The Royal Theater brings a children's story to the Municipal Auditorium of Boadilla del Monte

Barbar, the little elephant

Next Saturday, 24 October, he Municipal Auditorium of Boadilla del Monte will offer the little ones a beautiful musical story in which they will know the Story of Babar, the little elephant. The friendly little animal will cross, hand in hand with the Royal Theater, junglas, cities and gardens discovering a different world to the place where it was born.

Inspired by the original tale of Jean Brunhoff, author of the first book with illustrations for children, and sustained by the haunting music of Francis Poulenc, the Royal Theater creates a production in which, with a simple scenery and elements well recognizable by children, manages to stimulate imagination and creativity, making them participate in the emotion of the story.

Besides the music, performed on the piano by Miguel Huertas, the story will put the words in the voice of the narrator, Ana Sanchiz Hernandez-, also director of the show, and the movement in the dancer's dance Lara Sagastizabal. The artistic team is completed by the set designer Cristina Martin, the illuminator Lia Alves and the costume designer Nadia Balada.

Tickets are now available on the City Council website,, with localities to 10 euros, for adults, and at a reduced price of 5 euros for children 12 years, older than 65 and people with disabilities.

Last September, children enjoyed the adventures of little Babar at the Teatro Real and began a journey that now leads to Boadilla del Monte.

Photograph: Javier del Real