Haneke only" film speaks"

Nothing says Michael Haneke's "Così fan tutte" by Mozart which opens on Saturday at Real. In an unusual press conference at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Austrian filmmaker has released a terse "let yourself be surprised" as the only reference to the work leading up to something more than three years in the Madrid coliseum.
The media attention that has attracted the director this time may not be made profitable by Royal. Failure to have held the press conference in the theater itself, as is usual, and its refusal to give any explanation about the work; He has left the Royal Theater as stone guest while the star is cinema, his films and Oscar nominations. These nominations will be responsible for his second operatic experience is not present at the premiere of this.
"In my movies if I speak, but I want to give an instruction manual for the public to understand ". This was the justification for his silence.
This German Bavarian, but nationalized Austrian, It leads from the January 2 locked in the Real to leave no stone unturned in this his second foray into opera. Don Giovanni was Mozart and his previous experience. "With Mozart you are doomed to fail. The big question is at what level will be your failure ". He vows director.
In the pit Sylvain Cambreling and will be cast by William Shimell, Kerstin Avemo, Anett Fristch, Paola Gardina, Andreas Wolf y Juan Francisco Gatell. A young cast, or at least youthful look, He commented as the artistic director of Theater, Gerard Mortier.