La Piñona displays a range of emotions in Real Flamenco

La Piñona

Lucía Álvarez “La Piñona” she is not a conventional dancer. He proved it three years ago, when he first stepped on stage Real Flamenco Y, now, with his new show Ravings, will display a range of emotions with his very personal art, in the same space, the days 31 May and 1 Y 2 of June.

No influence of trends or fashions, without banal exhibition of his excellent technique or urgent need to transcend, La Piñona moves freely both in the execution of the dance, as in the creation of their choreographies. On the tables he wants to tell experiences, experiences and feelings, what life is transforming within itself. Ravings It is a starting point, an open project in which she explores her dance and its limits, taking the body both to its maximum expression and to absolute emptiness, from the sensory, the intuitive. The "randoms" are pieces that change and mutate as the bailaora does., A) Yes, each "random" is unique and unrepeatable. This proposal bets on the simple. it's wild, natural. more than teach, is to share a journey through the senses, by the body and by the space of artists and public.

La Piñona shares these ravings with the complicity of three excellent musicians: Ezequiel Montoya Y Jesús Corbacho in cante, Y Ramon Amador on guitar.

These Ravings They are born as part of the creative process of his latest work Insatiable, “an emotional release, bodily and artistic” in which Lucía Álvarez ‘La Piñona’ delves into herself to expose herself as she is and what she will wear during this 2023 Y 2024 to the main national and international flamenco stages and festivals.

Without flamenco roots, but with a deep passion, Lucía Álvarez “La Piñona”, born in Jimena de la Frontera (Cádiz), has been building a solid career in the main tablaos, national and international flamenco stages and festivals, collaborating with great artists like Arcángel, Esperanza Fernández or Manuel Liñán, and participating in companies such as the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía.

After receiving in 2011 the rudeness in the 51 La Union Festival (Murcia), as well as the First Prize of the Federation of Flamenco Entities of Seville in 2009, the bailaora promotes her solo career, receiving the endorsement of critics and the public thanks to proposals such as Emotional, premiered at the Festival de Jerez and with which he obtained a candidacy at the MAX awards and two nominations at the LORCA Awards; Recital, premiered at the Toulouse Flamenco Festival (France); April, that he presented at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2020 and the 2022 Festival de Jerez with an excellent reception and the most recent Insatiable, what will this take 2023 Y 2024 through the main national and international flamenco stages and festivals. In addition to various projects such as the performance Flamenco Experimental. rosario squire by Peter G.. Romero who develops in museums.

Now, The Ballroom of the Teatro Real will be the setting for this new proposal as different as it is, Ravings.

Photograph (c)JuanluVela