The Accademia Bizantina and Delphine Galou recorded sacred and secular music of Vivaldi

After the extraordinary success of "Agitated", awarded 2018 con el prestigioso Gramophone Classical Music Award in the category of best recital, the Byzantine Academy, Ottavio Dantone, and the French contralto Delphine Galou, They approach their second album joint project: two albums in which they interpret sacred and secular vocal music by Vivaldi for contralto, that show connections between repertoires.

These volumes 59 Y 60 the legendary collection The Vivaldi Edition French label Naïve in Classique: "Sacred music for alto" (vol. 59), besides the known Salve Regina, It includes two introdutioni, "Afflicted daughters of Jerusalem" Y "is not in the meadow", he O “God of your soldiers”, with the participation of tenor Alessandro Giangrande, and the Concerto in D major "To the Most Holy Virgin Mary Assontione", interpretado por Alessandro Tampieri. Y "Arias and cantatas for alto" (vol. 60), with cantatas cease, henceforth cease, O my most beautiful purples, What golden rain, and arias from operas Tito Manlio, Tieteberga, The Candace them or are true friends, The truth in trial e The Giustino.

The famous Italian team, which in recent years has decided to bet on the audiovisual language to accompany their records and thus bring baroque music to contemporary audiences, presents, Besides, videos, Rocchetta Mattei recorded and directed by film director Daniele Quadrelli.