The Teatro Real presents Crescendo, the reality of a dream


The Royal Theater has presented this morning the first edition of a project that we hope will be long-term. Twenty singers under 35 years and eight nationalities Spain, Romania Ukraine, Colombia, Norway, Germany, Venezuela and Chile have participated in the program since last March CRESCENDO, created by Foundation Friends of the Royal Theater and driven by Porosus Endowment Fund Y Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

This international project, with a pedagogical and inclusive vocation, aims to complement the academic training acquired by young singers in their study centers, offering them workshops, master classes, debates and different transversal activities that enrich their artistic and human development to face a highly demanding professional career, public exposure and competition.

But perhaps the most important and stimulating dimension of the project is the creation of real opportunities for the young participants to start their professional careers., with performances in different initiatives of the Royal Theater.

Through auditions with the artistic direction of the Teatro Real and the directors involved in the different productions or initiatives, singers have been selected to perform at the presentation of the Season 2021-2022 last 20 of May (issued by the YouTube channel of the Royal Theater), in the traveling float installed in Fitur with performances very well received by the attendees on the days 20, 21, 22 Y 23 of May- and in various short and medium term events:

  1. Festival Real Junior: closing concert of the Season 2020-2021 El Real Junior. Main Hall of the Royal Theater, 12 of June from 2021 to 12 hours.
  2. Week Opera Theater Royal: lyrical recital. Sala Gayarre, 9 of July

  3. Mozart Revolution: Season opening concert 2021-2022 El Real Junior. Living room, 3 October from 2021 to 12 hours.
  4. ashen: opera by Pauline Viardot. Royal Theatre production, in co-production with the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, the Cervantes Theater in Malaga and the Opera Foundation in Oviedo. Teatro Real, Living room, 20, 21 Y 23 of November from 2021, to 11 Y 13 hours. Subsequent performances in co-producing theaters.
  5. Everyone to the Gayarre!: workshops for the whole family that will take place throughout the season Sala Gayarrre, weekends at 12 Y 17 hours.


  1. Agustín Gómez Cortez, tenor (Spain)
  2. Alejandra Maria Acuña Manrique, mezzo soprano (Colombia)
  3. Beatriz Arenas Lake, soprano (Spain)
  4. Celia Cuéllar Calvín, soprano (Spain)
  5. Christian Gil Borrelli, countertenor (Spain)
  6. Cristina Van Roy Roy Rathe, soprano (Norway)
  7. Martyn Estíbaliz, soprano (Spain)
  8. Gabriel Alonso Diaz, baritone (Spain)
  9. Guiomar Cantó Gómez, soprano (Spain)
  10. Juliane Stolzenbach Ramos, soprano (Germany / Portugal)
  11. Maria de los Angeles Gomez Rojas, soprano (Venezuela)
  12. Maria Eugenia Barcia Mendiola, soprano (Spain)
  13. Mario Mendez Saavedra, tenor (Spain)
  14. Marta Briales Villalba, soprano (Spain)
  15. Miriam Silva Martinez, soprano (Spain)
  16. Olga Syniakova, mezzo soprano (Ukraine)
  17. Paola Andrea Leguizamón Santos, mezzo soprano (Colombia)
  18. Ramina Scrob, soprano (Romania)
  19. Ramiro Maturana Coronado, baritone (Chile / Argentina)
  20. Vanessa Wax Bull, soprano (Colombia)


Main Hall of the Royal Theater

12 of June, Saturday, to 12 hours

Script and presentation by Fernando Palacios

An attractive visit, fun and surprising to unexpected corners of the world with exciting music: native songs of Amazon Indians, Malaysian and Balinese rites, dances to accompany the cocky step of a Pink Panther or from a baroque opera, frenetic rhythms from Vivaldi and Mozart, soundtracks of pirates and novels, walks through the center of Madrid ... A varied assortment of songs and dances that will be performed by young people from JORCAM Choir and Orchestra, with the participation of the mezzo-soprano Olga Syniakova under the direction of Rubén Gimeno.


He Porosus Endowment Fund has the mission of helping young talents that emerge in the sports and artistic fields. Their goal is to support and promote their careers. Supported sports projects include golf, The surf, riding, badminton, The artistic skating, etc. The artistic disciplines concerned are, among other, performing Arts, Dance, music, cinema… Porosus endowment fund aims for excellence and high standards to support the most deserving young talents in their sporting and artistic endeavors.

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