere of the composer's arrangements of Scarlatti's sonatas and Preludes no. 4 y nº 8 belonging to the op. 28 Chopin, together with the piece Sculpture of red internal light. Later, the auditorium 400 of the MNCARS will present again Halfway through life, commissioned by CNDM a Mauricio Sotelo and premiered with great success this year 2021.

This work - a peculiar musical look at Dante Alighieri's magnum opus- will have the cantaor again Archangel, the double bass player Pablo Martín Caminero, the pianist Juan Carlos Garvayo and percussionist Augustine Diassera. After the performance of the Trío Untitled, which will offer an absolute premiere of Francisco Coll, the famous set Klangforum Wien, directed by Mauricio Sotelo, will unveil the premiere of a piece by the latter, also commissioned by CNDM.

The Series tour 20/21 for contemporary music will continue with St. Lawrence String Quartet, who will perform various premieres by Juan José Colomer, Osvaldo Golijov and Jessica Meyer. Then it will be the turn of the pianist Juan Carlos Garvayo, -soloist and member of the renowned Arbós Trio- that will abound in the music of our resident composer. The program will continue with the concerts of the Sinfonietta of the Reina Superior School of Music Sofia and with a violin recital by our distinguished resident artist, Lina Tur Bonet, in which it will address a varied program with works by authors of the seventeenth century and contemporaries, including absolute premieres of both works by Mauricio Sotelo and Josep Maria Guix.

The cycle will continue with Plural Ensemble –Together with the clarinetist Jörg Widmann-, directed by Fabián Panisello, and the always dazzling Diotima Quartet, with a concert focused on the "quartets" by Mauricio Sotelo. Series 20/21 will culminate his journey with the Grup Instrumental de Valencia, who will perform the concert in co-production with the Casa de Velázquez, and with him Extreme Sound Ensemble, collective that will close this season the cycle that the CNDM dedicated to today's music.

Symphonic Baroque Universe It will consist of ten concerts, two of them extraordinary; in the first, the Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla, directed by the specialist Giovanni Antonini, will offer the Integral of the Orchestra Suites Johann Sebastian Bach; the second, made by Alchemy Music Y Lina Tur Bonet, will pose a "dialogue" between the orchestral music of Bach and that of Vivaldi. The season's undoubted highlight of the cycle will be the concert of Tomato giving life to the opera Radamisto de George Frideric Haendel, with a cast of voices led by the countertenor Philippe Jaroussky.

Then, Jordi Savall will propose a concert dedicated to Cantigas by Alfonso X, in a session registered within the "transversal" of the CNDM dedicated to wise king; the Catalan musician was precisely the signer of one of the reference recordings dedicated to this essential corpus. Then, the renowned bachiano Thomas Hengelbrock, at the head of the two groups that he founded in 1991 Y 1995 -the Balthasar-Neumann-Chor & Soloists and the Balthasar-Neumann Ensemble– will perform a monumental work of art: the Mass in B minor Johann Sebastian Bach. Another essential and regular name for cycles baroque of the CNDM It's of Fabio Biondi, that next to his Europa Galante and the Chamber Choir of the Palau de la Música Catalana will ring L'Orfeo Monteverdi, accompanied by a cast led by the tenor Ian Bostridge.

The feast will continue with Evenings Arnadí, directed by Dani Espasa, what the haendelian will offer Amadigi di Gaula along with a cast of great voices led by the countertenor Xavier Sabata and soprano Nuria Rial. Les Arts Florissants, this time with William Christie in front, they go back to the cycle with The Allegro, The Penseroso and Moderate, one of Handel's most original oratorios. We reached the final stretch of the cycle with René Jacobs and the Freiburger Barockorchester who will interpret the oratorio Magdalene at the feet of Christ by Antonio Caldara, work turned into a cult piece by the Belgian musician.

The symphonic cycle of CNDM will close with a great event: the historical recovery and premiere in modern times of La Nitteti, opera performed for the first time at the Teatro del Buen Retiro in 1756 as a birthday present from María Bárbara to her husband, King Ferdinand VI. The libretto was by Metastasio and the music by Niccolò Conforto, a Neapolitan composer who had just arrived at the Madrid court. This "rescue" is signed by the whole Nereydas, directed by Javier Ulises Illán, who directs a cast of solo voices among which we can name the tenor Zachary Wilder and the sopranos Maria Espada, Ana Quintans, Nuria Rial Y Lucia Caihuela, among other.

Baroque Universe in the Chamber Room proposes a long and intense program made up of 17 concerts. Will open fire Baroque Orchestra of the University of Salamanca directed by Alfredo Bernardini who, under the generic "1685. The year of the giants ", will offer works by Domenico Scarlatti, G.F. Handel and J.S. Bach, three musicians born in that year. The residents" Lina Tur Bonet and his Alchemy Music will present a good sample of the best creations framed in the stylus phantasticus 17th century.

We will then attend a concert of Nevermind, young group that has dazzled with their good work and that will bring us closer to the flute quartets, viola and bass by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, together with three counterpoints of The Art of Fugue from "Bach father". Old style, Distinguished representatives of the quarry of English polyphonic groups will honor Josquin Desprez on the fifth centenary of his death.

Meanwhile, set the Galania from Raquel Andueza turns ten and, to commemorate it, they will visit some of their "greatest hits" after consulting their followers through social networks; the result: works by Claudio Monteverdi, Antonio Cesti, Benedetto Ferrari and Tarquinio Merula. La Grande Chapelle by Albert Recasens will perform a concert registered in the transversal # RodriguezdeHita.300, in which the work of Antonio Rodríguez de Hita is rescued, Madrid musician, important reference of musical theater in the third third of the 18th century and master of the sacred repertoire; in this concert various psalms will be premiered in modern times, Responsories and antiphons for eight voices signed by the composer. The always bright Academy for Early Music Berlin, “Akamus”, will celebrate a concert around Claudio Monteverdi and the birth of instrumental music. Les Arts Florissants, with Paul Agnew at the helm, they will resume their “integral” of Gesualdo's five-voice madrigals.

Benjamin Alard, one of the great bachianos of today, will continue its journey through the # ProyectoClavierÜbung in the fourth concert of this historic transversal cycle of the CNDM that occupies two seasons. Concerto 1700 by Daniel Pinteño will join forces with the countertenor Carlos Mena and soprano Jone Martinez to face a program of historical recovery of works by three important composers of the Hispanic Baroque: Antonio de Literes, Francisco Corselli and the lesser known Antonio Corvi Moroti. Will come back later Benjamin Alard to tackle the legendary Goldberg variations, in a new appearance in the cycle.

The program will continue with the Retreat, the group directed by Josetxu Obregón that, together with a group of four extraordinary harpsichordists -Pierre Hantaï, Daniel Oyarzabal, Ignacio Prego Y Diego Ares– will offer the concerts for two, three and four keys by Johann Sebastian Bach. Boscareccia Music, the ensemble founded by the soprano Alicia Love and violinist Andoni Mercero, return to Francisco Corselli in a concert in which two of his works will see their premiere in modern times. Bach returns from the hand of Kristian Bezuidenhout, one of the great figures of vintage keyboards, immersing himself in various works of the German giant, especially in one of his youth plays.

Set Jupiter, founded by lute player Thomas Dunford and mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre will focus on two of the greatest melodists in history: the British John Dowland and Henry Purcell. With the program "A pleasure garden", Antiqva form, led by harpsichord player Aarón Zapico, will lead us to a seductive symbiosis of music and gardening, recalling the refined entertainment Londoners have enjoyed for centuries in Vauxhall Gardens, with works by Handel, among many other authors of the XVII and XVIII. As a farewell to the cycle, Ottavio Dantone y su Accademia Bizantina will propose, with French mezzo-soprano Delphine Galou, an Italian Baroque program.

Liceo de Cámara XXI, another cycle-icon CNDM, It will be made up of 16 concerts, two of them extraordinary; the first of them will take place in the Symphonic Hall and will be starred by the great Martha Argerich, an event for any music lover in a recital in which we will have the opportunity to applaud this legendary virtuoso in her 80 anniversary. Next to the pianist Nelson Goerner will shape a recital in which two influential composers will be honored: Claude Debussy and Sergey Rachmaninov.

The second extraordinary concert will be starred by another great, Janine Jansen -for the first time a cycle of CNDM-, together with the pianist Denis Kozhukhin, forming one of the most brilliant duos of today; will offer various sonatas by Schubert, Brahms y Beethoven. Four young soloists with impeccable resumes, Hyeyoon Park (fiddle), Timothy Ridout (viola), Kian Soltani (cello) Y Benjamin Grosvenor (piano), They will meet at the next Liceo de Cámara concert to perform three quartets for piano and strings by Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss and Robert Schumann.

Next you will visit the cycle on Cuarteto Quiroga, a group firmly established among the best of today, which will propose the audition of two works by Haydn and one by Mozart. The resident Lina Tur Bonet will join forces with the pianist Alba Ventura to shape a precious repertoire dedicated mostly to leading names in Spanish music (Enrique Granados, Joaquin Turina, Manuel de Falla, among others). Four young Spanish musicians, Aitor Hevia (fiddle), Lara Fernandez (viola), Fernando Arias (cello) Y Noelia Rodiles (piano) demonstrate their virtuosity with a program consisting of two Mozart quartets together with two works by Schubert, specifically his String trio in B flat and the Musical moments, considered one of the summits of his piano work. Later, the great Georgian pianist will return to the Auditorium Elisabeth Leonskaja together with the string quartet of the State Chapel of Berlin to star in two consecutive concerts in a double program dedicated entirely to Brahms. Two of the most brilliant quartets of the present -the Belcea and the Ebony– will join forces to offer a repertoire made up of two outstanding works: the Mendelssohn Octet and the Romanian George Enescu Octet.

In the next appointment of the cycle we will enjoy the Cuarteto Casals, one of our most international formations. Along with another figure of great global projection, the pianist Juan Perez Floristán, will tackle one of Antonín Dvorák's major works: his Quintet for piano and strings No. 2 in most. The next appointment of the cycle will be an event, since the cycle of songs posthumous work of the recently disappeared will be released Cristobal Halffter in a concert for voice - with the wonderful mezzo-soprano Anna Lucia Richter– and quartet - the Schumann Quartet, to which the arrangements will be added, a cargo de Stefan Heucke, of four songs about lieder by Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann y Clara Schumann.

At the next concert of the now legendary Emerson Quartet, we will listen to some of the summits of the 19th century string quartet signed by Schubert and Beethoven. Tabea Zimmermann (viola) Y Javier Perianes (piano) they will tour pieces that reveal more or less distant worlds represented by authors of different origins and aesthetics: from Pablo Casals to Dmitri Shostakovich, passing by Astor Piazzolla, Benjamin Britten and our resident Mauricio Sotelo.

The German baritone Konstantin Krimmel and the spanish quartet Cosmos they will delight us with an unconventional program, in which Franz Schubert is summoned, Maurice Ravel and Swiss Othmar Schoeck. The final stretch of this exhaustive chamber music feast will be starred by the cellist Gautier Capuçon, who will propose three samples of the richness of literature for cello alone with pieces from different centuries signed by Johann Sebastian Bach, Henri Dutilleux and Zoltan Kodaly. The finishing touch for the cycle will be put by the young man Azahar Ensemble next to the great pianist Christian Zacharias shaping the Beethoven quintet alongside works by an often-forgotten author, Anton Reicha.

Borders is the restless and heterogeneous cycle of CNDM, a privileged space to discover music from the past, of the present and even of the near future. The program of the season consists of ten concerts, one of them extraordinary and starring the Philip Glass Ensemble, a whole myth of the music of our time whose influence has already left its mark on at least three generations of music lovers.

The border trip of the CNDM will proceed with Rudolf Buchbinder y “Diabelli 2020”, that brings together the famous Diabelli variations by Beethoven and eleven new commissions, made by the CNDM and various institutions and international concert halls, composers of the stature of Tan Dun, Toshio Hosokawa, Max Richter, Rodion shchedrin, Johannes Maria Staud o Jörg Widmann, among others, and that the pianist has recently published with Deutsche Grammophon. Then we will meet Joep Beving, neoclassical composer and pianist who will introduce us to his peculiar microcosm of beauty, reflection and melancholy. Equally exhilarating - amid neoclassicism, electronics and the avant-garde- It is the proposal of the young Polish duo formed by the pianist and singer Hania Rani and the cellist Dobrawa Czocher. The sober and distinguished Camané, accompanied by piano Mario Laginha officiate the great ritual of Portuguese popular culture and demonstrate why they call him the Prince of Fado.

Also exciting is the project of the restless violagambista Fahmi Alqhai with the dancer and choreographer Patricia guerrero, that will transport us to the Seville of the seventeenth century, imbued with Afro-Caribbean rhythms and dances from the New World through the Sevillian port. Then the always heterodox returns to Fronteras Elche boy, an artist that exceeds any label and rating, this time presenting his new project The exclusion.

The musical adventure will continue with the highly anticipated concert by the icelander Víkingur Ólafsson - signer of award-winning record projects and a reputation as a "new piano genius"- in which we will listen to his new album project about Mozart and his contemporaries. The most illustrious mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter has triumphed in all the world singing meccas, but his most precious gift is still versatility: will demonstrate it once more in his Madrid recital, performing with the quartet Brooklyn Rider Franz Schubert pieces in dialogue with others by contemporaries such as Rufus Wainwright and Osvaldo Golijov. Borders will close the great Rodrigo Cuevas, folklore archaeologist, performer, transgressive ... with the waste of ingenuity and creative hyperactivity of this singular artist we will bid farewell to this installment of the most eclectic cycle of the CNDM.

He CNDM and the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco present in co-production a new edition of Andalucía Flamenca, that will once again bring together the best representatives of the passionate and exciting flamenco art in the Auditorium: the first concert will be given by two living legends of cante from the Jerez neighborhood of Santiago: Juana ‘The One with the Pipe’ Y Luis ‘El Zambo’. Then the Huelva will arrive Argentina, with a recital in which he will offer the songs of his sixth album dedicated to Christmas. Mayte Martin will visit the cycle with "Memento", a look back, an incitement to musical memory and "religious respect" that the cantaora professes to flamenco. “Noche flamenca” is the proposal of Maria Mix Y Sandra Carrasco, who will take a tour of the popular flamenco songbook "drawn" from different aesthetics and geographies: Sanlúcar and Huelva. The turn will be later for the legendary José Cortés ‘Pansequito’, a veteran artist who has spent his entire life touring the most important stages in the world. They will close this program of great voices and unique personalities Maria Toledo, artist with a deep preparation as a singer and pianist and the singer Manuel Lombo, interpreter of a work full of aromas, nuances and lyrics in its purest form.

Come back too Jazz at the Auditorium, with a relevant representation of national jazz and a formidable roster of international artists. Up to four extraordinary concerts in the Symphonic Hall have been scheduled this season, starring three great jazz divas: Madeleine Peyroux, Dianne Reeves, Y Cecile McLorin Salvant. The fourth extraordinary concert will be starred by our dear Andrea Motis, one of the most dazzling talents of national jazz.

Other exciting proposals await us in the Chamber Room, as the dialogue between Enrico Rava (trumpet) Y Fred Hersch (piano); the concert of Enrico Pieranunzi next to Eurostars Trio; Antonio Serrano Quartet with "Clazzical" together with Albert Sanz (piano), Toño Miguel (double bass) Y Stephen Keogh (drums); Artemis, band made up entirely of women of colossal talent, led by the pianist Renee Rosnes. The constellation of stars continues inexhaustible with Chano Dominguez, decisive musician in the aesthetics of jazz-flamenco, the double bass player Christian McBride in quintet format with Inside Straight. Then the concert of the pianist will take place Joey Calderazzo duet with John Patitucci and the veterans The Cookers. Will close this brilliant tour Jazzmeia Horn, a singer with a powerful voice and classic resonances who has become essential on the world circuit of the genre.

The new edition of the successful Bach Vermouth will offer eight concerts in Madrid that will bring together the most prestigious organists of today. The cycle -with its novel bet on organ concerts broadcast on the big screen, accompanied by a later aperitif enlivened by jazz ensembles-, has already become a cultural phenomenon, playful and social (Although this last aspect has been temporarily postponed due to the security measures derived from the health situation). To these recitals we must add another eight concerts framed in "The organ in the cathedrals", that will take place in Murcia, Bilbao, Burgos, Lion, Barcelona, Pamplona, Malaga and Las Palmas.

This "cathedral cycle" of the CNDM was created with the vocation of bringing organ music to a large number of Spanish cities through a series of concerts that bring together the best national and international instrumentalists. further, the program highlights the magnificent instruments of our cathedrals, keeping this heritage alive not only from a musical point of view but also from a historical point of view. Between both cycles we will listen to greats of the organ such as Jean-Baptiste Robin, Gunnar Idenstam, Alberto Sáez Puente with the Children's Choir of the Bilbao Choral Society, Pablo Márquez, Benjamin Alard, Herman Jordaan, Oscar Candendo Next to the Chamber Choir of Navarra, Christian Schmitt, Aaron Ribas, Pieter Van Dijk, Joan Seguí, Angel Montero Y Vaqué Sea.

He Lied, in its twenty-seventh edition at the Teatro de La Zarzuela, will bring together one more year some of the best voices of the genre in ten concerts, in which we can listen to Ekaterina Semenchuk, Marlis Petersen, Eva-Maria Westbroek (in his presentation in the Lied cycle), Matthias Goerne, Josep Ramon Olive, Katharina Konradi (these last two also debuting in the cycle), Andre Schuen, Mark Padmore Y Christian Gerhaher in two concerts, the first of them next to Julia Kleiter (in his debut in the cycle), and the second accompanied by Anna Lucia Richter.

He CNDM maintains its determination by incentivize and promote The incorporation of new audiences to its different informative and educational programs with 58 activities, almost all free, in 13 Spanish cities, in coproduction with 15 academic institutions: seven Spanish universities (Oviedo, Lion, Salamanca, Complutense of Madrid, Granada, Cádiz and CEU), six Spanish Conservatories of Music (Alicante, Badajoz, Don Benito, Merida, Madrid and Oviedo), and two primary and secondary schools in the Community of Madrid (who will participate in the eleventh edition of the Pedagogical Project “We all believe”, coordinated by the pedagogue Fernando Palacios and dedicated this year to “Between the networks ", a project in which young students will analyze and work around the current reality of our “interconnected” world).

In the University of Salamanca will take place the already traditional Historical Singing Course imparted by Carlos Mena just like him Baroque Rope Course imparted by Pedro Gandía, Andoni Mercero e Itziar Atutxa. And in the Ciudad de León Auditorium the X Course of Baroque Vocal Interpretation, annually taught by the director, harpsichordist and musicologist Eduardo López Banzo.

The discounts for youth under 30 years, with various offers and important advantages in the acquisition of tickets, especially through the Last Minute program (that as a novelty offers the price of 2 euros for seats purchased from one hour before the start of the concerts) and stable agreements with numerous schools so that students who actively participate in the courses and cycles co-produced jointly, can attend for free to concerts and other activities programmed by the center in different Spanish cities. They will benefit from a discount from 50% older than 65 years, those under 30, The unemployed, large families and people with a minimum disability of the 33%. Groups over 20 people can take advantage of a discount of 20%.

Just like last season, in the 21/22 ticket sales will take place in two phases. For the "Preseason", which includes the concerts scheduled in Madrid between the months of October and December, there will only be single tickets and they may acquire from 25 of June. The "season", which will include the concerts scheduled in the capital between the months of January and June will have season tickets and single tickets if conditions allow. The acquisition of these locations may be carried out from autumn and will be reported later on all the details, depending on the measures dictated by the Community of Madrid.

The entrances of the preseason of the cycles programmed in the National Music Auditorium can be purchased from 25 June at the box office of the National Music Auditorium, at the box office of the INAEM network of theaters, in and on the phone service 91 193 93 21. Tickets for the Lied cycle CNDM at Teatro de la Zarzuela are available from 21 of June.

Tickets for all concerts scheduled in autumn at the Symphony hall will have a cost between 5 Y 60 euros and those programmed in the Chamber room between 10 Y 40 euros. He XXVII Cycle of Lied of the Teatro de la Zarzuela keeps your locations 4 a 35 euros, Y Series 20/21 programmed into the Reina Sofia Museum will keep the free access until the capacity of the room is reached.

Rocks is the name of the series of images that make up the new season of CNDM and they are the work of the Basque photographer Isabel Diez. The images, all of them photographs of rocky surfaces have been chosen not only for their plasticity and visual "rhythm" but also for transferring the idea of ​​solidity of the project from the CNDM, a project that even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances has remained, reaching high levels of activity and public influx, reaffirming its commitment to musical excellence, with society and with the Spanish music sector.

Photograph (c) Elvira Megías