Success and record in Week Cuenca Religious Music

William Christie

Religious Music Week in Cuenca (Summers) he concludes 55 edition with a positive balance of criticism and public. The diversity of programming, with 2 absolute premieres of works commissioned by the festival to Hector Parra Y James Wood– a total of 16 concerts and numerous parallel activities with broad participation of public concluded Sunday.

Germany's participation -country guest- It has represented a range of styles and a wide range of trends in composition and interpretation that have traveled works from medieval times to the present day with musicians of the highest level, as Christian Tetzlaff, Singer Pur, Musikfabrik Y Vocalconsort.

According to the festival director, Pilar Thomas "The most remarkable thing has been the participation, affection and respect from the public. The usual level of quality of performance has been very high and well received. The sharpness of Sardelli and the charisma of William Christie, the honesty of Héctor Parra, the enthusiasm of Juan Sanz or the simplicity of Fernando Perez they make you look at their way of making music differently, from “create” in their performances or compositions. They are not just master musicians but much more. Those contributions that, definitely, they are subjective and too personal they contribute part of the magic, of the festival enchantment. I think the cocktail has given good results. "

The 55 edition had 5.328 event attendees, audience record in the history of the festival and with the most sold-out concerts.
One of the milestones of this edition, with a full house and 15 minutes of applause, It was the premiere of William Christie and his group Les Arts Florissants with a work of Bach in Spain, case of Mass in B minor. The performance also, marked the beginning of a tour that will take them through Europe with this crucial work of the universal repertoire.