The Teatro de la Zarzuela presents the season 2019/2020

They will be presented 11 lyrical titles, 7 new productions, 2 contemporary premieres, 1 replacement of own production and 2 Recoveries of our operatic heritage.

He Consolidated Zarza Project -zarzuela made by young people for young people will again be one of the jewels of the season, and the educational projects represent the 20% programming

He Concerts cycle increases its offer with 11 proposals some of the leading voices of lyric, he flamenco or the pop

Recitals cycle 'Notes ambigú', which continues to sell all entries, offers 11 recitals, more than double which in its first edition

He'll be back Musical Chamber Theater in co-production with Juan March Foundation and the ciclo Lied, coproduced with CNDM

Placido Domingo will celebrate the 50 years of his debut in Madrid at the Teatro de la Zarzuela singing that day (14 May 2020) a function 'Luisa Fernanda'

The numbers

  • The average occupancy the theater is the 92%
  • Nowadays Programming a 42% Feature more four years ago
  • He 20% it's from the season It is dedicated to young audience
  • The mean age of the viewers of the theater it has been reduced in the last three seasons in more than 9 years
  • In the current season more of 19.500 young people have gone to the theater functions, both in the Zarza project as in other titles of the season. Especially in 'The House of Bernarda Alba'
  • The Youth card the Teatro de la Zarzuela exceeds and 1.000 users, who enjoy the shows and participate in meetings with artists and other activities
  • He public subscriber continues to grow: Today are 068 viewers those who have become the most loyal audience
  • This season has been retransmitted five titles via Facebook Live, YouTube and the web Theater with scope of 554.230 viewers
  • Remain the reasonable prices (4 a 50€), e discounts (between 20 and the 60 % del PVP) for young boys, greater, unemployed, large families, groups, last minute and season tickets

He Teatro de la Zarzuela presents Season 2019/2020, as the "inevitable continuation" project undertaken in 2015 by Daniel Bianco, aimed at the Coliseum Madrid's Calle de Jovellanos "continues to meet, after four seasons, the mission for which it was born: be the privileged setting of Spanish musical theater, Music with Ñ ", says the director of the Theater, aware of the importance in this regard of "Prosperous plurality of Spain" and "fruitful connection with Latin America".

White, referring to the figures set out above, notes that "are just some evidence that zarzuela, theater and public service culture that meets, They are very much alive and enjoy an enviable health ".

Coliseum director likes to emphasize that zarzuela, our extensive operatic heritage in general, "Highlights all the Spains who live in Spain", and adds about that "zarzuela is often linked with the history of Madrid and with the lives of its many inhabitants, and that's true, but only in part ". This season now presented, we have a few signs that speak in this sense of plurality to which he referred earlier, and that goes even beyond our borders: "When I speak of our operatic heritage shirk borders and called for the widest possible broadmindedness. I mean the world, Hispanic universe and Spain itself, thanks to its diversity has made a rich zarzuela genre, bright and differential. Because the zarzuela is Madrid, but also Galician, Catalan, Andalusian and Basque, and it is also Cuban, and Chile, and Argentina…”

And that almost infinite wealth makes them many, many musical works of tremendous value for one reason or another fell into oblivion and expect today to be rescued, recovered for new generations of fans. "Being faithful to the statutes of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, they say that this theater must safeguard and spread the Spanish lyrical genre and its artists, We undertook a trip repair our heritage which it has brought us great success, as 'Tempest', 'Maria del Pilar' or 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', Y we are obliged to continue”, considers White.

But, as claimed before, It is not a work that focuses only on Spain: "The zarzuela grew traveler momentum", explica Daniel White; "He crossed the ocean to witness his journey. The works that premiered successfully at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, at the Apollo or any other Madrid theater, It was slow in coming to America just a few months ". But not only zarzuela companies came with singers who roamed the continent, “It also lowered the boats with those brought from Spain the memory of the homeland abandoned. The mass exodus of Spaniards into fertile land helped the expansion of this art form and novelty, over the years, It strongly entrenched ".

Thus, He exposes the director of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, "All viewers in every corner of Spain and in every theater of Hispanic America are equally heirs of this tradition". In the new season we have a clear example of how in America are born own zarzuelas of those lands. "A phenomenon that develops especially in Cuba, so successful composers, prolific and brilliant as Ernesto Lecuona and Gonzalo Roig ", concludes.

The season 2019/2020, whose first lyric title will be presented on 3 October and will run until 12 of July, presents 11 lyrical titles, 7 new productions -'Tres Cup Hats', 'Cecilia Valdés', 'Police and thieves', 'Luisa Fernanda', 'Water sugar and brandy', The two colors Bird 'and' The incredible story of Juan Latino'- , 2 contemporary premieres -'Tres top hats 'and' Police and ladrones'-, 1 replacement of own production -'La tabernera of puerto'-, 2 recoveries -'Farinelli our operatic heritage 'and' Bird and two colores'- 1 Spanish opera in concert and Basque –‘Mirentxu’–.

Likewise, one starts new cycle of chamber concerts, Concerts cycle expands and strengthens the Notes of Ambigú.


He will start the season with 14 functions lyrical comedy in three acts The village ' Jesus Guridi in a production Teatro Arriaga of Bilbao and the Campoamor of Oviedo. Signed by Pablo Viar, with Juanjo Mena in musical direction, scenery Daniel Bianco, wardrobe Jesus Ruiz and a elencos headed Raquel Lojendio, Carmen Solis, angel Ódena, José Antonio López, Andeka Gorrotxategi o José Luis Sola; Ballet functions in Aukeran participates choreographed Eduardo Muruamediaraz, it will be playing of the 3 al 20 October.

After this start, It will turn to the Spanish opera and from live author with 'Three hats' Ricardo Llorca. This opera based on the original work of Miguel Mihura, with dialogs singable own writer and composer, It premiered in Brazil and this will be the premiere of the work in Europe. The scene of this new production of Teatro de la Zarzuela It will be led by José Luis Arllano, and seven performances scheduled of the 12 al 29 of November; with Dirego Martin-Etxebarría as musical director, will cast, among others, with Jorge Rodríguez-Norton, Rocío Pérez, Emilio Sánchez, Gerardo Bullón, Enrique Viana, Irene Palazón and Anna Gomá. The scenery is Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda and costumes Jesus Ruiz.

He 22 Y 24 of November the public can enjoy ‘Mirentxu’, "Lyrical idyll in two acts" Jesus Guridi, after 52 year absence This theater and for the first time in Basque. will be presented opera (It was released as zarzuela) and in concert version. Oliver Diaz, musical director of the Theater, assume the musical direction, and the cast will be composed of Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Mitxeldi Atxalandabaso, the British Christopher Robertson, Marifé Nogales, Y Jose Manuel Diaz, with Asier Etxeandia as narrator and participation Escolanía Sinan Kay. It will be offered in a adaptation of the original libretto by Jesus Maria de Arozamena and Alfredo Echave, by the playwright Borja Ortiz Gondra, Award winner Lope de Vega, who for the occasion she has written a text that will be narrated.

Then a single event live: for the first time in the history of Teatro de la Zarzuela in your scenario it presents a Cuban zarzuela. 'Cecilia Valdés' Gonzalo Roig, directed musically by Oliver Diaz. Carlos Wagner who will carry out the stage direction of this excellent example of what has been and is, with a common origin, this theatrical lyrical art in countries across the ocean. The scenery is Rifail Ajdarpasic and costumes Christoph Ouvrard. Elisabeth Knight, Eliane Alvarez, Martin Nusspaumer, Enrique Ferrer, Homero Perez, Eleomar Neck, Linda Mirabal and Cristina Faus will integrate the cast of this title premiered in 1932 Marti Theater in Havana and whose 13 functions will of the 24 January to 9 February.

Following the statutory orders requiring the Teatro de la Zarzuela safeguard and spread the Spanish lyric genre, In the season 2019/2020 a second degree will recover. In this new time will be ‘Farinelli’ an opera major Thomas Breton, which will also reach the theater stage in concert. It will be directed musically by Guillermo García Calvo, with a cast made up Maite Beaumont, Rodrigo Esteves, Nancy Fabiola Herrera, Ruben Amoretti and Leonardo Sánchez and the young dramatist Maria Velasco, which it has already signed the successful adaptation of 'Maria Pilar', adapting the libretto by Juan Antonio Cavestany in narrative form. two passes will be offered, he 15 and the 17 February.

The new season will also time for celebration, as it will finally be a reality World Premiere of modern zarzuela 'Policemen and thieves' Thomas Marco libretto by Alvaro del Amo. This new production of Teatro de la Zarzuela It has the scene address Carmen Portaceli and the musical direction of José Ramón Encinar, and will make up the cast Manuel Lanza, Ernesto Morillo, Sara Blanch, Pablo García López Y Maria Hinojosa. They will five functions of the 26 March to 5 of April.

If there is an essential title in the history of the Teatro de la Zarzuela that is 'Luisa Fernanda', from Federico Moreno Torroba libretto by Federico Romero Y Guillermo Fernández-Shaw. The Zarzuela Theater and this work has been closely linked from 1934, two years after its premiere at the Teatro Calderón in Madrid, and this new production Theater Jovellanos Street will add to the many attractions yes already has the work, one more, historical absolutely emotional: he 14 May will be fulfilled 50 years after the debut of Placido Domingo in Madrid, in this Teatro de la Zarzuela, Y in the function of that day will be he who interprets the role of Vidal to celebrate. The musical direction will be borne by Ramón Tebar and David Gomez-Ramirez, the scene and the scenery will be signed by Davide Livermore, and different roles will be interpreted, besides Domingo, by Yolanda Auyanet, Maite Alberola, Jorge de León, Alejandro del Cerro, Juan Jesus Rodriguez, Javier Franco, Rocío Ignacio Y Leonor Bonilla. They offer 14 functions of the 30 April to 17 of May.

And to close the season of opera productions, the public can enjoy the eight functions that wonderful romance sailor is in three acts 'The barmaid port' that were not possible last season. The work of Pablo Sorozábal libretto by Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernandez-Shaw It is the same production Teatro de la Zarzuela what in 2018 he signed Mario Gas, with scenery Ezio Frigerio and wardrobe Franca Squarciapino. Oliver Diaz will be the musical director and participate in the distribution, among others, Sabina Puértolas, María José Moreno, Damian del Castillo, Rodrigo Esteves, Antonio Gandia O Antoni Bunk. Functions will of the 6 al 14 of June.

With the introduction of these 11 theater titles will remain unique showcase of our lyrical, tan prolífera as different.

CONCERTS: MAIN ROOM, NOTES Ambigú, Dominic Camera with ñ, LIED

After the success obtained in his first three seasons (the latter remains unfinished), he CONCERT SERIES in the main hall increases its offer, and proposes 11 concerts with some of the leading voices of lyric, the popular song, he flamenco and the pop: Spanish Lyrical Gala Tribute to Montserrat Caballé, directed by Oliver Diaz, It will involve a number of most important lyrical voices of our country (7 of September); Silvia Pérez Cruz & Marco Mezquida, Silvia Pérez Cruz returns back to the Teatro de la Zarzuela, After its successful passage through this scenario 2017. This time the hand of Marco Mezquida with an intimate concert where music, friendship and complicity intermingle (1 from December); Belén López. Bewilderment, with stage director Miguel del Arco and music of singer and actress herself and Añil Fernández (14 of November); Martyrdom & Chano Dominguez. A Snowball, Snowball was edgy without borders for expresadio art through voice and piano. Tierno and expressive, passionate to the limit, this is what they want to recreate admired Chano and Martyrdom of Cuban artist (23 of November); the traditional Christmas Concert, with the teacher Oliver Diaz as musical director, who will accompany the soprano Rocío Ignacio and tenor Jorge de León (28 from December); Carmen Linares. 40 years of flamenco, the singer of singers celebrates its four-decade career with an armed unique show with the most important songs of your life (16 February); singer Sole Giménez. Women D'Music, project that brings together great songs composed and written by women with the sole intention to make visible the work of women in the world of music (29 of March); the tenor Ismael Jordi, one of our most international tenors, guest at the most important houses in Europe, it will review by one of the great titles of our operatic heritage accompanied on piano by Rubén Fernández Aguirre (27 of March); bass-baritone Erwin Schrott, regular theaters like La Scala, Covent Garden o Viena, He is known for his Figaro or Don Giovanni among many other roles, It makes its debut in this theater in a full recital accompanied on piano by Zarzuela Giulio Zappa (3 of April); Maria Bayo. baroque echoes, Navarre soprano will present a program that runs from José de Nebra, Sebastian Duron Emanuele Ricón Astorga, hasta Alessandro Scarlatti, Antonio Lotti, Handel o Vivaldi, accompanied by the baroque orchestra On the eve Arnado and sunset scene Miguel Chamizo (5 of May); Miguel Fernandez, the multidisciplinary Catalan actor who cut his teeth on the stage of the theater until the music came into his life, thanks to the marvelous blend of charisma on stage and a privileged voice, music again with another look that will surprise us all (19 of June)

Since its inception, three seasons ago, All concerts CYCLE NOTES Ambigú They have hung the sign 'sold out'. That's one reason why next season continue offering more than double concert at the beginning of the cycle: this time the protagonists are the soprano Virginia Tola and pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre with 'Song Argentina' (8 October), the mezzo-soprano Cristina Faus and harpist Juan Antonio Domené with 'Mary. For García Malibran ' (11 of November), mezzosoprano Paola Leguizamón and Ruben Fernandez Aguirre piano 'Song Colombian' (9 from December), baritone Maybe Borja and pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre 'The migration Galicia. Return songs' (20 from January), soprano Sofia Esparza and pianist Ramón Grau with 'Song vast' (4 February), the singer Ángel Ruiz Y César Belda the floor with 'Couplet' (18 February), soprano Ruth González Y Albert Nieto the floor with 'Three passions of women', on the occasion of International Women's Day (5 of March), baroque set the Retreat directed by cellist Josetxu Obregón with 'The Spiritillo Brando' (23 of March), guitarist Ricardo Gallén with 'Romantic Guitar' (13 of April), he trio Arbós with the third installment of 'Chamber music' (27 of April), and soprano Berna Beads and Ruben Fernandez Aguirre 'Turina' (19 of May).

One of the novelties of the next season will be the CYCLE CAMERA SUNDAYS N which launches the Teatro de la Zarzuela with soloists of the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, his orchestra titular, dedicated exclusively Spanish music, discovering the unknown music of some of our most important composers of Zarzuelas, and which accommodates contemporary composers already established or emerging. The five appointments will be: 'Cuartetos Basque' (20 October), 'Contemporary Spanish Music' (24 of November), 'Concert carol' (15 from December), 'Spanish Composers' (5 of April) Y 'Camera Work Pablo Sorozábal' (7 of June).

On the other hand, he CICLO THE SONG, in co-production with National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM), will fulfill his quarter century of life. This XXVI edition offer 10 recitals: baritone Christian Gerhaher (30 of September), baritone Matthias Goerne (7 October), mezzosoprano Nancy Fabiola Herrera (25 of November), the tenor Christophe Prégardien (2 from December), baritone Christian Gerhaher (13 from January), baritone Simon Keenlyside (3 February), baritone Manuel Walser (30 of March), the tenor Ian Bostridge (20 of April), soprano Anna Lucia Richter (4 of May) and soprano Marlis Petersen (29 of June), will complete the proposal for the new season.


The Teatro de la Zarzuela continues to give special importance to the training and information to the wider public young to which it shall fill the room of this theater in the future and which in turn will train the generation that will take over. "We have an obligation seduce and make them affordable zarzuela in this century in which we”, asserts Daniel Bianco, who puts into practice its intention as evidenced by the fact that he 20% Theater programming is dedicated to young audiences, and to such an extent that the response is positive the average age of viewers has fallen Theater in the last three seasons in over nine years.

Zarza PROJECT, which promotes zarzuela made by youth for youth and how important success has been achieved in the three seasons predecesoras recording a total of 26.469 viewers viewers between 'The revoltosa', The duo The African 'and' Verbena Paloma ', back strongly in the new season 'Zucarillos Water and aguardiente' from Federico Chueca. With stage director Amelia Ochandiano and musical Oliver Diaz, this new production of Theater will be represented, as happened with the previous titles of the project, by a group young singers and actors from among 18 Y 30 years chosen after a audition process accompanied by an ensemble of chamber. The 11 functions, two of them open to the general public, They will be offered of the 2 al 7 March 2020.

further, 'Verbena Paloma' Y 'Water, sugars and brandy ' They will be presented at Palma de Mallorca and Aviles respectively.

Teaching projects also highlight this year because, thanks to them, he Theater Ambigú again has for the third consecutive year the feature space shows. After two exciting deliveries 'Lost in Bosco', will return to our Ambigú puppetry with live music. This time it will be with 'The incredible story of Juan Latino', a new production of Teatro de la Zarzuela in Company co-production with Claroscvro. They will 12 functions (two of them open to the public) of the 13 al 19 from January.

Also framed in educational projects, stage director Jose Carlo Square, which name, synonymous with theater capitals, It is so important for this Teatro de la Zarzuela offer master classes this generation of Spanish singers who need a master of the scene to complete their training. Of the 23 al 31 March 2020. The last session will be held open to the public in the main hall of the Theater.


Next season will be starring dance through the two national companies: The National Dance Company with its new director Joaquin de Luz will present 'The Nutcracker' with choreography and stage direction of outgoing director, José Carlos Martínez on the music of Tchaikovsky, and musical direction Manuel Coves. They will eleven functions 10 al 22 from December. For his part, National Ballet of Spain, with 40 giving us light years of life, color and joy, will present at the Teatro de la Zarzuela one new show With which will start a new stage with Ruben Olmo, recently appointed artistic director. They will twelve functions 27 June to 12 of July.


Another cycles continue and remain full health is to Musical Chamber Theater in collaboration with the Juan March Foundation. Of the 6 al 13 of January of 2020 They will be presented the seven functions The two-color bird ' premiere of Conrado del Campo, key figure in the history of our music, heir to Ruperto Chapi art and Emilio Serrano, while he taught Jacinto Guerrero, Cristobal Halfter the Bacarisse. It is a New coproduction between the two institutions, which again shows that the combined efforts It lets go further. The musical direction of this chamber opera will Miquel Ortega, the stage of Rita Cosentino and the privileged cast will consist of Sonia de Munck, Maybe Borja and Miguel Sola. As usual performances will be at the Juan March Foundation.