Gran Vía 35

After the abandonment of funding cycles Lied and Chamber of National Auditorium, Caja Madrid Foundation also gives explanations on the building that would give them accommodation, the Palace of Music located at number 35 the Gran Vía. For several months now and works of recovery and conditioning, which would be the second largest auditorium in Madrid, They are paralyzed. After delaying its opening date until 2013, everything indicates that , both works, like the project itself, is at a standstill.
It seems that the Palace of Music, build in 1925 and subjected to a rehabilitation valued at 15 million €, is right now in the hands of whoever wants to be a better porter. The economic reality in which we all move, especially financial institutions, have led Bankia to have to make a decision about the future of this Palace of Music, different from what was initially planned.
moment, uncertainty is the only sure thing, since the Foundation does not offer any information about it.
Another cultural project that disappears as a result of the crisis.