Magic Flute for the little ones at the Royal Theatre

Teatro Real

He Teatro Real It prepares for a new release of its most familiar season, with the staging of The Magic Flute, a show created from The Magic Flute, from W.A. Mozart, in which the smallest of the house will enjoy the adventures and music of one of the most famous operas of German composer, the days 27 Y 28 February and 5 Y 6 of March, in double sessions, to 12.00 and at 17.00h.

To carry out this project, wherein the video, the music and words are integrated creating a magical atmosphere, The Royal Theatre has enjoyed an artistic team led by the multi-talented actress Pilar Massa, responsible for the script, the staging and video creation, whose interpretation is the backbone of this "story". Pilar recounts the adventures of Tamino and Papageno in search of the princess Pamina, represented in the colorful drawings Ximena Maier.

The show travels through the most famous musical moments of The Magic Flute, between the overture and a final highly original, versioned by the string quintet Vienna Chamber Symphony, live, with musical direction Sergio Mastro. They happen, over an hour, some of the most famous arias from Mozart's opera, that guide "for the Queen of the Night remember the history of this magic flute as 'sounds'. His music has so much emotion that the beasts of the forest, children, and even the Queen of the Night come to listen as if by magic ", as tutorial describes the show.

The Educational Program of The Magic Flute is sponsored by La Caixa and with the support of the Bank of Spain.

More information on tutorial show, available on the website of the Royal Theatre, with free access.

The Magic Flute

musical show with projections

New production at the Theatre Royal


Vienna Chamber Symphony (Vienna Quintet)

Musical direction: Sergio Mastro

Script, staging and interpretation: Pilar Massa

Design drawings: Ximena Maier

Lighting Design: Paco Ariza

Editing projections: Insuel SL

Duration: 60 minutes approximately

preferred public: from 4 years

Teatro Real. Sala Gayarre

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