Maribel Ortega will be the soprano Brünhilde in Oviedo

Maribel Ortega

Jerez soprano Maribel Ortega It will premiere at this iconic Wagnerian role next day 6 of September, which is a milestone in the career of Ortega, because although it will not be the first time facing an opera Wagner, yes it is in a leading role. The singer is in a splendid moment and received voice confidence theater ovetense, after a career in which he has gone through all the opera houses in the country.

With the Muscovite Mikhail Vekua in the role of Sigfried and under the baton of maestro García Calvo, This production is designed by Carlos Wagner, that maintaining quality standards very high, Asturias will inaugurate the opera season, Confronting the third title of the Wagnerian tetralogy. A challenge this time involves an orchestra with more than a hundred teachers (Oviedo Philharmonic and the Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias) and a scene based on audiovisual concept.

Maribel Ortega faces this role has been preparing for over a year, with enthusiasm and responsibility, assuming that this is a turning point in his career. Unfortunately, in Spain we do not have many singers who can interpret these kinds of roles, and Maribel is a sign that in our country there are artists who have the right vocalism to sing the German repertoire. After a year of intense study of the score, German and nuances of Brünhilde as a character, soprano feels happy in the previous days to the premiere, which will take you to sing for four evenings, to conclude the day 16 of September. In the Campoamor Theater he has played very different roles. Cadiz is comfortable with Wagner, considering that his voice has evolved to be able to comfortably meet this Wagner, so he is looking forward to this opera despite the musical and acting demands involved the role of Brünhilde.