The San Sebastián Musical Fortnight presents its Dance Cycle


The section dedicated to dance takes on a special importance in this 825th edition of Musical Fortnight thanks to the presentation of six shows that combine avant-garde and custom.

For that, the Musical Fortnight has enabled two emblematic stages within the city: the contemporary creation center of Tabakalera, that seeks that artistic exchange between urban and newly created culture, in front of the Victoria Eugenia Theater, cultural bastion of the Guipuzcoan city.

The cycle in Tabakalera, called Tabakaleradantzan, will be the first to start the 6 of August, with the presentation of «Idiot-Syncrasy», a show starring Igor & Moreno.

He 8 August will be the turn of Neri(h)being Company with the show «Mutu», followed by Campaign and his proposal "Lathe Biósas" that will take place on 10 of August. By last, Matxalen Bilbao Danza will be in charge of closing this cycle in Tabakalera with the premiere of «Serenity Suite» on 13 of August.

The Victoria Eugenia Theater, cultural emblem of San Sebastián, will host two of the most important choreographic shows of this edition, starring two dancers who, in addition to being "National Dance Awards", this year they have two nominations for the «Max Awards».

He 17 of August, the Gipuzkoan dancer and choreographer Lucía Lacarra will present, junto a Matthew Golding, «Fordlandia», a scenic show in which all the visual arts converge, inspired by the vital confinement that confinement has produced all of us.

He 23 August will be the turn of Iratxe Ansa, which he will present at the San Sebastian theater «Metamorphosis Dance», a choreographic show that seeks, through movement, express the concept of communication itself: reactions to affection, protections against conflict, the restlessness ...

As a novelty in this edition, All the shows of the dance cycle will have a previous discussion the day before in which their protagonists, they will unravel some secrets of each of the different proposals. The colloquia, that will take place in Tabakalera, They can be enjoyed in streaming both on the Quincena Musical and Tabakalera websites.