La Fanciulla del West, Puccini, for the first time in Bilbao Opera season ABAO

ABAO Bilbao Opera program for the first time in its history La Fanciulla del West, more colorful opera, harmonious and subtle Puccini. The following days 15, 18, 21 Y 24 February, with the exclusive sponsorship BBVA Foundation, up on stage this title that tells the romantic and poetic story of 'Minnie' in the Wild West. A cruel and lawless world that is described musically and brilliantly captured in scene with great showmanship.

An essential event six reasons not to be missed:

  1. Is the most original opera by Puccini and its most innovative and symphonic score with a major role in the orchestra.
  2. Narra a different story, set in a space, a place and a time unusual lyric.
  3. It is a choral work, with 17 characters and over 197 people on stage between artists, coaching staff and creative team. A show round a theatrical and musical experience that traps the viewer from the outset.
  4. A spectacular production with three scenarios differentiated bringing together all elements of the hard and poetic realism of the narrative of the Old West. Dirty mine atmosphere, the sleazy atmosphere of the Saloon 'La Polka' and poverty Shack 'Minnie', unfold the dramatic space where they mix love, action and hopelessness.
  5. An aesthetic that evokes the great musical de Broadway, but with the addition of the extraordinary quality of production and performance of an opera extravaganza.
  6. In 2020 This title is only scheduled seven theaters in the world: Bilbao, Munich, Seoul, Orlando, Taillín, St. Petersburg and Stockholm. To enjoy the beauty of this opera here, It is a unique opportunity.

The opera: a real treasure of the Italian composer

This dramatic opera intense pulse, whose bright and new score and announces what will be the extreme originality it tabarro Y Turandot, is one of the the Pucciniano jewelry catalog.

After a series of female characters destined for sacrifice as 'Manon', 'Mimi', ‘Tosca’, 'Cio-Cio-San', with 'Minnie', the only woman in a world of rough men, bandits and mining, Puccini finds a new model of femininity: brave heroine, a warrior strong but at the same time passionate and determined to defend their happiness at all costs.

Amid the love story that frames the main theme, redeems the male lead, saves his life and clean their sins, Opera also narrates an episode highlights of the season: the epic of the conquest of the West and the hope of fortune gold diggers.

The voices: 17 great voices put action and excitement to the story of love and fortune

Ukrainian soprano Oksana Diving, a female singer with commitments enshrined in the main arenas of the world, Abao for playing debut in 'Minnie', a demanding role in a difficult and fraught with difficulties harmonic acute tessitura powerful posed a great challenge to acting and vocal level. the tenor Marco Berti, a voice large, Powerful acute area and good squillo, in the role of the villain 'Dick Johnson', and baritone Claudio Sgura as Sheriff Jack Rance 'close on the trio. Complete the wide distribution of 16 tenor singers Francisco Vas as 'Nick', baritone Esteve Manel as 'Sound', the bass Paul Battaglia as 'Ashby', the tenor Manuel de Diego Pardo as 'Trin', baritone Isaac Galan as 'Sid', the baritone also Carlos Daza as 'Bello', tenors Jorge Rodríguez-Norton Y Gerardo López as 'Harry' and 'Joe' respectively, baritone Jose Manuel Diaz as 'Happy', bass-baritone Fernando Latorre as 'Larkens', the bass Cristian Diaz as 'José Castro' and 'Billy Jackrabbit', mezzosoprano hope Mentxaka as 'Wowkle', the bass David Lagares as 'Jake Wallace' and Santiago Ibañez como 'Postiglione'.

Musical direction: Josep Caballé Domenech al frente de la Symphony

In the pit the incumbent director of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Orchestra and Music Director of the Orchestra of the Moritzburg Festival, Josep Caballé Domenech. The teacher returns to the Bilbao opera season following his successful management of Roberto Devereux in 2015, to the front of the Symphony directing a score refined and cultured in which the influence can be seen in the work of Claude Debussy and Richard Strauss, whose orchestration, the largest ever used Puccini, It is as powerful as subtle, either conjuring a tremendous snow storm, a game of poker tense or drops of blood flowing. "It's a very original work, full symphonic power, with a much more thorough and detailed orchestration other operas of the composer ", Caballé Domenech says.

Completing this paragraph and impersonating the chorus of miners, whose homesickness is a dramatic important thread running through the whole opera, he Bilbao Opera Choir, directed by Boris Dujin.

Moments summit La Fanciulla del West

Among the most important pieces of this title are the aria "Let her believe me free and far away " and the love duet "Dolce live so, cosi die ". Another of the most intense moments of this work is the card game Minnie says Sheriff Jack Rance with: "A lot póker ... are you ready", or the extraordinary duet "You restar hour, due, or more”.

The staging: New coproduction of ABAO premiere nationwide

On stage a new co-production of ABAO Bilbao Opera and the Teatro San Carlo di Napoli, That debuts first in Spain, conceived by one of the great stage directors of the moment Hugo de Ana, also in charge of scenery and costumes.

Based on a clean narrative, light and easy to intuit by the viewer, and a cinematic style inspired by the classic westerns of John Ford or Sergio Leone, Hugo de Ana presents a fresh view on the great adventure of colonization, love and eternal struggle for the pursuit of happiness and fortune.

The action takes place in a camp of prospectors in the high mountains of Sierra Madre, California, where nothing is missing: the old mine with its large mill, rails and trolleys, the Saloon 'La Polka' and its environment tahúres, cards and Alcohol, and the humble home of 'Minnie' where he hides his beloved. All I care to detail in overproduction which brings together more than 197 people between artists, technical and creative.

A show at the reach of all

Enjoy this opera and be seduced by the grandeur of the work of Giacomo Puccini it was never easier. A wide range of prices in the localities. A) Yes, those under 35 years have inputs from 37 € and from 36 years, there are many options from 56 €.

further, the program Gazteam ABAO offers young people the chance to enjoy opera, in any function and location with a flat rate of 25 € up 25 years and 30 € between 26 Y 30 years. The program is completed with many other activities to enjoy in community.

ABC opera cycle: Ruben Amon discover La Fanciulla of the West

The cycle "The ABC of the opera" that ABAO Bilbao Opera organizes the Fine Arts Museum, It allows you to discover for free the most important aspects of each title of the season, in a lecture prior to the premiere.

He Friday 14 February known journalist and writer Rubén Amón, will be in charge of revealing details La Fanciulla del West and work of Puccini.

Ruben Ammon usually involved in different radio and audiovisual media, as Wave Zero, Antena3 and La Sexta. He has published several books on different themes such as research Secrets of the Prado (Today's Posts 1997), the biography of Placido Domingo, A colossus on the world stage (Planet 2012) O the triumvirate: Careers, Domingo and Pavarotti, When the opera fills stadiums.

BBVA Foundation: boost scientific and cultural knowledge

The BBVA Foundation, whose distinguishing feature is the impulse to both scientific knowledge and cultural, Music articulates its program as a complete tour of the various ways in which society can benefit and enjoy this art. A) Yes, It promotes the creation of new work with composition commissions and enables preservation and dissemination through recordings in collaboration with seals and interpreters frontline.

Promotes live music through concert cycles, for free, put within reach of ensembles and soloists public reference in the contemporary repertoire. Organizes lectures and issues publications to better understand the work of certain authors or immerse themselves in the study of certain compositional periods and implements research projects and highly innovative creation with Leonardo Grants in Music and Opera.

Organizes specialized symposiums on management of orchestras, collaborates with musicals and theaters around the country and recognizes excellence through the Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Music and Opera and Composition Prize formations AEOS-BBVA Foundation, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Symphony Orchestras.

Representations La Fanciulla del West They are sponsored exclusively by the BBVA Foundation, ABAO sponsor of Bilbao Opera, It is contributing in this way to promote the operatic culture and lead to the public performances of the highest quality.

Photograph: E. Moreno Esquibel