La Fura dels Baus and opera 'The Italian in Algiers', at the 79th Musical Fortnight

Italian in Algiers

La Fura dels Baus and opera 'The Italian in Algiers', in co-production with ,, head the poster 79ª Quincena Musical

great directors, international soloists and orchestras

Teachers as Christian Zacharias, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Ivan Fischer, Yukka-Pekka Saraste or Paolo Arrivabeni be present at this 79th edition of the festival. Among the pianists Yefim include names Bronfman, Igor Levit, Alexandre Tharaud, In addition baritone Christian Gerhaher and Jordi Savall with his viola da gamba. NDR Philharmonie clusters Hamburg, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Budapest Festival Orchestra and the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne are some of the great orchestras that this year will visit the Kursaal Auditorium.

World Premiere Amoria, sisters Labèque

The new project of the pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque includes works by Basque composers from the Renaissance to the present day and will involve, among others, the countertenor Carlos Mena, Easo School, y el grupo highlands.

Productions and commissions

In addition to the opera staged The Italian in Algiers which it has produced the festival along with the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires and San Lorenzo del Escorial Festival, Fortnight has commissioned a work the composer Mikel Urquiza and an adaptation of the Ten Basque Melodies, Guridi, the organist Juan de la Rubia.

Dialogue between myth and tradition, and its reflection in music, It works as a thread of 93 musical proposals in the 79th San Sebastian Musical Fortnight. The festival has unveiled its full lineup, with the Fura dels Baus, the project Amoria, sisters Labèque, and co-production Italiana in Algeri to the head- with the 41% Target already achieved box office, thanks to the Friends of the Fortnight, and to open the Ticket Sales the general public Thursday 31 of May.

Festival director, Patrick Alfaya, It will be responsible for Madrid announce all details this issue next Tuesday 12 of June, in a ceremony to be held at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Madrid. Alfaya be accompanied by the center's director, Laura Pugno; stage director Joan Anton rechi and the National Dance Award 2017 Jon Maya.

The 79 edition of the San Sebastian Musical Fortnight begin 2 August and end on 1 of September. during these 31 days, will offer its almost hundred activities, spread over 11 cycles, both Donostia and in other towns in Guipúzcoa, Álava, Navarra e Iparralde. The opening day scheduled for this new edition will feature a wide range of concerts and shows, where instrumental music included, Vocal and dance, among other proposals.

The Kursaal Auditorium will remain the epicenter of the festival and there both appointments will take place La Fura dels Baus (2 Y 3 of August). The company returns to San Sebastián after eight years with his show The creation, based on the novel by Joseph Haydn in which the Austrian composer recounts the creation of the world inspired by texts like Genesis or the Book of Psalms. La Fura assembly reviews the work seeking to connect the birth of the planet (macrocosm) with the human body and DNA (the microcosm). They will be accompanied by the teacher José Ramón Encinar, the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, he Coro Haydn dels Baus, soprano Alicia Love, the tenor Gustavo Peña and baritone Thomas Tatzl.

A week later (11 Y 13 of August) the Kursaal Auditorium will host the traditional appointment with the festival staged opera. Coinciding with the 150 death anniversary Gioachino Rossini, the 79 Musical Fortnight will offer one of its most representative titles, The Italian in Algiers. This comic title, that more than 25 years not in the city program, It will be played by the Basque National Orchestra Y Easo Choir, directed by Paul Arrivabeni. Isabella's main role will be sung by the mezzo soprano Italian Marianna Pizzolato. The cast is completed with names like Luca Pisaroni, Francisco Brito, Joan Martin-Royo or donostiarra soprano Arantza wing. This co-production between the Musical Fortnight, the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires and San Lorenzo de El Escorial Festival opened last 4 Argentina May in the capital six functions.

The symphonic section of this edition will start with a concert by the Basque National Orchestra acting for the first time under orders Christian Zacharias (18 of August). When six years after his last visit they are met, German artist returns to the Fortnight in his dual role as pianist and conductor. The program, Classic-cut, It brings together two disparate works as symphony No. 49 Passion, Joseph Haydn, and rarely heard Requiem in C minor, composed of his younger brother Michael Haydn. For the execution of this work, the orchestra will be accompanied by Andra Mari Choir and a cast of soloists among which the donostiarras Elena Sancho Y Clara Mouriz. In the middle, between Haydn and Haydn, the most intense Mozart represented by its Piano Concerto No. 24, where you can enjoy, once again, the deep and always personal pianistic art of Zacharias.

The next training this year call at the symphonic cycle is the Kursaal Auditorium NDR Philharmonie Hamburg, that since 1986 He had not returned to San Sebastián. The program designed for the occasion (22 of August) contemplates her bucolic symphony No. 2, Johannes Brahms, and a selection of German folk songs adapted by Gustav Mahler that will be heard in the voice of baritone Christian Gerhaher, one of the greatest interpreters of this repertoire. On the podium, the promising young classical music Krzystof Urbanski, current conductor of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, U.S, and principal guest conductor of the NDR Orchestra of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall.

Another young baton, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, that in just a few years it has ranked among the conductors most valued and recognized in the XXI century, will lead to Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra in his farewell tour as chief conductor of the Dutch training (24 of August). It will present a program that starts with the classicist airs of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, represented by their well-known symphony No. 35, Haffne; will delve into the romantic world of Franz Liszt and his Piano Concerto No. 2; and conclude with the ever committed symphony No. 4, de Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky. keyboard, solo concert of Liszt, one of the most important piano teachers of the past fifty years, Yefim Bronfman, unusual in the Spanish stages, despite his outstanding international career.

The following two symphonic appointments scheduled for the Kursaal Auditorium will be carried out by the Budapest Festival Orchestra, that as in previous visits to the Directors' Fortnight, will act under the orders of the master Ivan Fischer. In the first of two appointments (26 of August) the orchestra will offer an original and very interesting program rooted in the great music of his country, Hungary. While in his second intervention (27 of August), Hungarian training will support Orfeón Donostiarra to interpret the Solemn Vespers of the Confessor, Mozart, and works by Gustav Mahler.

Other programs that offer a dual program is the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne which will be directed by the owner Jukka-Pekka Saraste. The first day's program (31 of August) will address one of the major works of the twentieth century and one of the most innovative in the history of music: The Rite of Spring, by Igor Stravinsky. In the first part of the concert you will sound romantic and early Piano Concerto No. 1, Brahms (composer who made his debut in the Directors' Fortnight), which intrepretarán with pianist Igor Levit. The second day (1 of September) German orchestra will provide the overwhelming Requiem, Hector Berlioz, subtitled dramatically by the French composer himself as "Great Mass of the Dead". This is one of the most monumental and impressive compositions of the history of music and its interpretation in the festival of solo tenor voices will be added Andrew Staples and the Orfeón Donostiarra.

Kursaal Auditorium's offer will be completed with the opening of the new draft Katia y Marielle Labèque, where the duo pianists of Baiona pays tribute to Basque music (29 of August) in tune with the theme of this edition: myth and tradition. The repertoire selected for this purpose includes works by Basque composers from Juan de Anchieta (1462-1523) to Alberto Iglesias. To carry out these versions, Katia and Marielle Labèque with the participation of the group the slopes, percussionist another Zulaika and the virtuous of the txalaparta Rock Martínez de San Vicente Y Mikel Ugarte, among others.

At Victoria Eugenia Theater, other scenarios Fortnight, three contrasting proposals together will be offered. The first concert (6 of August) It will star Parisian pianist Alexandre Tharaud, considered one of the most original interpreters of the moment. While the second proposal will come from two heavyweights like violagambista Jordi Savall and the piper and flautist Carlos Nuñez (20 of August), They are presenting their project Celtic dialogues. It will be the third and final round of Victoria Eugenia Theater offered by the Hervé Koubi Dance Company (28 of August). French choreographer of Algerian roots and his company will present us the show Nights Barbarians, which they pay tribute to the barbarians forgotten by Mozart and Fauré Requiems of, traditional African music, hip-hop culture and capoerística.

As it is also usual in this cultural event, the 79th edition of the San Sebastian Musical Fortnight develop its parallel cycles: Old music, Thursday in San Telmo Music, Organ, young Performers, Fortnight Fortnight Andante and Children. You can purchase tickets through the website ( from 31 of May, and at the box office of the Kursaal and Victoria Eugenia Theater.