The Royal Theatre celebrates ten years with his younger audience

Royal Theater pedagogical project

Pedagogical Project of the Royal Theater meets 10 years, and for this celebration, has prepared a season with more shows and renewed illusions, consolidating a trajectory that has garnered the loyalty of its young audience and a growing demand from viewers, in both family and school sessions. A) Yes, for the session 2013-2014 five titles will be released, two of them new productions, and the cycle will continue on Sundays at Gayarre, reaching a number of functions that almost doubles that of previous editions.
Among the novelties this year is the creation of the Family Pass, which includes three of the shows in the Main Hall: The Brave Little Tailor, Sheherazade and Wagner's Dreams and Nightmares. This formula will allow viewers to benefit from a discount of the 5% in the price of seats and secure seats for each representation.
Children's shows acquire special importance in schools. only last year, our halls welcomed more than 14.127 students, from 133 centers, in pedagogical functions. A fun and educational activity, thanks to the extraordinary collaboration of the teachers and their work preparing the children before attending the function, based on tools such as Didactic Guides, available on our website, for free, with extensive information about the works.
On the other hand, institutional support for the project is maintained BED (The opera, a vehicle for learning), thanks to which schoolchildren, converted into authentic opera companies, are able to create a musical show as part of an educational project focused on emotional development, students' social and cognitive.
The first premiere of the season will take place next 12 October in the Gayarre Hall, with the presentation of The Forest of Grimm by the puppet company La Maquiné. A visual and musical show inspired by the fairy tales of the Grimm brothers, in which the work of Maurice Ma mère l’Oy will help translate childhood emotions and fantasies, so that children analyze and learn the values ​​implicit in the works. Twelve family functions and ten school, will sprinkle this first month of autumn.
December, the most childish month, will receive the little ones in the Main Room. The company Etcétera returns to the Real with a new creation based on the musical work El sastrecillo brave, del compositor Tibor Hrasányi, who took as a reference the homonymous tale of the Grimm brothers. Etcétera develops a particular version of the story combining puppets and animation techniques with live music aimed at an audience from six years old.. A great premiere co-produced with the ABAO, Granada International Music and Dance Festival and the Canary Islands Music Festival.
They will complete the programming The Little Match Girl (Sala Gayarre), musical narration inspired by Andersen's famous tale, new production whose premiere will take place in February for children from four years; and Sheherazade and Wagner's Dreams and Nightmares, large format projects protagonists of children's appointment in the Main room in the months of March and April, respectively. If the first is a concert that takes us through the mysterious world of One Thousand and One Nights and the colorful orchestral landscapes that Rimsky-Korsakov imagined for the words of the princess, the second takes us into the germanic places and legends, with an interesting scenic proposal, that shaped Wagner's important works, of whom this year we celebrate the bicentenary of his birth. Both for children from 11 years.
One of the stars of the Pedagogical Project programming, the music workshops Sundays at Gayarre, doubles its sessions due to the extraordinary demand of the public. These monthly meetings reflect on the musical world, taking as reference the works of the opera season, and allow the participation of children and adults in an active and pedagogical way, by the hand of Fernando Palacios.

Universities and minors 30

Together with the Pedagogical Project, the Teatro Real has initiatives and projects aimed at facilitating access to its programming for university students and minors 30 years, and thus build a young community of viewers that conforms the public of today and of the future.
Those under 30 years, continue to benefit from the discounts of the 90% on Last Minute Tickets, and fertilizers and special seats with the 60% discount in certain areas of the capacity, in addition to the special advantages designed for holders of the Club Joven Card. Thanks to this initiative, about 9.000 young people under 30 years benefited from these advantages last season.
The Royal Theater strengthens the link with higher education centers with La Universidad a Escena, an academic program registered within the framework of the European Higher Education Area, that allows university students to get to know the process of building an opera from the inside. In the season that now begins, nearly twenty centers have signed agreements with the Teatro Real to participate in this project, that in addition to delving into the analysis and knowledge of the operas on the bill, allows students to benefit from credits for their academic record. Since its launch in 2010, more of 2000 students have been part of this initiative.


October: 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 Y 27 (12.00 Y 17.00 hours)
Visual show with music and puppets based on folk tales by the Brothers Grimm.
Sala Gayarre. Recommended age: from 4 years
December: 6, 7, 8 Y 14 (11.00 Y 13.00 hours)

musical tale with puppets, shades, projections and chamber orchestra.
Living room. Recommended age: from 6 years
February: 15, 16, 22 Y 23 (12.00 Y 17.00 hours)

LA Little Match Girl
Musical narration inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale.
Sala Gayarre. Recommended age: from 4 years
March: 8 Y 9 (12.00 hours)

Pedagogical concert with Rimsky-Korsakov music inspired by One Thousand and One Nights
Living room. Recommended age: from 11 years
April: 5 Y 6 of April (11.00 Y 13.00 hours)

Pedagogical concert around the German mythological legends that inspired Wagner's operas.
Living room. Recommended age: from 11 years

Introductory music workshops for the whole family.
6 October; 24 of November; 22 December 2013;
26 from January; 2 February; 30 of March; 27 of April; 18 of May; 22 June 2014.
12.00 Y 17.00 hours

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