Finalists of the XXXI Young Composers Award 2020 SGAE-CNDM Foundation


The National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM) and the SGAE Foundation have announced today, 2 October 2020, the four finalists of the XXXI edition of the Young Composers Award SGAE-CNDM Foundation 2020. The winner will be announced in a final concert in which the four finalist works will be performed on 23 November within the SERIES cycle 20/21 of the CNDM in the Auditorium 400 the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

The shape of the stars from Alejandro Cano Palomo (Fuengirola-Malaga, 1992), To rain, from Juan Delgado Serrano (Salamanca, 1985), Disintegrated Strata from Light Martín Jordán (Quart de Poblet – Valencia, 2000) Y Deconstruction of a reference from Maria Pilar Castillo Miralles (Almería, 1997) are the works that will compete for the four awards.

They will do it 31 years after the renowned composer Mauricio Sotelo (Madrid, 1961) receive this award for his work. The disciple of Dieter Kauffman and Luigi Nono has chatted with the SGAE Foundation and has given a series of advice to convey to these young composers for the final: "I remind you not to quickly become old songwriters, in the conservative sense, closed ... I have done very traditional flamenco experiments, very rooted in very cutting edge sites and it works wonders. Also pop music or avant-garde music should open up to classical music ... listen to the Berliner Philharmoniker, from the acoustic and experiential point of view, it is something unique in life ”and has influenced the current facilities to project abroad: “It is very important to insist on it due to all the interrelationships that can be developed between the different countries., for example. We must also be generous with the successes of colleagues, not be envious, because that's the sign that there is a possibility that it will also happen to you ". You can see the full interview here.

That climate of fusion, experimental, avant-garde well understood underpins the current contemporary, and his good form is also confirmed with the results of this call, very rich and equal.

Call success and parity

These four works have been chosen from a total of 49, figure that doubles that reached in previous editions and that has had participants from all continents. The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic forced both entities to update the registration bases for this edition, prioritizing the telematic route. A great success that results in double the number of works received in this edition, as well as the opening of the award internationally.

A jury, composed by the composers Julián Ávila Sausor, Juan Cruz Guevara, Alejandra Hernandez, Israel David Martínez and Sonia Megías, has selected the finalist works. The SGAE Foundation also wants to highlight the parity in this selection (the contestants participate under escrow and with absolute anonymity) reflecting the good health of contemporary Spanish composition, that every time has a greater number of female composers of high level.

Awards, he 23 November 2020

These compositions will be performed by the Zaragoza Auditorium Chamber Orchestra (OCAZ - Enigma), under the direction of Asier Puga, in the final concert in which the winner of this edition will be decided that will take place on next 23 November 2020 in the auditory 400 the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, in the cycle SERIES 20/21 CNDM.

The group will perform the four works live in a recital open to the public and in the presence of the jury, who will decide after listening to the winning piece and the distribution of the following awards: first prize Xavier Montsalvatge, endowed with 6.000 €; the second prize Carmelo Alonso Bernaola, from 3.000 €; third prize Francisco Guerrero Marin, from 1.500 €, and the honorable mention Juan Crisostomo Arriaga, recognized with the amount of 1.200 €. All accompanied by diploma.

further, and as in every edition, SGAE Foundation will release a promotional album which will bring together the four finalists of the contest, in order to contribute to its further promotion and dissemination.

Resident Composer Music Network

To these four awards is added the JM Spain Special Award what will grant Musical Youth of Spain to the winner of the First Prize of this edition, making him a Resident Composer of the Music Network of JM Spain during the season 2020-2021. JM Spain will arrange three plays chamber music and award 1.000 euros for each piece. The composer will choose three features of the selected Music Network that premiered by and construed in all recitals in this circuit give more organized 200 concerts a year.

Precisely, the Zukan Trio will be in charge of premiering the work of Hugo Gómez Chao-Porta, winner XXIX Young Composers Award SGAE Foundation - CNDM in 2018 who has been working for Juventudes Musicales. The appointment will be double, being able to enjoy the recital at the Teatro de Albéitar de León (20.15h) and in the glass patio of the Hotel Palacio de Sober (19.30h) the days 9 Y 10 October, respectively.

About the award

SGAE Foundation and CNDM this award held annually in order to stimulate the creation in the field of contemporary classical music among young creators up 35 years, contribute to social development and understanding of new languages, trends and modes of musical expression. Created in 1987 by SGAE, It has become one of the most important events of its kind, by their organization and thoroughness, the prestige of the performers and participants juries.

Through its thirty editions, The award has served as a promotional showcase in the professional beginnings of some of the contemporary authors who currently enjoy greater recognition and whose works are common on international circuits dedicated to current music.

Among the winners of previous editions include already established names in the panorama of the current composition, with international careers that show the good health of the Spanish musical creation: Charles Augustine, Mauricio Sotelo (you can see his full video interview here), José María Sánchez-Verdú, Jesús Rueda, Jesus Torres, Pilar Jurado, Gabriel Erkoreka, Ramon Humet, Juan Cruz Guevara, Jesus Navarro, Oliver Rappoport or Nuria Núñez, among many others, They have been involved in this indispensable appointment in the section of the ensemble composition nationally.

About finalists

Alejandro Cano (Fuengirola-Malaga, 1992)
He studied piano and composition at the Malaga conservatories with the pianists Carlos Melero and Guillermo Carretero and the composers Diana Pérez Custodio and María Dolores Romero, completed his international training at the Conservatorio di Musica Francesco Morlacchi in Perugia (Italy), where he finished his musical composition studies with the masters Stefano Bracci, Alessio Sabella and Edgar Alandia. During his musical career, has premiered works throughout Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Switzerland, and has received courses from composers such as Benet Casablancas, Salvatore Sciarrino, Tristan Murail, Javier Torres Maldonado or José María Sánchez-Verdú, among others. Interested from a young age in music criticism, has worked for EntreNotas magazines, 90dissonance (of which he is founder) and DiarioSur de Málaga. He is currently President of the Association of Composers and Interpreters from Malaga. (ACIM) and Treasurer of the Federation of Iberian Composers Associations (FAIC), work that combines with the creation of creation of new works, musical research and teaching at the Francesco Morlacchi Conservatory and Murcia.

Juan Delgado (Salamanca, 1985)
He studied Composition and Ethnomusicology at the Higher Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León, discipline the latter, for which he obtained the End of Degree Honor Award. He completed his training with a degree in Audio Engineering and Music Production (SAE Institute/Middlesex University) and specialized in jazz and modern piano by the pianist Germán Kucich (Creative Music School). parallel, He expanded his studies in Ethnomusicology with a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (UNIT). As an author he has developed a varied compositional trajectory in contemporary music, music for audiovisual media and modern music. He has served as musical director as well as music producer, arranger, sound designer, sound engineer and studio musician with artists like Eugenio Muñoz, Bobby Martínez, Jorge Pardo, Rosendo, Celtas Cortos or Rodrigo Mercado, as well as with record labels such as Warner Music or Elephant Records. In the field of contemporary music, his compositional work is characterized by the use of eclectic instrumental templates and extended instrumental techniques, incorporating electronic resources and live electronics procedures, the panoramic treatment of sound sources and the design of enveloping sound environments, the confluence of sound with other sensory stimuli, cultural intertextuality, poetic sensitivity, intimacy and the cult of silence.

Light Martinez (Quart de Poblet – Valencia, 2000)
Graduated in Violin from the Mestre Molins Professional Conservatory in Quart de Poblet, He is currently studying Composition at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Valencia, from the hand of teachers like Marc García Vitoria, Voro Garcia or Rafael Sánchez Mombiedro. At the same time, expand your training by receiving classes, as a private student, by the composer Adrián Garcia Planells. He has attended courses and conferences with Carmen Pardo Salgado, Santiago Diez-Fischer, Mauro Cardi, Stefan Prins, Elena Rykova, Ruben Lopez Cano, Stefano Gervasoni and Aureliano Cattaneo. parallel, combines Composition studies with a university degree in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Maria del Pilar Miralles (Almería, 1997)
Finalist of the XXX Young Composers Award SGAE Foundation – CNDM en 2019, The Andalusian studied transverse flute at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Music of Almería. Between 2015 Y 2019 He studied composition at the Victoria Eugenia Superior Royal Conservatory of Music in Granada. Likewise, He finished his professional piano lessons at the Ángel Barrios Professional Conservatory of Granada. He is currently studying the Master of Music in Composition at the Sibelius Academy of the Helsinki University of the Arts. As a composer she has participated in various national and international competitions: finalist of the 1st Musical Composition Contest for Andalusian youth in 2018, convened by the Andalusian Music Documentation Center, and the 1st Contest of Musical Composition for Band Very loyal Villa de Espejo 2019 In cordoba. She has been the winner of the XIII Composition Competition of the RCSMVE in the chamber music category and of the I International Composition Competition for women María Teresa Prieto, in June and October 2019, respectively. By last, has obtained the second prize in the Junior category of the International Antonín Dvorák Composition Competition 2019 (IADCC) in Prague and the first prize of the II Zodiac International Music Competition, in the composition category, with the consequent commission for the Zodiac Trio. She has completed the Master in Electroacoustic Composition at CSEM Katarina Gurska.

Final concert and awards ceremony: interpreters

Asier Puga
He will be the director in charge of directing the Chamber Orchestra of the Zaragoza Auditorium (OCAZ - Enigma) to execute the four finalist works, he next 23 November 2020 in the auditory 400 the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, in the cycle SERIES 20/21 CNDM. Principal and artistic director of the Chamber Orchestra of the Zaragoza Auditorium, OCAZ – Enigma and the Chamber Orchestra Gregorio Solabarrieta, as well as musical director of Ciklus Ensemble, he trained as a conductor with teachers like Peter Stark, Robin O'Neill and Howard Williams at the Royal College of Music, London, where you get the highest grades. He previously studied with Arturo Tamayo, Manel Valdivieso and Enrique García Asensio at the Higher Music Center of the Basque Country (MUSIKENE). Strengthen your knowledge by attending masterclasses by teachers like Pierre Boulez (Lucerne Festival Academy), Diego Masson (London Sinfonietta Academy), Martin André (RCM), among others. Due to his great interest in contemporary music, Asier has directed around 50 absolute premieres both in Spain and in the United Kingdom, He has worked as a critic for different publications and digital magazines such as Sonograma Magazine, where it has a section titled New geometries. He made his debut as an opera director in 2014 and the following year he directed the world premiere of Singularity, the third opera by the English composer Michael Oliva. Asier has studied co-repetition with the pianist Maciej Pikulski. His growing attraction to the vocal world has led him to work with numerous singers, as Helena Orcoyen, Maria Ostroukhova, Eduardo Sandoval, among others; highlighting his collaboration with the English baritone and stage director Simon Butteriss, obtaining great critical and public success. Puga has been assistant conductor to Robert Treviño and the Malmö Symphony Orchestra (Sweden), Assistant musical director of the fourth production of the Oviedo Opera in its season 2019-20, con Will Humburg y Guy Joosten, as musical and stage director, respectively. In 2016, Asier was one of the three conductors selected to participate in the prestigious London Sinfonietta Academy, where he received masterclasses from the French director Diego Masson, as well as members of the London Sinfonietta. As a teacher, he has directed an introductory course in musical direction, within the Summer Courses of the University of Burgos. Due to his great interest in contemporary music, Asier has directed around 50 absolute premieres both in Spain and in England, and has worked with composers such as Núria Giménez-Comas, Iñaki Estrada, Nuria Núñez, Jose Luis Campana, Mikel Urquiza, Lisa Illean, Benjamin Oliver or Cheryl Frances-Hoad. Asier has written several articles on music and contemporary art for different publications and digital magazines. Nowadays, writes regularly for Sonograma Magazine, where you have a section titled Noves geometries.

OCAZ - Enigma
The Chamber Orchestra of the Zaragoza Auditorium gave its presentation concert in 1995. Since then they have brought more than 600 works, more of 300 absolute premieres and more than 200 commissioned works. Current Spanish and Aragonese music in its programs, in special measure, coexist with the classics of the twentieth century and the most internationally significant authors of the last decades. Invited to participate in numerous festivals and cycles, at OCAZ – Enigma has performed in venues throughout Spain, Paris, Perpignan, London, Sofia, Moscow, Mexico, Havana, Santo Domingo, Dublin and Bremen. In Zaragoza the OCAZ – Enigma has carried out an important didactic work among the youngest since its inception. The pedagogical concerts and the Family Concerts bring together more than 7500 school every year. He has made recordings for RNE-Radio Clásica and Catalunya Radio. He has to his credit an album entirely dedicated to Joaquim Homs (Columna Música), critically successful, another that brings together works by current Aragonese composers (Pérez Sen, Bráviz, Saturated, Highlander, Rebullida and Oliver Pina) and two monographs dedicated to Angel Oliver and Luciano Berio. In the form of a symphony orchestra he also recorded the Mass in E flat Schubert, among others.

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