The Flying Dutchman, Richard Wagner, arrives at the Teatro Real

The Dutch herrante

Between days 17 December and 3 of January of 2017 he Teatro Real will offer 10 features original production The Flying Dutchman, from Richard Wagner (1813-1883), in version two and a half hours without pause. It will be the third production of this title that will be at the Royal Theatre since its reopening: in 2003, with Daniel Barenboim Y Harry Kupfer, and in 2010, with Jesus Lopez Cobos Y Alex Rigola.

This time the opera will rejoin the names of Pablo Heras-Casado, in musical direction, Alex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus), in the stage direction, Y Alfons Flores, in the scenery, after the success of this creative team (then also with Carlus Padrissa) with the new production of Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, from Kurt Weill, which he opened the season 2010-2011 The Royal Theatre [available on DVD and Digital Palco].

Inspired by the turbulent trip they took Wagner and his wife Minna, in 1839, between Riga and London plying the North Sea between threatening storms, The Flying Dutchman part of an ancient legend of Homeric resonances and Hebrew, transformed in serial Heinrich Heine (1797-1856), in which a seafarer is condemned to roam the oceans until the fidelity and love of a woman free from the curse.

In this story finds its recurring themes Wagner ─ the struggle between the earthly world and the spiritual, the curse of the gods, redemption through pure love…─ in a physical space ─el stormy sea and an isolated village costero─ that allows you to explore an inspiring sound universe: wave, wind, the storms, or the ancient and simple melodies. He writes a script that allows you to go blurring the boundaries between recitatives, arias, duets or trios traditional, while his music begins to explore the development of leitmotifs and modulations that take you to your large scores of maturity.

The staging of The Flying Dutchman will look at Real, conceived by Alex Olle (La Fura dels Baus) for ─donde Lyon Opera it premiered on 11 October 2014 ─, moved the trip to Dutch drift from the cold waters of the North Sea to the Gulf of Bengal, in the Indian, where the ship is dragged to the terrible port of Chittagong, en Bangladesh: an immense cemetery of merchant ships are dismantled by thousands of people crawling around the abandoned ships full of toxic waste and deadly traps.

Daland drive your boat, inhabited by ghosts and phantoms of holandés─ ─entre them for scrapping in a populated beach skeletons of boats, disconsolate inhabited by a population seeking to escape, as can, the hardship of their lives: Senta dreams of a captain who comes to rescue, Erik longs to marry his girlfriend, Daland wants to get rich ...

In this unsettling space created by the set designer Alfons Flores Àlex ─colaborador usual opera develops Ollé─, which will be performed by two singers distributions recognized Wagnerian baritone Evgeny Nikitin ─los and Samuel Youn (Dutch), low Kwangchul Youn and Dimitry Ivashchenko (Daland), sopranos Ingela Brimberg and Ricarda Merbeth (Senta), Nikolai tenors Benjamin Bruns and Schukoff (Erik), the mezzosopranos Kai Rüütel and Pilar Vazquez (Mary), tenors Benjamin Bruns and Roger Padullés (The helmsman of Daland)─ under the baton of Pablo Heras-Casado, principal guest musical director of the Teatro Real, to direct his first score of Wagner with the accumulated experience in the symphonic repertoire of German romanticism which was nurtured Wagner. He will lead the Coro Titular Teatro Real, prepared by its musical director, Andrés Máspero, and the Titular Orchestra of the Teatro Real.


Among the proposed approach of the opera to new audiences that drives the program of activities of the Bicentennial of the Royal Theatre, priority is spreading its shows with the help of the most advanced audiovisual technologies.

A) Yes, in the wake of the successful Relay I Puritani, last July, which reached thousands of people in its various windows -webs, social networks, plazas, museums, auditoriums, etc.—, Royal Theatre again offering the possibility that The Flying Dutchman can be followed worldwide in social networks with the live broadcast of the complete opera on Facebook, pioneering initiative that encourages active public participation, dialogue on social networks, the debate about artistic themes and approach to rapid and spontaneous language of the younger.

To stimulate this lively and interactive broadcasting, Royal Theatre will offer through its channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube a series of creative content, educational and fun around Wagner's opera, with the enthusiastic involvement of artists and workers in the Royal Theatre. All communication will focus on the official hashtag # ElHolandésEnDirectoTR.

The opera will also be broadcast live and free for everyone in stage Digital he 23 December ─con deferred broadcast on the TV channel Mezzo and France Television─, Radio and Classical, RNE and countries of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) he 27 from December. Subsequently released on DVD.