The Royal Theater dances flamenco

Belén López

Real Flamenco continues its journey, in a season dedicated to dance, with two representatives of the purest flamenco expression, sincere and plastic of the moment. The next 26 February, the bailaora Belén López will present his show Flamenca, and Thursday 4 of March, will do the same Ivan vargas with a proposal called Root flamingo.

Born in Tarragona, and no artistic background in his family, Belén López From a very young age, she shows an enormous sensitivity for the show and an unlimited passion for flamenco. At only five years old, she performs in a tribute to Carmen Amaya, during St. George's Day, before two historical names of dance: Antonio Ruiz Soler and Pilar López. Three years later, Ángel Corella invites her to participate in a tribute to UNICEF at the Madrid Theater and, soon, moves to live in the capital, where she regularly dances in different tablaos and begins studying at the Madrid Dance Conservatory.

From that moment on, his career is unstoppable.. For four seasons, since 2001 until 2005, is prima ballerina at the Arena di Verona, He continues as the star of the La Corrala de la danza company and for months he is the leading figure in the Corral de la Morería in Madrid. In 2004 wins the Mario Maya National Flamenco Award, in 2005 is awarded the Newcomer Artist Award granted by the Corral de la Pacheca and in 2016 obtains the Desplante Award 2016 of the Cante de las Minas de La Unión Festival.

In Flamenca, accompanied by the bailaor José Carmona "Rapico" as guest artist, the guitars by Juan Jiménez and Carlos Jiménez, the cante of Antonio Moreno Maya "El Cancu" and Saúl Quirós and the percussion of Rafael Jiménez "The sparks", Belén López will show her most genuine dance, full of strength and temperament, impeccable technique, great creativity and the mark of a youth marked on stage.

The origins of Ivan vargas mark the destiny of a child born in Sacromonte in the bosom of one of the great dynasties of flamenco art, the maya. From his stock he has acquired the knowledge, technique and discipline, established in a long and fruitful trajectory in which, despite the tradition, has known how to move freely and with its own personality.

From work in the most important tablaos in Madrid, where it already stands out with just 8 years, to shows linked to names like Estrella Morente, Niña Pastori or Rocío Molina, the bailaor has shared different artistic projects such as the one carried out in the Seville Biennial of 1992, by the hand of Miguel Bosé, or the show Death in Granada La Fura dels Baus. Then the doors of the international world would open, where his name is recognized as a great bailaor and as a teacher in important flamenco cycles.

At the Teatro Real Iván Vargas offers us Root flamingo, a show woven with own choreographies and of the masters Manolete Y Juan Andrés Maya, in which two generations of dance and cante come together and whose storyline is Granada and the foundations of flamenco in the mythical Sacromonte neighborhood. Vargas, absolute protagonist, will have the participation of the guitar of Luis Mariano, the cante of Joni Cortes Y Kiki Morente, as guest artist, and the percussion of Miguel Rodríguez Hernández "The Cheyenne".

REAL FLAMENCO, in co-production with SO-LA-NA, It is adapted to current health safety regulations, replacing the previous format. Shows take place every three weeks, Thursdays or Fridays, in double session; prices have been lowered a 15%, in relation to previous editions, and a new category of seats has been created with prices ranging between 25 and the 65 euros.