The National Dance Company in Matadero

Within the programming of Madrid en Danza, between 14 and the 18 November, the company directed by José Carlos Martínez will offer the premieres of Unsound and Demodé as well as Babylon.

Absolute Premiere by the National Dance Company on 14 November 2012 in The Spanish Ships of Matadero Madrid.
Arches & Vierthaler started from a philosophical study of the actions/emotions carried out on a daily basis as his crucial motivation.. "Relationships" played a key role in the concept of movement, determined by a variety of opposites:
evolution – regression, freedom – bonds, intimacy – distance, communication – silence, generosity – selfishness, desire – repulsion, trust – betrayal.
you are difficult, and still family, actions/emotions were chosen because they determine mental health and physical comfort, in addition to the trauma that humanity can bear. Relationships are what make individuals feel alive, even without awareness about them or their beneficial effects or not, and this is what is explored in Unsound through a movement-dialogue without borders.

Premiered by the National Dance Company at the Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, he 25 October 2012.
The dynamics as a starting point of an underworld anchored in the metric of the sonority of the movement, powered by a dormant, multicellular humanity, powerful, that moves us from the verticality of being, contrasted with the horizontality of the soul. In that painful duality I move, dragged by the forces that govern us, from the infinite planes of emotional coreutics, of mestizo vectors of a mental color in exodus to a distant Zion.
Trip, can only start with movement.

Absolute Premiere by the National Dance Company on 14 November 2012 in Las Naves del Español in Matadero Madrid..
You have never looked at your own reflection in a shop window, Have you looked around and wondered: – what's hot?, Is it fashionable or is it old-fashioned? It seems that it is fashionable not to be emotional. It seems that it is fashionable to constantly dodge one's demons and passions.
I wonder: – What am I doing?, Is the need to know what I am doing and why so great?? I could never create out of nothing, I'm inevitably loaded with memories, of past essences that at the same time teach me and inspire me. And i ask myself: – and who does not?
Fashions, the ideologies, artistic styles and trends are temporary, they come back and transform. what is undeniable, is that the end result, the work of art, itself and regardless of the elements that compose it, is something new per se.
Ivan Perez