Grigory Sokolov returns to the Cycle of Great Performers of the Scherzo Foundation


The Symphony Hall of the National Auditorium is once again the protagonist of one of the most anticipated concerts each year in the Madrid musical environment. Pianist Grigory Sokolov presents his program 2023, which on this occasion is to the music of Henry Purcell —with a whole first part of short works, suites, chaconas, songs or rounds, typical of the English baroque—, and a second part dedicated to the music of Mozart, with the Sonata no 13 in B flat major, KV 333 (315c), op.7 no2 and the Adagio in B minor, KV 540. It is an unusual repertoire, what makes this evening something unique, since rarely has a pianist of his depth been seen dedicating half a concert to keyboard works by Henry Purcell.

"Sokolov's charismatic art has the power to cultivate the concentration necessary for audiences to view even the most familiar compositions from new perspectives.. In recital draws listeners into a close relationship with the music, transcending matters of superficial display and showmanship to reveal a deeper spiritual meaning. Sokolov's art rests on the solid foundation of his unique personality and individual vision."

This concert joins the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Alicia de Larrocha — to which our cycle, in its 28th edition, is dedicated—, which will be followed by recitals by Piotr Anderszewski (14 of March), Javier Perianes (18 of April), Seong-Jin Cho (30 of May) and Arcadi Volodos (27 of June).