Once upon a time… Cinderella, full of fantasy season ABAO TXIKI

Little Cinderella, their dreams and illusions, return season ABAO TXIKI to revive humorous story with a happy ending where goodness triumphs and dreams come true. This adaptation of Perrault's famous tale devised by Joan Font, director of the theater company comedians on Rossini's cheerful score, up scene in "family sessions" on Saturday 29 February at 18:00h and Sunday 1 March dual role in the 12:00h and the 18:00h. Monday 2 It takes place the "school session" to 11:00h.

For about an hour, Attendees will enjoy a show recommended from five years, a very popular and well-known story but told in a new and different. A little mouse is responsible for telling the story of Cinderella called Angelina. Angelina bars, cleaning, obeys, it holds… but night falls and then dream that anything is possible, while even a small Cinderella can become a princess. Rossini's opera, Angelina stands up to her stepsisters, No stepfather and stepmother but a philosopher and teacher of the Prince is responsible for replacing the fairy godmother.

A fun and original version with a stage full of joy and movement that brings together the most significant musical moments with great theatricality, special effects and scenic game.

Garish costumes and imaginative, work of Joan Guillén, the crowning caricatured characters with giant wigs.

The Catalan musician Albert Romero has made the musical adaptation of this children's opera reducing the orchestral score to a version for piano and bassoon by Olga Kobekina Y Paul Santacana. The work combines all musical ingredients of the bel canto arias and melodies composer rhythmic and comic.

The Arriaga Theater is the setting for the climbing interpreters of this opera: Helios Pardell like the prince ‘Don Ramiro’, Lluis Martinez-acute as your 'Dandini' server, Xavi Fernandez brings to life the evil stepfather ‘Mr. Magnificent’, Maia Planas Y Laura Ortiz they take care of the mocking and envious sisters ‘Clorinda’ and ‘Thisbe’, Marta Valero plays the role of the protagonist ‘Angelina’ and the actress Marta Rosell he puts himself in the shoes of the ‘Mouse’, emcee that tells the story.

The next appointment with ABAO TXIKI will be in May with Guillermo Tell, La Baldufa company creates a fast-paced and fun adaptation around the exciting adventures of the Swiss hero created from the immortal opera by Rossini.


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