The JORCAM plays The Carnival of the Animals at the Canal Theatre


Canal Theaters Community of Madrid presented the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid in a concert that will perform The Carnival of the Animals from Camile Saint-Saëns next Saturday 12 November in the Green Room with a price from 6 euros.

The Carnival of the Animals It was written in Austria in early 1886 and from its creative beginnings Saint-Saëns's considered a divertimento and never consented to be re-interpret or make it accessible to the public. The composer was aware that some of the fragments were musical parodies in which, subtly, He insinuated ridiculing some composers, (Turtles and Fossils) or interpreters of the time. Given these intentions Saint-Saëns not allowed in this fantasy life was interpreted, nor published his score.

This zoological fantasy is a graceful and light suite composed of 14 pieces that are marching instruments / animals portrayed by Saint-Saëns. The animals appear hidden among the instruments of a set consisting of 2 pianos, a quintet of strings (two violins, a viola, a cello and a double bass), a xylophone and glass harmonica (instrument small metal sheets are played with finger pressure). The instruments are alternated for each of the pieces together playing only the final piece of the work. The narrator is Noelia Cabezas and musical direction by Carlos Ocaña.

The concert is part Ibercaja Music Cycle of the Youth Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (JORC), that this season consolidates and increases its activity. Thanks to the support of Ibercaja, Youth Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (JORC), in its various formations (youth Orchestra, Young and Young Singers Choir), He will star in a varied and eclectic concert series. It is a bet Canal Theatre, the JORCAM and Ibercaja aimed at bringing the art of music to all audiences, especially families and children, so they can enjoy, learn and share.

Youth Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (JORC), It consists of a 220 young boys (135 musicians and around 85 voices). Its purpose is to contribute to the training of young locals musicians in a professional context, high-quality technical and artistic. In this group the Youth Orchestra live, the Youth Choir and the Choir Small JORCAM.

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