The Royal Theater agrees with its workers

He Teatro Real and its workers have agreed on a procedure whereby, once the current state of alarm by health emergency of the COVID-19, workers who were unable to perform their functions through alternative systems telecommuting (teleworking), may progressively return part of the hours pending to work through the performance of extraordinary services until the 31 December 2021, to facilitate the continuity of the artistic programming and thus rule out a possible ERTE.

The Teatro Real thanks the workers for the effort they are going to make with these measures that guarantee that the season's programming 20/21 can be enjoyed normally and the serious economic consequences of confinement are partially alleviated.

By last, Royal Theatre, before the ERTE proposed by Intermezzo and that affects the choristers that make up the Principal Choir of the Royal Theater, and for the Madrid Symphony Orchestra what makes up the Head of the Royal Theatre Orchestra, has reached an agreement, both with Intermezzo and with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra that will alleviate some of the remuneration consequences of its choristers and musicians while the employment regulation file to which they will be subjected lasts.