Royal Junior oculta..Un piano from other worlds

Chamber Orchestra emblematic of the Royal Theater, and his magical piano, once again the protagonists of Royal Junior in this season. While the sunset caressing the rooftops of Madrid, pianist Isabel Dombriz and Fernando Palacios will discover "Other worlds" hiding in an enigmatic concert.

Aimed at an audience from 12 years, sessions on weekends will take place in the 21, 22 Y 23 February and the 28, 29 February and 1 of March, to 20.00 hours, except Sundays (23 February and 1 of March) which will begin at 19.00 hours.

In addition to night pianos, under the moonlight, and hidden and hidden faces dim, we have found pianos of other worlds. They are in the Valhala Wagner, in The planets the Holst, in fugitive visions Prokofiev and in the depths of The submerged cathedral Debussy.

Also we have located, floating in the circular worlds of Bach, in the vaporous cosmos of Pink Floyd or in the parallel universes of Scriabin. Everyone will meet at sunset in a unique universe ...

Photography © Javier de Real / Teatro Real