Weekend Festival in Segovia


A tour through the wonders of the best known zarzuela directed by Luis Olmos: Essence of Zarzuela

At 10:30 p.m.. in the Patio de Armas of El Alcázar, FS viewers will be able to take a tour of the wonders of the quintessential Spanish musical thanks to Essence of Zarzuela. Anthology, an enveloping show directed by Luis Olmos and musically by Celsa Tamayo. Jewels of our musical genre (Luisa Fernanda. Barberillo de Lavapiés. The Carnations. Doña Francisquita, La Chulapona, La vida breve, Don Gil de Alcalá…) intertwined from the dramaturgy implicit in their texts and in their music, from the beauty and the sense of rhythm, so that the public can once again taste the Zarzuela in all its essence.

Duets, romanzas, Choirs and beautiful dances will follow each other shaping different dramatic situations with a colorful and elegant wardrobe conceived within a scenic space full of colors, lights and shadows, in combination with a great acting commitment of singers (Maria Rodriguez, Silvia Vázquez, Julio Morales, Antonio Torres) and dancers (Cristina Arias, Francisco Guerrero). Special atmospheres that will make the spectator navigate in a delicious way through an original design show, describing stories and emotions that will make up an unforgettable whole.

tickets, 20€ numbered and € 10 unnumbered, can be purchased at the Visitor Reception Center (Azoguejo Square)of 10.00h. a 18,00 h; online at www.turismodesegovia.com and at the place of the concert one hour before the start of the same.

Sunday at 10:30 p.m.. in the Patio de Armas of El Alcázar

"Hasta el fin" with Katia Guerreiro, one of the most beautiful voices of Fado that will flood the 40 FS of elegance and emotion.

The baroque splendor. Opens the 46 Chamber Music Week with a tribute concert to the 30 years of Segovia as a Heritage City.

At 8pm. In the cathedral, with works by Bach, trade, Pachelbel, Mouret, Purcell by the Brillant Magnus quintet

Begins the 46 Chamber Music Week framed in the FS, one of the oldest in Spain, with a special concert in tribute to the 30 years of the appointment of Segovia as a Heritage City giving prominence to the splendor of the baroque and the most brilliant music thanks to the Brillant Magnus Quintet (BMQ), who will perform works by Bach, Trade Pachelbel, Mouret and Purcell in the Cathedral of Segovia.

Composed by Juan Ignacio Lozano Martínez, Luis Martínez Martínez and Javier Martínez Guillén (trumpets), Eva Maria Sanchez Gomez (percussion) and Carlos Hugo Paterson Pardo (organ), of this quintet stands out “the adequacy of their training, what, with only five members, is capable of bringing the public all the splendor of the brightest Baroque ", or the "excellent sound that trumpeters get, the musical taste they show and the respect and rigor with which they interpret ". The BMQ offers a new sound that combines the brilliance of metal with the energy of percussion, wrapped in the majesty of the organ.. This original instrumental formation allows to create a sound environment that surprises by the combination of the instruments, the virtuosity of its components and the freshness of its interpretations.

The repertoire of the BMQ is carefully searched, chosen one, transcribed, arranged or composed especially for the group, in such a way that a unique and own musical world has been configured, a particular vision of works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, to the Spanish music of Falla or Albéniz and works by contemporary authors.