Historical “to” Javier Camarena at the Royal Theatre


These days represented in the Teatro Real in Madrid “Daughter of the Regiment”, one of the most popular works by Gaetano Donizetti. An ironic comedy, Sentimental and an acid load of social criticism, whose keys are collected with great skill by Laurent Pelly Stage Manager, and with musical direction by Bruno Campanella. And it has been in the representation of 7 November has occurred when the second “to” recent history of this theater. Mexican tenor Javier Camarena, realizo´el “to” the aria lucida “to my friends” what, Thank you to your 9 “dod” breast, It is very demanded by the public.

This time, He has been the idea of ​​an amateur young admirer of Camarena which has worked the miracle. before the performance were distributed at the entrance of a theater handbills calling for public support to encourage the tenor and get this bis. Perhaps it would have been necessary much media hype for a bis coveted by the public as deserved, but if it would have been more spontaneous.