Dance, from tip to heel

El Teatro Real ofrece, in the Sala Gayarre, diez funciones del exitoso espectáculo pedagógico de la Fundación Antonio Gades ¡Movimientos! Dance, from tip to heel, seis de ellas dirigidas a centros escolares y cuatro abiertas al público, que tendrán lugar el próximo fin de semana, con sesión doble el sábado y el domingo.
Partiendo de las creaciones de Antonio Gades, inspired by the rich and diversified Spanish folklore, in the flamingo, in traditional dances and in the heritage and rigor of classical ballet, the show presents, attractively, didactic and poetic, a journey through the techniques that allow dancers to express, with his body, stories, feelings and emotions.
Looking at the feet of the dancers, there are clues to follow the dance styles they perform: pointe in classical ballet, the shoe in Spanish dance, the shoe and the boot in flamenco… Shoes are thus one of the guiding threads of the show presented by Ana Hernández-Sanchiz, in which the live performances of the dancers and the musicians are interspersed, with images of choreographies by Gades and the dialogue with the public.