Flamenco guitarist Tomatito closes the season of Teatro de la Zarzuela

Flamenco guitarist José Fernández Torres, ‘Tomatito’ (Almería, 1958), will close in style this season 2018/2019 the Teatro de la Zarzuela. It will be a particularly emotional concert, as it will serve to pay tribute to Joaquín Rodrigo, whose death in Madrid were fulfilled 20 years last 6 of July. He 'Aranjuez's concert', one of the masterpieces of the composer from Sagunto and one of the indisputable and universal pillars of Spanish orchestral music, It will serve as an excuse for this moving and necessary memory that will take place in the Coliseum on Jovellanos Street this next Friday, 12 of July, at 20h00.

The musician from Almeria, one of the ‘precious stones’ that flamenco has given us, music in general in recent decades, will be clothed by the Community of Madrid Orchestra (BARREL), holder of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, under the always wise guidance of Victor Pablo Pérez, head of training.

This will be in the second part of the care program dedicated to the glory of Spanish music. In the first, ORCAM will perform the beautiful orchestral suite ‘Songs and dances of Dulcinea’ by Antón García Abrihim and that absolute sensory journey that is 'Brujo Love' by Manuel de Falla.

Tomatito carries on his back part of the brighter history, rooted and free from our music. Almost 20 years accompanying Island Shrimp, a perfect communion that could only be broken by the premature death of the Cádiz singer from San Fernando. And while, and then, sailing in the same boats, over the same seas that Paco de Lucía, its clearest artistic reference, musical, vital; or that he did not cry enough Enrique Morente. Or that that great call Jose Merce with whom you now share a project ('Really'). Or that the luminous jazz pianist Michel Camilo, with whom he has shared the stage for many decades. Why, as also happened to Paco de Lucía, José Fernández Torres loves total music, without Borders, Without tags. This is how geniuses are and this is how they manifest. Who really are.

Photo: A.P.