Jakub Józef Orlinski and The Garden of Love in Universo Barroco

The young Polish countertenor Jakub Józef Orliński in the last five years it has become one of the great sensations of international baroque scenes. Al National Auditorium will arrive this time with a group also Polish, founded in Krakow eight years ago, to pose a bloodless battle between vocal and instrumental repertoires involving two of the composition heroes of the first half of the 18th century , Haendel Y Vivaldi. The duel will be played between opera arias (the majority, German) and Venetian violin concertos.

Sunday 17 January at 19:00 hours, Symphony hall.


Heroes. Battle between the instrument and the voice

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Symphony-Allegro by L'Olympics, RV 725 (1733)
Allegro del Violin Concerto in E minor, RV 273
'I feel inside', from Giustino, RV 717 (1724)
Length of Violin Concerto in E minor, RV 273
Allegro del Violin Concerto in D minor ‘Per Pisendel’, RV 242 (1725)
Violin Concerto in D major ‘Il grosso mogul’, RV 208
Andante (Weather in Ciaccona) of the Violin Concerto in D major, RV 222
George Frideric Haendel (1685-1759)
'In spite of an ungrateful face', from Tamerlano, Gorge 18 (1724)
'We are close to the port', from Rinaldo, Gorge 7 (1711)
'Furious the wind blows', from Partenope, Gorge 27 (1730)
From Tomoleo, king of Egypt, Gorge 25 (1728)
‘Silent love’
‘Come back alone for a moment’
'Unjust heaven'
'Shaken by fierce storms', from Riccardo I, king of England, Gorge 23 (1727)

Photograph: Jiyang Chen