José Miguel Pérez-Sierra returns to Chile with Rossini

The agenda José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, romantic bel canto specialist and a recognized expert in the work of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini, will return next October the podium of the National Opera of Chile located in the historic Municipal Theater of Santiago, coliseum in which the Spanish artist has been working for several consecutive years in a splendid harmony with the moat and the public of the city. Pérez-Sierra this time will be in charge of two deals that give life to the six performances scheduled The Italian Girl in Algiers in a production firm Rodrigo Navarrete; the first will be cast as Isabella Victoria Yarovaya, Anton Rositskiy como Lindoro, Pietro Spagnoli como Mustafa Orhan Yildiz y como Taddeo, while in the second protruding local artists Evelyn Ramirez and Ricardo Seguel.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra Rossini debuted this score, undoubtedly one of the great works of the genre bufo, Opera in Las Palmas in 2010, directing later in the Rossini Festival of Wildbad (2015, Germany). With fifteen operas of bel canto composer in his repertoire, Spanish director carries a long way in the field rossiniano since his debut at the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro (Italy) in 2006 with The trip to Reims, then becoming the youngest director on the podium of the Italian competition.

Madrid's relationship with the Municipal Director of Santiago has borne fruit in recent years directing operas I Puritani (2014), The Turkish in Italy (2015), Cinderella (2017) e The Barber of Seville (2018).

After its commitment in Santiago, Pérez-Sierra will lead the Symphony Orchestra of Bilbao with a symphonic program and direct Rule Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona, L'elisir d'amore in Las Palmas and The Barbarillo Lavapies at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville.