Pianist Alberto Rosado Series opens the cycle 20/21 CNDM at the Reina Sofia Museum

He Monday 14 October at 19.30 hours, National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM) opens the season 19/20 of his cycle Series 20/21, music focused on today, in two different spaces: he audience 400 of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Nnchhahris) and the Matadero ships from Madrid. This twelve musical series will feature free concerts in the MNCARS from the 14 October 2019 al 25 May 2020, and two concerts in the halls of Matadero day 28 Y 29 February 2020 (ticket sales: naves.mataderomadrid.org/), in which great names of the contemporary music scene will participate. For the inauguration of the cycle, a program has been chosen that includes a selection of the Twenty eyes of the Child Jesus Olivier Messiaen works of José Manuel López López, CNDM Resident Composer for the season 19/20, which will be interpreted, throughout this year, 19 works-with four premieres- in 15 concerts scheduled in seven Spanish cities (Madrid, Malpartida de Cáceres, Segovia, Badajoz, Valencia, Alicante and Barcelona) and a foreign (Paris).

The musical mosaic work of Messiaen will be contrasted with the piano opus of Madrid composer reflected in five works: The fixed and the volatile, Yours, Window in the Chigiana, The memory Joaquin Horns Y An instant before time. He Salamanca pianist Alberto Rosado will be the owner of this evening of free access until the capacity of the room is complete. As a follow this concert, The same day 14 October, to 13 hours, Pink participate in a meeting with students (Pre-registration access for all concerned) at the Faculty of Geography and History at the Universidad Complutense.

López López: committed to his time

According to Antonio Gómez Schneekloth: "A cursory glance at the catalog José Manuel López López enough to capture its breadth: from the briefest Aixa from 1984, Madrid composer has felt the 'inner need' (Kandinsky would) writing several pieces per year. Continuity is an unequivocal sign of a restless mind that wants to communicate something, you want to engage in dialogue with those who let themselves duped by their sound universe. This was not always the same. Time has sculpted style and way of thinking of Lopez Lopez, which it is reflected in another crucial aspect of its catalog: the diversity. Receptive, curious, intuitive and thoughtful at the same time, awarded several national and international awards, He has played many clubs and is credited with soloists and chamber works, electronic and multimedia, symphonies and performing. He has also collaborated with artists like the painter José Manuel Broto or video artist Pascal Auger, with whom he will work hand in hand in the seventh Concert Series 20/21. The first of these will be borne by the pianist Alberto Rosado and will reveal the pianistic opus López López, while the Arditti Quartet will debut its Quartet No. 2 at a later date. In the symphonic field, Nacho de Paz will be in March 2020 the premiere of Sand weaver. Here they are some of the highlights of the set pieces of Lopez Lopez will ring throughout the season in different areas and cities of the national territory. After studying with Luis de Pablo, Lopez Lopez attended courses taught by Franco Donatoni Luigi Nono and in Spain and Italy. Later, he moved to France to further his studies with Messiaen and Boulez, among others. When this stage, He strengthened his own musical language entering into the field of electronic music by Horacio Vaggione and, IRCAM in Paris, with Tristan Murail, Hugues Manoury there Dufourt. Nowadays, López López himself developing a broad educational work, forming new generations of composers: what they were once Nono, Donatoni, Boulez and others for him now is for young people. But one thing has not changed in all these years regarding the composer and teacher: the 'inner need’ (Kandinsky would say) I feel committed to his time ".

The pianist Alberto Rosado (Salamanca, 1970) He has given recitals in major cities and festivals in Europe, America and Asia and has appeared as soloist with some of the best orchestras and ensembles led by European P. Eötvös, S. Mälkki, J. Pons, J. Nott, F. Panisello, R. Frübeck de Burgos, J. R. Encinar, P. Halffter, A. Tamayo, WITH. Large, J. L. Themes, P. Rundel, etc. He is pianist Plural Ensemble -Madrid- since 1997. His recordings include the Concerto for piano and orchestra J. M. Lopez Lopez Deutsches Symphonie Orchester with directed by J. Kalitzke, para Kairos, he Piano Concerto Ligeti with Plural Ensemble and Fabian Panisello Neos and piano works C. Halffter and J. M. Lopez Lopez Verso, label with which also has a disc with works by Messiaen, Ligeti, Takemitsu y Cage. His most ambitious project to date is e-piano_video&electronics, CD-DVD distributed by the label IBS Classical collaboration with the BBVA Foundation and the latest music for piano, electronics and video sources, Paredes, Humet, Estrada, Edler-Copes, Morales-Ossio and Navarro. He teaches contemporary chamber music and piano at the Conservatory of Castilla y Leon where he directs the contemporary music workshop.

Photograph: Arturo Fuentes