The Little Match Girl in Real Junior, December 1… tale

The Cerillera peqeña at the Royal Theater

He Teatro Real wants to propose to his younger and family audiences a winter trip inspired by the story of Hans Christian Andersen The Little Match Girl, whose beautiful and moving story set on the last night of the year can be seen in the Gayarre room between 23 and the 29 from December.

Based on the original story, a Christmas story that while all buy gifts and delicacies is built, A young girl unleashes her imagination as she embarks on a hilarious train journey with a clumsy conductor and a magical encounter with a passenger, which is none other than Andersen himself.

Winks and smiles between, you crazy situations, and some poignant moment, The Little Match Girl will leave a message vindicating the right of children to enjoy a childhood that is not threatened by hunger, abuse or indifference. A message of solidarity that will drive us to look behind the dazzling Christmas lights.

The show has the support of the musicians Alexis Delgado, musical director and pianist, Y Silvia Romero Ramos, violinist, for interpreting music César Franck, accompanying the story. They will be the soundtrack to a story starring Eugenia González, Little Match Girl; Manu Rodríguez, the reviewer foiled, Y Joseba Pinela, the mysterious passenger Andersen.

LA Little Match Girl

Royal Theatre production

Inspired by the homonymous story (1845) from H.C. Andersen

Music of César Franck (1822-1890)

Children from 4 years. Sala Gayarre


Script and staging | Rita Cosentino

Musical director and pianist I Alexis Delgado

Violinist I Silvia Romero Ramos

Scenographer | Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda

Cartoonist | Jorge Arranz

Costume designer | Tiziana Magris

I Illuminator Lia Alves

Editor of the projections I Iñaki Garcia

The girl | Muge Gonzalvo

Andersen | Joseba Pinela

Auditor | Manu Rodríguez

Photograph: Javier del Real