Royal Theater invites you #OperaFest this weekend

Saturday and Sunday afternoon, live performances from Instagram account each singer

involved: Ruth Iniesta, Luis Cansino, Michael Fabiano, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Esteve Manel, Maybe Borja, Pablo Garcia-Lopez, Berna Beads, Rocío Pérez, Natalia Labourdette, Inés Ballesteros and Lisette Oropesa

More information and tracking account Instagram Royal Theater.

Since the beginning of health alert last Friday, where the authorities have limited the movement of citizens to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the world of art and culture has turned to initiatives to liven seclusion and reinforce the message #QuédaEnCasa.

He Teatro Real, which has opened the doors of its video platform MyOperaPlayer free between 18 March and 1 of April, now builds a virtual stage on which different singers offer a small performance through their social networks with the title #Opera Festival, which will take place in the evenings this weekend, 21 Y 22 of March, starting at 17.00 hours.

From your own Instagram profile for each singer will perform known arias and songs from the lyrical repertoire, in dialogue with the public.

The Royal Theater is grateful to the performers who have joined #Opera Festival from their homes and invites the public to enjoy performances.

17.00 h. Ruth Iniesta, soprano (@ruth_iniesta)

17.30 h. Luis Cansino, baritone (@luiscansinobaritono)

18.00 h. Michael Fabiano, tenor (@tenorfabiano)

18.30 h. Ainhoa ​​Arteta, soprano (@ainhoarteta)

19.00 h. Esteve Manel, baritone (@manelestevemadrid)

19.30 h. Maybe Borja, baritone (@borjaquiza)

20.00 h. Juan Francisco Gatell, tenor (@juanfranciscogatell)

17.30 h. Pablo Garcia-Lopez, tenor (@pablogarcialpez)

18.00 h. Rocío Pérez, soprano (@rocioperezsop)

18.30 h. Berna Beads, soprano (@bernaperles)

19.00 h. Natalia Labourdette, soprano (@labourdettesoprano)

19.30 h. Inés Ballesteros, soprano (@inesballesterossoprano)

20.00 h. Lisette Oropesa, soprano (@lisetteoropesa)